Get to know team Tasmania

Nick McKenna (Burnie)


Age: 25          Height 194cm              Weight 115kgs           Position: Defender

The NEAFL players certainly won’t miss McKenna, out on Blundstone Arena. His fiery red dreadlocks and big physique cut an imposing figure for anyone who gets in his way. Look for him to take the most dangerous forward.




Sam Siggins (Clarence)


Age: 23          Height 196cm           Weight: 93 kgs          Position: Defender/Ruck

After spending time on Adelaide’s AFL list, Siggins has put together one of his best seasons of footy. He has spent a lot of time playing in the ruck in 2017 and will use his athleticism and skills to become a fourth midfielder.




Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)


Age: 26          Height: 176cm          Weight 75 kgs           Position: Midfielder

The Clarence Premiership player has made a return to the Island State this year after spending some time in the SANFL. He struggled earlier in the year with injury but has put some fantastic performances together since regaining fitness. Is also one Tasmania’s Vice-Captains.




Trent Standen (Clarence)


Age: 31          Height: 176cm          Weight: 74 kgs          Position: Forward

Standen has become a stalwart of the TSL state side over the past few seasons. His goal sense and freakish ability to kick majors will see him as one of the most dangerous men on the ground and a handful for opposition.




Mitch Thorp (Devonport)


Age:28           Height: 194cm          Weight: 99 kgs          Position: Forward

The Devonport coach has done plenty in football. Having spent time on Hawthorn’s AFL list, playing in the SANFL and also being a TSL Premiership coach, his experience will be invaluable. Is a big target and will be dangerous around goals.




Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)


Age: 28          Height: 189cm          Weight: 82 kgs          Position: Midfielder/Forward

Bowden has been the form player of the TSL for the past few seasons, and after being unavailable for the TSL v WAFL game last year, look for him to make amends and have a big game. Will play most positions on the ground and excel in all of them.




Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)


Age: 26          Height: 182cm          Weight: 85 kgs          Position: Midfielder

The State captain is as tough as they come. Webb will set the standard for the TSL with his attack on the ball and his tremendous leadership. If Webb can find himself a bit of space then he will be in for a big day, as skipper expect him to lead from the front.




Zac Webster (Glenorchy)


Age: 21          Height: 180cm          Weight: 79 kgs          Position: Midfielder

Fresh off Hawthorn’s AFL list, Webster has missed a chunk of the 2017 season through a back injury. Has an X-Factor that can turn a game on its head and he will be looking to use all his flair to set the game alight.




Jordon Arnold (Glenorchy)


Age: 20          Height: 181cm          Weight: 75 kgs          Position: Defender

After winning the Matthew Richardson Medal for best young player in the TSL, in 2015, Arnold’s football has developed to the level where he is one of the first picked for his local club Glenorchy on a weekly basis. Can play as a small or tall defender, and that versatility will be extremely important against the NEAFL.




Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy)


Age: 22          Height: 202cm          Weight: 91kgs           Position: Ruck

The form ruckman of the competition will have a massive say in the result. Duffy will be looking to use his mobility around the ground to burn off his opponents and get involved in the play. He is capable of giving a midfield an arm chair ride.




Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)


Age: 25          Height: 180cm          Weight: 84 kgs          Position: Midfielder

One of two late inclusions into the final squad of 26, Mott will add another dimension to an already strong midfield. Mott is a super left foot kick, and will no doubt find plenty of the ball floating forward. His use by foot will be a key weapon for the TSL.




Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)


Age: 21          Height: 188cm          Weight: 78 kgs          Position: Defender

McGuinness is back in Tasmania after two years on the Brisbane Lions AFL list. He didn’t debut at AFL level as his time at Brisbane was riddled by injury, but his knowledge of the game is second to none. Look for him to control the back line and set up the springboard to attack.




Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)


Age: 23          Height: 183cm          Weight: 85 kgs          Position: Midfielder

Walsh is arguably the most ferocious player in the TSL. He will not take a backwards step all day and will no doubt get himself up for a big game wearing ‘The Map’. Walsh will find plenty of footy inside the contest but also has fantastic endurance to find the ball right across the ground.




Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)


Age: 21          Height: 168cm          Weight: 68 kgs          Position: Midfielder

The surprise packet of the TSL in 2017. Has had a fantastic season to date and been rewarded with his selection in the TSL State Squad. Fyfe’s quick hands are electric and his kicking is elite. While he is small in stature, the pocket rocket has a big impact, will be dangerous around the big sticks.





Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)


Age: 19          Height: 182cm          Weight: 85 kgs          Position: Midfielder

Franklin is putting together an extremely consistent season. Constantly finds the footy and has very neat skills that will be a feature of his play. A real up and comer of the TSL.





Jay Blackberry (Launceston)


Age: 25          Height: 175cm          Weight: 71kgs           Position: Midfielder

Has been affectionately titled ‘The Postman’, as his left foot always delivers. One of the best kicks in the state and that will be used to catapult the TSL into attack. Has had a consistent season at Launceston and is another guy that will lift a gear when wearing ‘The Map’.





Alex Lee (North Launceston)


Age: 21          Height: 199cm          Weight: 96kgs           Position: Ruck

The second of the two late inclusions into the TSL squad of 26, Lee will work in tandem with Duffy to run the NEAFL ruckmen off their feet. Lee’s follow up work and pressure around the contest will assist his fleet of midfielders to get the ball out in the open.





Zach Burt (North Launceston)


Age: 23          Height: 182cm          Weight: 88kgs           Position: Forward

Burt will play majority up forward, and although he is not overly tall, he has the ability to take on taller opponents. Burt has fantastic hands and is a dead-eye goal kicker so keep an eye out for him to turn the game on its head in a flash.





Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)


Age: 24          Height: 179cm          Weight: 89kgs           Position: Midfielder

Another of the form players of the TSL. Cox-Goodyer has had a super season to date and will be looking to take his rich vein of form into the clash against the NEAFL. Watch for his long left foot boot to penetrate the NEAFL defence as he has an uncanny ability to hit the scoreboard from outside 50.





Jay Foon (North Launceston)


Age: 22          Height: 170cm          Weight: 57kgs           Position: Defender

Foon is a fantastic runner, and he will love getting out in the open wings of Blundstone Arena. Foon has been a key reason behind North Launceston’s ladder leading start to the season, and will look to continue his great form. Reads and uses the football well.






Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)


Age: 21          Height: 182cm          Weight: 64kgs           Position: Defender

Lockhart will take his post at half back and will rebound the ball all day long. He is one of the best kicks in the TSL, and his ability to use both sides of his body will help Tassie get out of trouble. Has AFL attributes.






Bart McCulloch (North Launceston)


Age: 26          Height: 198cm          Weight: 98kgs           Position: Ruck/Forward

Big Bart is back in the TSL after having some time away due to injury, despite the absence he looks as dangerous as ever. McCulloch can play either forward or in the ruck, so he will look to assist Duffy and Lee throughout the day.





Mark Walsh (North Launceston)


Age: 24          Height: 179cm          Weight: 84kgs           Position: Midfielder

Walsh has been another key reason to North Launceston’s success so far in 2017, he is a premiership player but he has lifted to another level this season. Is an elite kick and loves to get his fingernails dirty. He will feed the footy out to the runners all day long.





Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)


Age: 25          Height: 180cm          Weight: 72kgs           Position: Midfielder

The North Launceston premiership captain loves to run, and he will do just that. Another of the Tasmania Vice-Captains and he will give his all for ‘The Map’. Will find the footy all day long and can kick goals.






Tom Couch (North Launceston)


Age: 28          Height: 182cm          Weight: 88kgs           Position: Midfielder/Forward

Couch is in his first season of TSL footy, and has been one of the players of the year, with eye catching performances between midfield and forward. He has started the season on a high, kicking plenty of goals and setting them up too. Is a fantastic leader who will get the most out of the players around him.





Mitch Carter (Tigers)


Age: 25          Height: 184cm          Weight: 82kgs           Position: Defender

Carter will form a dynamic rebounding partnership with Lockhart. Another player with elite skills on both sides, and will look to use that to set up the attacking plays. Has been in great form in his first season at TSL level after spending some time on Carlton’s AFL list.







TASMANIA – 2017 TSL Representative Team

B: Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale) Sam Siggins (Clarence) Mitch Carter (Tigers)

HB: Brayden Webb (Glenorchy) Nick McKenna (Burnie) Jay Blackberry (Launceston)

C: Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy) Jay Foon (North Launceston) Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)

HF: Mark Walsh (North Launceston) Mitch Thorp (Devonport) Tom Couch (North Launceston)

F: Bradley Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston) Bart McCulloch (North Launceston) Zac Webster (Glenorchy)

FOLL: Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy) Taylor Whitford (North Launceston) Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)

INT: Zach Burt (North Launceston) Jordan Arnold (Glenorchy) Rhys Mott (Glenorchy) Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale) Trent Standen (Clarence)

EMG: Alex Lee (North Launceston) Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale) Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

Coach: Anthony Taylor


2017 NEAFL Representative Team

B: Darcy Baron-Hay (Sydney Uni) Tim Barton (Sydney Uni) Seb Tape (Southport)

HB: Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds (Redland) Gavin Grose (Aspley) Reece Toye (Aspley)

C: Andrew Boston (Southport) Jordan Harper (Canberra) Sam Martyn (Canberra)

HF: Ryan Hebron (Sydney Uni) James Nelis (Aspley) Jack Hiscox (Sydney Uni)

F: Jack Anthony (Southport) Xavier Richards (Sydney Uni) Ned Reinhard (Sydney Uni)

FOLL: Sam Michael (Redland) Jordan Keras (Southport) Abraham Ankers (NT Thunder)

INT: Nathan Cooper (Sydney Uni) Daniel Joseph (Aspley) Tim Barrett (Sydney Uni) Damien Bonney (Sydney Uni) Andrew Swan (Canberra)

EMG: Mitch Maguire (Canberra) Callum McFadden (Sydney Uni)

Coach: John Blair