Round 11 – 17/06/2017

2:00PM – Devonport Oval


B: B. Hawkes, L. Williams, M. Perry
HB: Q. Byard, B. Butler, S. Egger
C: L.  Bissett, B.  Symmons, H.  Barker
HF: B. Scott, M. Thorp, G. Millucci
F: B. Connelly, D. Riley, B. Chard
R: P. Davis, B. Sharman, D. Schnoor
Int: C. Castles, T. Enniss, K. Byard, C. Burnett
Emg: J. Clayden, J. Whelan, T. Donald, E. Stephenson

In: B. Chard
Out: L. Creedon

B: J. Arnold, J. Arnold, M. Dilger
HB: B. Quinn, J. Geard, B. Webb
C: J.  Webb, R.  Mott, T.  Butterworth
HF: J. Millhouse, T. Bowden, M. Joseph
F: T. Morgan, J. Bowden, C. Salter
R: C. Duffy, Z. Webster, L. Smith
Int: J. Watts, B. Kamaric, H. Pearce, H. Gunther
Emg: H. Parker, M. Hills, A. Brennan, D. Coppleman

In: J. Watts

Out: A. Brennan


Round 11 – 17/06/2017

2:00PM – Twin Ovals


B: L. Gadomski, T. Carter, B. Graham
HB: M. Carter, M. Booth, J. Bilson
C: T.  Gogolin, M.  Davies, L.  Griggs
HF: T. Cowen, M. Walker, L. Clifford
F: W. Cleeland, C. Sawdy, E. Brock
R: M. Gardner, L. Watt, S. Rice
Int: A. Webster, B. McCulloch, C. Nield, B. Rees
Emg: B. Batchelor, C. Rawson, T. Peterson, A. Humphrey

In: L. Griggs
Out: B. Livingston

B: J. Holmes, J. Bailey, T. Castle
HB: T. Hanslow, K. Wylie, J. Webberley
C: K.  Howlett, J.  O’Brien, G.  Chambers
HF: I. Callinan, Z. Buechner, M. Fisher
F: T. Standen, M. Blackburn, J. Brenner
R: S. Siggins, B. Jones, J. O’Brien
Int: W. Wall, A. Grace, J. Harper, K. Palmer-Hughes
Emg: L. Murfitt-Cowen, K. Bailey, A. Gaul, F. Turner


Round 11 – 17/06/2017

2:00PM – North Hobart Oval

Hobart City Demons
B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, T. Millhouse
HB: N. Hutchinson, H. Williams, B. Walker
C: J.  Charlton, W.  Campbell, B.  Norton
HF: S. Willis, J. Maple, J. Williamson
F: B. Grant, C. Kilpatrick, J. Barwick
R: C. White, N. Baker, R. Matthews
Int: C. Dell, H. Johnstone, S. Caswell, E. Cole
Emg: W. Hay, K. Wisniewski, C. Ransom, M. Bidgood

In: C. Dell
Out: K. Richter

North Launceston
B: K. Baker, T. Mansell, C. Pearton
HB: J. Avent, A. Richter-Salter, J. Foon
C: L.  Hollmer, B.  Cox-Goodyer, J.  Lockhart
HF: J. Ponting, T. Bennett, K. Wadley
F: T. Couch, Z. Burt, C. Harrison
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, T. Whitford
Int: H. Goss, B. McCulloch, D. Headland, J. White
Emg: T. Donnelly, N. Jackson, J. Pearce, B. Denman

In: J. White, D. Headland, B. McCulloch

Out: T Donnelly, J. Pearce, B. Denman


Round 11 – 17/06/2017

2:00PM – West Park


Burnie Dockers
B: J. Dowling, D. Brazendale, B. Boag
HB: S. Kalbfell, J. House, B. Murray
C: E.  Smith, H.  Walters, E.  Jackson
HF: D. Crane, R. Barrett, B. Rubock
F: F. Poke, N. McKenna, B. Keiselis
R: T. Morrison, C. Proctor, N. Walters
Int: J. Murray, J. O’Donnell, B. Challis, J. Cox
Emg: B. Brown, M. Chatwin, T. Charles, B. Rubock

In: B. Boag, F. Poke, J. Murray
Out: T. Mundy, J. Weller, B. Rubock

B: C. Savage, S. Vandervelde, J. Donnellan
HB: J. Boyce, J. Nunn, R. Tyrrell
C: J.  Smith, J.  Blackberry, T.  Sheppard
HF: S. Whiting, J. Aganas, C. Sheppard
F: S. Rundle, N. O’Donoghue, S. Lonergan
R: H. Leedham, J. Hinds, B. Palfreyman
Int: J. Boyd, R. Kelly-Mansell, M. Hutchinson, B. Killalea
Emg: G. Holt, G. Holt, M. Hodge, M. Blazely

In: J. Hinds, S. Lonergan, J. Aganas, S. Rundle, J. Boyd, B. Killalea
Out: A. Wright, C. Brown, J. Harris, S. Williams, B. Taylor, J. Gillow



Written by Richard Bannon, Anthony Osborn and Alex FitzGerald

The NEAFL emerged victorious in a hard-fought, low-scoring affair at Blundstone Arena, with the visitors running out 17-point winners over the Tasmanian State League representative side.

Despite an even team performance the TSL side was not quite able to taste victory against the NEAFL, with the visitors winning an arm wrestle 8.7 (55) to 5.8 (38).

The Map trailed for most of the afternoon, but continually hassled the visitors to ensure they were never blown away out of the contest, with the contested nature of the game a direct consequence of both side’s placing an emphasis on the importance of the inside contest.

The opening term kicked off with a Bart McCulloch major, but the NEAFL slowly wrestled control as the quarter progressed, with Andrew Boston and Tim Barrett goals handing the visitors a five-point lead into the first break.

Contested footy looked to be the story of the day early, with Mark Walsh laying six tackles in a hard-fought opening term that saw every player throw everything at the contest to give their side the advantage.

The second term saw the NEAFL assert some dominance on the contest, kicking three goals to Tasmania’s one.

One such goal, a spectacular Andrew Boston dribbler from the boundary line, which looked to have sparked the visitors into action, with goals from Jack Anthony and Damien Bonney threatening to push the hosts out of the match.

A late goal from Trent Standen, and several other attempts on goal from Tasmania, however, kept the TSL within striking distance at the main break as they faced a 17-point deficit.

The third term saw the Tasmanian side match it with their mainland counterparts as each side kicked two goals apiece, however, through general play, it looked as if the home side had regained some control over the contest, with the 16-point three quarter time difference far from comfortable for the NEAFL.

In a pulsating final quarter, the Tasmanian side looked lively and when Jaye Bowden slotted a clutch goal from the boundary line after some inspirational work from Tom Couch on the wing, the NEAFL lead was down to just 10 point as the home crowd grew in volume and support.

After that, however, the NEAFL were able to lock the ball inside 50 for much of the final stanza, with a Xavier Richards goal at the 21-minute mark sealing the victory for the visiting team.

TSL coach Anthony Taylor was disappointed in the loss, but immensely proud of how his side approached the contest.

“If there’s one thing you want from a group of footballers, it is putting everything into the contest, and the boys did that today,” Taylor said.

NEAFL coach John Blair was impressed by how both outfits competed on the day, particularly with how his team were able to come together and ‘do the job’.

“Both sides had a really red hot crack. The skill level was pretty high and the intensity was there. Both teams put in a really character-building performance,”Blair said.

“It was very pleasing that they (the NEAFL side) gelled so quickly, appreciated each other’s efforts and understood what it (representative football) is all about”.

Jay Lockhart, who was awarded the Lefroy medal for the best performer for The Map, was excellent off halfback and on the wing, accumulating 20 disposals, nine rebound 50s and four marks in an eye-catching display.

Both coaches were highly impressed by Lockhart, in a performance that only strengthened his case for AFL draft consideration.

“Lockhart was very good, he had the ability to drop off the play and get in behind. We had to send Harper to play closer to him,” NEAFL coach Blair said.

Anthony Taylor reaffirmed this sentiment, commenting that “Lockhart is one of the state’s best- in a highly contested game, he had the ability to find space and hit targets when others had trouble”.

Fellow North Launceston Bomber Tom Couch was also impressive in the loss with 23 disposals, six tackles, four clearances and six inside 50s, as were Glenorchy duo Jaye Bowden (15 disposals, five marks, five tackles, one goal) and TSL captain Brayden Webb (19 disposals, seven tackles, six clearances).

Against a tall and mobile NEAFL forward line, that included former AFL players Jack Anthony and Xavier Richards, the TSL defensive group were also impressive, with Nick McKenna’s duel with Jack Anthony an enthralling, dour encounter.

The likes of Jordan Keras, vice-captain Jordan Harper and captain Gavin Grose stood tall for the NEAFL, with Keras and Harper dominating the midfield.

Harper accumulated 33 disposals and a goal in an impressive display, while Jordan Keras furthered his reputation as a contested beast, finishing with 30 disposals, 14 tackles and eight clearances.

As captain of the NEAFL side, Grose led from the front all day and his defensive output on Mitch Thorp made him a crucial contributor to the victory according to Blair, who praised his leader; “Grose was sensational as captain, I don’t think he got beaten in a contest all day… He was then able to get out the back and go third man up”.

Some missed opportunities in front of goal hurt the home side; with a lack of scoreboard pressure a decisive factor in the final result according to Taylor.

“It was a tight game all day, but they got the ball out on their own terms at time. We had our opportunities, but we just lacked a bit of scoreboard pressure. If we took a couple of opportunities that we missed out on, that could have been the difference,” he said.

TSL v NEAFL at Blundstone Arena

NEAFL 2.1 5.4 7.5 8.7 (55)
TSL 1.2 2.5 4.7 5.8 (38)

GOALS – NEAFL: A Boston 3 J Harper D Bonney X Richards J Anthony T Barrett. TSL: J Bowden B Walsh B Cox-Goodyer B McCulloch T Standen.
BEST – NEAFL: G Grose J Harper J Keras R Hebron D Bonney S Tape. TSL: T Couch C Duffy B Webb J Bowden J Lockhart N McKenna.


Southern Cross TSL TEAM OF THE WEEK – Round 10

Round 10 sees the most even representation of the Team of the Week in season 2017, with all eight teams represented and selection well spread across all teams.

Lauderdale are top of the pops with five picked from their one point win over North Launceston, while Glenorchy’s return to the winners list was well rewarded with four, while the two Launceston outfits have three picked from different results but strong outings. Tigers, Burnie and Devonport all have two, while Hobart City Demons just the one.



Jordon Arnold (Glenorchy)

Jordon Arnold continued his excellent 2017 with another stellar performance in defence. The Magpie competed well to create contests, used the football well and kicked a goal in a well-rounded performance that further proved his value as both a defensive and offensive asset.

Liam Azzopardi (Hobart City Demons)

The Hobart City Demons defence faced a barrage of Magpie attacking forays on Saturday night, but the efforts of Liam Azzopardi in particular kept the scoreboard from closer resembling the 98-point defeat they were handed in round one. Azzopardi was excellent in keeping Tyler Bowden quiet but also provided contests to assist his fellow defenders and used the ball well out of the back half.

Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)

McGuinness did well on half back to cut off attacks and deal with shallow entries into the 50. The former Lions nouse in coming off his man to go third man up or to run ahead of play to chop off helped Lauderdale to a famous win.



Harry Walters (Burnie)

Walters was massive in Burnie’s strong comeback win, running and carrying the footy and getting on top in the clinches. Kicked the ball direct well and hit up his skipper well.

Marcus Davies (Tigers)

Was the pick of the Tigers on ballers, provided muscle and hunted the footy well. Knew when to take the game on and moved it well by hand and foot.

Rhys Sutton (Lauderdale)

Sutton provided drive off half back for the Bombers, played a brave game in playing high and cutting off attacks with strong intercept play. He also was a good option out the back for a hand off when transitioning out of the back half.



Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)

The young gun had another impressive week. With his blistering speed and ability to win the ball in contested areas. Palfreyman helped Launceston get off to a good start and set up a strong first half lead which proved to be the major difference in the game.

Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

Walsh was the firestarter for the ‘Dale kicking the opening two goals of the game inside 90 seconds. He played a strong role through midfield and off half forward, winning a lot of footy across half back in the later stages of the game.

Zac Webster (Glenorchy)

Webster stood out in his return to the Glenorchy senior side, with his experience at AFL level shining through. Webster accumulated plenty of the football around the ground and seriously hurt the Demons side with his willingness to take the game on and classy disposal. Webster was also a contested beast around the ground, laying seven tackles and applying plenty of pressure acts on the opposition in a showing that will have the black and white army licking their lips.



Mitch Walker (Tigers)

Snagged a handful and was a handful as the dynamic Mitch Walker tore apart the Dockers defence with high marking, nimble ground work and straight kicking in front of the sticks. He showed a cool head with his last goal, very important in the context of the result.

Nick McKenna (Burnie)

The big beast that is Nick McKenna showed off his swingman skills playing a pivotal part for Burnie forward of centre. He was a formidable target and finished off well with five well taken goals, including a couple in a seven goal last term that very nearly saw them victorious.

Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

Jaye Bowden played one of his best games of the year on Saturday night, picking up over 30 disposals and having nine shots on goal for a three-goal return. The NEAFL will need to be on their toes if the Magpie star translates this sort of form into the representative game this weekend.



Zach Burt (North Launceston)

Kicked four goals in tandem with Bennett, and was prolific in the last quarter, with his two goals almost getting North Launceston across the line. He was alive early when North Launceston were a bit flat with his marking a real feature.

Mitch Thorp (Devonport)

Thorp booted three goals in the loss to Launceston but was a damaging threat being involved in a majority of all Devonport’s scoring opportunities. He had a rather quiet first half but in the second with his team needing him to lift, the power forward presented strongly and looked very dangerous in getting the pies back into the contest.

Tom Bennett (North Launceston)

Bennett had a day out, kicking six goals in his best game of the season. Three third quarter goals played a major part in putting North within striking distance in the third. His marking out in front and ability to play taller than his stature made it tough going for the Lauderdale talls. Also, took his chances well in front of goal.



Hamish Leedham (Launceston)

The big Launceston ruckman continues to be a key player for the Blues. With his shear strength and crafty tapwork, Leedham was very crucial to providing first usage to his on ballers to set up Launceston’s attacking play.

Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

The young gun is in a real purple patch. Frankling was best on ground in a big time Lauderdale win, he was dominant in the middle of the ground for his team, moving the ball well and giving his team mates multiple chances to score. Was a force early with clearance after clearance and again in the final quarter charge.

Jay Blackberry (Launceston)

Another outstanding game from Blackberry saw him gather disposals for fun and be instrumental in setting up Launceston’s win. His ability to use his dazzling left foot to hit targets left right and centre has been incredible this season and his tackling pressure around the ball was also impressive. The Postman’s hard work this season saw him picked in the Tasmanian State side.



Phil Bellchambers (Lauderdale)

Bellchmabers was a really important cog in the Bombers win, he sensed the moment well and was a real impact player, willing the ball forward to create chances at goal. He kicked a couple including a beauty in the last that sealed a Lauderdale victory.

Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)

Rhys Mott was at his damaging best against the Demons, picking up over 30 disposals through midfield while being a crucial cog in the Magpies’ impressive return to the winners list. Mott is putting together some sort of 2017, and has been duly rewarded with a call-up to the Tasmanian State League Representative side that takes on the NEAFL this week.

Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)

Played a strong game in the back half of the ground, with a number of intercept plays while showing off his lethal foot use. Lauderdale attempted to clamp down on the running half back but couldn’t contain him. Also kicked North Launceston’s first snag with a lovely gather and snap.

Dylan Riley (Devonport)

Riley helped in the Devonport fight back and battled constantly all day. He took numerous strong marks and stood up when his team needed a reliable ball winner. He asserted himself around the contest with strong tackling and gathered 22 disposals playing mostly off half back.


Unlucky Omissions…

The Glenorchy, and now Tasmanian State League skipper, Brayden Webb was impressive under the Saturday night lights of KGV, accumulating plenty of the football and using it well as his Magpies side got the better of their Demon opposition. For the Demons, young Nick Hutchinson was fantastic in the back half and Ryan Matthews was Ryan Matthews, winning it well on the inside in a losing cause.

Rulla Kelly-Mansell was his electric self and Vandervelde had a great first half for the Blues. Sharman and Symmons also continued their decent spot of form in the Magpies great second half.

For the Tigers a pair of youngsters in Gadomski and Clifford both shone up at the imposing West Park.

Thor Boscott was tremendous in the battle of the bombers and was unlucky to not find a spot in the side.




Get to know team Tasmania

Nick McKenna (Burnie)


Age: 25          Height 194cm              Weight 115kgs           Position: Defender

The NEAFL players certainly won’t miss McKenna, out on Blundstone Arena. His fiery red dreadlocks and big physique cut an imposing figure for anyone who gets in his way. Look for him to take the most dangerous forward.




Sam Siggins (Clarence)


Age: 23          Height 196cm           Weight: 93 kgs          Position: Defender/Ruck

After spending time on Adelaide’s AFL list, Siggins has put together one of his best seasons of footy. He has spent a lot of time playing in the ruck in 2017 and will use his athleticism and skills to become a fourth midfielder.




Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)


Age: 26          Height: 176cm          Weight 75 kgs           Position: Midfielder

The Clarence Premiership player has made a return to the Island State this year after spending some time in the SANFL. He struggled earlier in the year with injury but has put some fantastic performances together since regaining fitness. Is also one Tasmania’s Vice-Captains.




Trent Standen (Clarence)


Age: 31          Height: 176cm          Weight: 74 kgs          Position: Forward

Standen has become a stalwart of the TSL state side over the past few seasons. His goal sense and freakish ability to kick majors will see him as one of the most dangerous men on the ground and a handful for opposition.




Mitch Thorp (Devonport)


Age:28           Height: 194cm          Weight: 99 kgs          Position: Forward

The Devonport coach has done plenty in football. Having spent time on Hawthorn’s AFL list, playing in the SANFL and also being a TSL Premiership coach, his experience will be invaluable. Is a big target and will be dangerous around goals.




Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)


Age: 28          Height: 189cm          Weight: 82 kgs          Position: Midfielder/Forward

Bowden has been the form player of the TSL for the past few seasons, and after being unavailable for the TSL v WAFL game last year, look for him to make amends and have a big game. Will play most positions on the ground and excel in all of them.




Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)


Age: 26          Height: 182cm          Weight: 85 kgs          Position: Midfielder

The State captain is as tough as they come. Webb will set the standard for the TSL with his attack on the ball and his tremendous leadership. If Webb can find himself a bit of space then he will be in for a big day, as skipper expect him to lead from the front.




Zac Webster (Glenorchy)


Age: 21          Height: 180cm          Weight: 79 kgs          Position: Midfielder

Fresh off Hawthorn’s AFL list, Webster has missed a chunk of the 2017 season through a back injury. Has an X-Factor that can turn a game on its head and he will be looking to use all his flair to set the game alight.




Jordon Arnold (Glenorchy)


Age: 20          Height: 181cm          Weight: 75 kgs          Position: Defender

After winning the Matthew Richardson Medal for best young player in the TSL, in 2015, Arnold’s football has developed to the level where he is one of the first picked for his local club Glenorchy on a weekly basis. Can play as a small or tall defender, and that versatility will be extremely important against the NEAFL.




Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy)


Age: 22          Height: 202cm          Weight: 91kgs           Position: Ruck

The form ruckman of the competition will have a massive say in the result. Duffy will be looking to use his mobility around the ground to burn off his opponents and get involved in the play. He is capable of giving a midfield an arm chair ride.




Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)


Age: 25          Height: 180cm          Weight: 84 kgs          Position: Midfielder

One of two late inclusions into the final squad of 26, Mott will add another dimension to an already strong midfield. Mott is a super left foot kick, and will no doubt find plenty of the ball floating forward. His use by foot will be a key weapon for the TSL.




Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)


Age: 21          Height: 188cm          Weight: 78 kgs          Position: Defender

McGuinness is back in Tasmania after two years on the Brisbane Lions AFL list. He didn’t debut at AFL level as his time at Brisbane was riddled by injury, but his knowledge of the game is second to none. Look for him to control the back line and set up the springboard to attack.




Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)


Age: 23          Height: 183cm          Weight: 85 kgs          Position: Midfielder

Walsh is arguably the most ferocious player in the TSL. He will not take a backwards step all day and will no doubt get himself up for a big game wearing ‘The Map’. Walsh will find plenty of footy inside the contest but also has fantastic endurance to find the ball right across the ground.




Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)


Age: 21          Height: 168cm          Weight: 68 kgs          Position: Midfielder

The surprise packet of the TSL in 2017. Has had a fantastic season to date and been rewarded with his selection in the TSL State Squad. Fyfe’s quick hands are electric and his kicking is elite. While he is small in stature, the pocket rocket has a big impact, will be dangerous around the big sticks.





Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)


Age: 19          Height: 182cm          Weight: 85 kgs          Position: Midfielder

Franklin is putting together an extremely consistent season. Constantly finds the footy and has very neat skills that will be a feature of his play. A real up and comer of the TSL.





Jay Blackberry (Launceston)


Age: 25          Height: 175cm          Weight: 71kgs           Position: Midfielder

Has been affectionately titled ‘The Postman’, as his left foot always delivers. One of the best kicks in the state and that will be used to catapult the TSL into attack. Has had a consistent season at Launceston and is another guy that will lift a gear when wearing ‘The Map’.





Alex Lee (North Launceston)


Age: 21          Height: 199cm          Weight: 96kgs           Position: Ruck

The second of the two late inclusions into the TSL squad of 26, Lee will work in tandem with Duffy to run the NEAFL ruckmen off their feet. Lee’s follow up work and pressure around the contest will assist his fleet of midfielders to get the ball out in the open.





Zach Burt (North Launceston)


Age: 23          Height: 182cm          Weight: 88kgs           Position: Forward

Burt will play majority up forward, and although he is not overly tall, he has the ability to take on taller opponents. Burt has fantastic hands and is a dead-eye goal kicker so keep an eye out for him to turn the game on its head in a flash.





Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)


Age: 24          Height: 179cm          Weight: 89kgs           Position: Midfielder

Another of the form players of the TSL. Cox-Goodyer has had a super season to date and will be looking to take his rich vein of form into the clash against the NEAFL. Watch for his long left foot boot to penetrate the NEAFL defence as he has an uncanny ability to hit the scoreboard from outside 50.





Jay Foon (North Launceston)


Age: 22          Height: 170cm          Weight: 57kgs           Position: Defender

Foon is a fantastic runner, and he will love getting out in the open wings of Blundstone Arena. Foon has been a key reason behind North Launceston’s ladder leading start to the season, and will look to continue his great form. Reads and uses the football well.






Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)


Age: 21          Height: 182cm          Weight: 64kgs           Position: Defender

Lockhart will take his post at half back and will rebound the ball all day long. He is one of the best kicks in the TSL, and his ability to use both sides of his body will help Tassie get out of trouble. Has AFL attributes.






Bart McCulloch (North Launceston)


Age: 26          Height: 198cm          Weight: 98kgs           Position: Ruck/Forward

Big Bart is back in the TSL after having some time away due to injury, despite the absence he looks as dangerous as ever. McCulloch can play either forward or in the ruck, so he will look to assist Duffy and Lee throughout the day.





Mark Walsh (North Launceston)


Age: 24          Height: 179cm          Weight: 84kgs           Position: Midfielder

Walsh has been another key reason to North Launceston’s success so far in 2017, he is a premiership player but he has lifted to another level this season. Is an elite kick and loves to get his fingernails dirty. He will feed the footy out to the runners all day long.





Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)


Age: 25          Height: 180cm          Weight: 72kgs           Position: Midfielder

The North Launceston premiership captain loves to run, and he will do just that. Another of the Tasmania Vice-Captains and he will give his all for ‘The Map’. Will find the footy all day long and can kick goals.






Tom Couch (North Launceston)


Age: 28          Height: 182cm          Weight: 88kgs           Position: Midfielder/Forward

Couch is in his first season of TSL footy, and has been one of the players of the year, with eye catching performances between midfield and forward. He has started the season on a high, kicking plenty of goals and setting them up too. Is a fantastic leader who will get the most out of the players around him.





Mitch Carter (Tigers)


Age: 25          Height: 184cm          Weight: 82kgs           Position: Defender

Carter will form a dynamic rebounding partnership with Lockhart. Another player with elite skills on both sides, and will look to use that to set up the attacking plays. Has been in great form in his first season at TSL level after spending some time on Carlton’s AFL list.







TASMANIA – 2017 TSL Representative Team

B: Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale) Sam Siggins (Clarence) Mitch Carter (Tigers)

HB: Brayden Webb (Glenorchy) Nick McKenna (Burnie) Jay Blackberry (Launceston)

C: Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy) Jay Foon (North Launceston) Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)

HF: Mark Walsh (North Launceston) Mitch Thorp (Devonport) Tom Couch (North Launceston)

F: Bradley Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston) Bart McCulloch (North Launceston) Zac Webster (Glenorchy)

FOLL: Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy) Taylor Whitford (North Launceston) Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)

INT: Zach Burt (North Launceston) Jordan Arnold (Glenorchy) Rhys Mott (Glenorchy) Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale) Trent Standen (Clarence)

EMG: Alex Lee (North Launceston) Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale) Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

Coach: Anthony Taylor


2017 NEAFL Representative Team

B: Darcy Baron-Hay (Sydney Uni) Tim Barton (Sydney Uni) Seb Tape (Southport)

HB: Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds (Redland) Gavin Grose (Aspley) Reece Toye (Aspley)

C: Andrew Boston (Southport) Jordan Harper (Canberra) Sam Martyn (Canberra)

HF: Ryan Hebron (Sydney Uni) James Nelis (Aspley) Jack Hiscox (Sydney Uni)

F: Jack Anthony (Southport) Xavier Richards (Sydney Uni) Ned Reinhard (Sydney Uni)

FOLL: Sam Michael (Redland) Jordan Keras (Southport) Abraham Ankers (NT Thunder)

INT: Nathan Cooper (Sydney Uni) Daniel Joseph (Aspley) Tim Barrett (Sydney Uni) Damien Bonney (Sydney Uni) Andrew Swan (Canberra)

EMG: Mitch Maguire (Canberra) Callum McFadden (Sydney Uni)

Coach: John Blair

Webb to lead the map

Glenorchy’s Brayden Webb will lead Tasmania out against the NEAFL on Saturday, with the premiership pie named Captain.

The Magpies Captain is joined in the leadership group by North Launceston Premiership Captain Taylor Whitford and Clarence’s Jackson O’Brien, who will serve as Tasmania’s vice-captains.

Tasmania Coach Anthony Taylor said Webb stood out with the way he is respected across the TSL, his commitment to the state team and through the way he leads his club.

“Through this whole process in talking about players for the squad I had spoken to a lot of coaches about players, Brayden Webb was a name that just continually came up and whenever he was mentioned, he was held in extremely high esteem.

“He is really respected by his peers and he epitomises what we really neeed in a leader of our state team.

“He is a good communicator, he is tough and courageous, a fantastic player and leader.”

Taylor believes the selected vice-captains will support Webb in providing strong on-field leadership.

“Taylor has been a premiership captain, he has lead his group to success and he is a fantastic on field leader and he will make a great deputy for Brayden.

“Jacko (Jackson O’Brien) is the same, he leads more with actions and has played at SANFL level and has been a great player for this state for a long time, he is a great fit to work with Brayden.”

Tasmania (TSL) meet the NEAFL this Saturday from 2:00PM at Blundstone Arena.

Umpires named for representative match

It isn’t just a big day for the players that get to pull on ‘the map’ this Saturday, it is also a big day for the state’s leading umpires.

Tasmanians Joel Harris and Matt Clarke have been selected in the middle for this Saturday’s representative match between the TSL and the NEAFL, at Blundstone Arena. Boundary umpires Adam Reardon, Rhys Goodyer and goal umpire Dylan Geeves have also been selected from the Apple Isle, with the remaining umpires filled from the NEAFL.

State Umpiring Manager Mike Brown said selection for the game was a major honour for umpires and was just desserts for strong performance.

“All the umpires are in good form and have earned their selection. Just like the players being picked this weekend it is the best performing umpires on show and it is a credit to the hard work they have put in.

“It is not only a special occasion for the players but is a fantastic chance for our top umpires to showcase their craft on a big stage, the thrill is probably only second to the TSL grand final.”

Brown made special note of Adam Reardon who has been picked for his third representative game in a row, complimenting six straight TSL grand finals for the talented boundary umpire.

“Adam has shown great application over a number of years and is a tremendous example for emerging umpires.”

Tasmania v NEAFL at Blundstone Arena
Saturday 10 June 2017 2.00pm


Field: Joel Harris
Field: Matt Clarke
Field: Nic McGuinness (NEAFL)
Emergency Field: Nick Butler

Boundary: Adam Reardon
Boundary: Rhys Goodyer
Boundary: Brendan Press (NEAFL)
Emergency Boundary: Lucas Chamberlain

Goal: Dylan Geeves
Goal: Chris Fawcett (NEAFL)
Emergency Goal: Bryce Guy



Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 10

Tasmanian State League

1. Edward Cole (Hobart City Demons) reported for rough conduct against Brayden Webb (Glenorchy).

Cole and Webb were both approaching the ball when Cole made contact to the head of Webb. The Match Review Panel found that the contact was incidental and as a part of the contest.



2. An unknown player was referred for allegedly striking Rhys Mott (Glenorchy).

The Match Review Panel were presented with insufficient evidence and no further action will be taken.



3. Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons) referred for rough conduct against Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy).

Matthews made contact with Joseph in an attempt to stop him running towards

the contest. The Match Review Panel deemed that a free kick was the correct decision. No further action will be taken.



4. Harry Walters (Burnie) reported for abuse towards an umpire.

The Match Review Panel offered Walters a Low Level Reprimand which has been accepted.

Player Walters has has accepted the offer.

SANCTION: Reprimand
5. Nick McKenna (Burnie) reported for abuse towards an umpire.

The Match Review Panel offered McKenna a Low Level Reprimand.

Player McKenna has accepted the offer.

SANCTION: Reprimand


6. Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale) reported for abuse towards an umpire.

The Match Review Panel referred this case directly to the Independent Tribunal to be heard on Tuesday night.

To be heard by Independent Tribunal tomorrow night (06/06/2017).


7. Thor Boscott (Lauderdale) referred for high contact against Bradley Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston).

The Match Review Panel found that the contact between Boscott and Cox-Goodyer was unreasonable in the circumstances.

The MRP concluded the action constituted a strike and graded as: intentional conduct, low impact and to the body.

Due to this being Player Boscott’s second offence in the past 12 months, he has an additional match added to the base sanction. Player Boscott has been offered TWO weeks reduced to ONE week with an early guilty plea.

Player Boscott has rejected the offer, and the matter will now be heard by the Independent Tribunal on Tuesday night.

To be heard by Independent Tribunal tomorrow night (06/06/2017).


8. Jack Avent (North Launceston) referred for making high contact against Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale).

Avent made high contact with Roberts when attempting to spoil the ball. The Match Review Panel found that the contact was incidental and as a part of the contest. No further action will be taken.



Tasmania 26 ready for NEAFL

The Tasmanian State League (TSL) state representative squad to face the NEAFL this Saturday at Blundstone Arena, has been trimmed to 26.

The 26 players picked will make up the 23 players selected to take the field on Saturday, along with three emergencies. The makeup of the starting 23 players will be determined following training later this week.

Tasmania Coach Anthony Taylor said it was an arduous task to pick the final squad.

“It certainly was difficult but at the end of the day we think we have picked the best mix that we have got available to us, that are all playing good footy and are ticking the boxes for what we think we need to win the game this week,” Taylor explained.

“Form played a big part but so did versatility, the 30+ players we were down to were all playing good footy but what we’ve been able to do is pick the guys that are versatile in their ability to play multiple positions. We think that will hold us in good stead.

Picking the on-ball brigade was a particular challenge with a host of midfielders performing well throughout season 2017, to date.

“We have a lot of quality players in the competition that play a similar type of way but we think we have picked the best fit out of a strong midfield group that can get us a win.”

Taylor is confident the assembled team will wear ‘the Map’ with pride and give a good account of the TSL competition and their state.

“Out of the final 34 players we had in the squad we could have quite comfortably gone with any of them into the game this week but obviously 34 doesn’t go into 26 so we just have to pick the right mix of role players to match up against their key players.

“The way the guys have trained over the last three weeks is a credit to them and they have all shown a real passion to play for Tassie and I can’t wait to see how they go against quality opposition this week.”

Two changes for Tasmania

There have been two forced changes to the Tasmania squad to face the NEAFL, this Saturday at Blundstone Arena.

Dylan Riley (injury) and Thor Boscott (suspension) have come out of the squad and have been replaced by North Launceston ruckman Alex Lee and Glenorchy on-baller Rhys Mott.

Please find below the amended squad.


Tasmania Squad (26 PLAYERS)

Nick McKenna (Burnie)

Sam Siggins (Clarence)

Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)

Trent Standen (Clarence)

Mitch Thorp (Devonport)

Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)

Zac Webster (Glenorchy)

Jordon Arnold (Glenorchy)

Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy)

Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)

Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)

Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)

Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

Jay Blackberry (Launceston)

Alex Lee (North Launceston)

Zach Burt (North Launceston)

Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)

Jay Foon (North Launceston)

Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)

Bart McCulloch (North Launceston)

Mark Walsh (North Launceston)

Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)

Tom Couch (North Launceston)

Mitch Carter (Tigers)


Written by Anthony Osborn

Glenorchy have snapped a four-game losing streak to run out convincing 53-point winners over the Hobart City Demons under the Saturday night-lights of KGV.

After three consecutive losses at home and a loss on the road to Launceston last week, the Magpies took the chocolates in this hotly anticipated and hard fought clash, running out 10.15 (75) to 3.4 (22) victors over an in-form Demons outfit.

A hallmark of Glenorchy in recent seasons has been their pressure, and this was on show against the Demons across the duration of the evening in what can only be described as a frenetic four-quarter effort of intense pressure.

Glenorchy looked to be the cleaner side all night, and this more efficient use of the football in conjunction with high-intensity pressure both off the ball and on the ball carrier was critical in the reigning premiers getting back to their winning ways.

The opening term was a low-scoring war of attrition, and although the Demons failed to score in the opening term, their defensive efforts were impressive enough to give a sense that they were well and truly in the match, despite the Magpies’ frenetic pressure.

The second term was a similarly tight tussle, with goals from Tim Butterworth and Cameron Duffy responded to by a Josh Williamson goal at the 16-minute mark to open the Demons’ account.

IC: Solstice Digital

Despite only kicking one goal in the first half, the Demons still looked like they would be able to stick around in the contest and give the Magpies some serious second-half headaches, and when Josh Williamson kicked the opening goal of the second half within 90 seconds, one could have been forgiven in thinking that the floodgates had opened and that the Demons were ready to get on a roll.

However, much like the opening half, the third term turned back into a battle of the defences, with only Zac Webster kicking another goal for the term in a quarter that only generated 1.6 for the hosts.

Tim Butterworth and Jaye Bowden kicked two goals each in the final term to ensure the Magpies finished the job in a victory that could have easily been greater had the Magpies capitalised on more of their opportunities, or if the Demon defence hadn’t been so strong.

The result sees Glenorchy maintain their position inside the top five ahead of the Hobart City Demons, who had taken the significant scalps of Clarence and Launceston in the weeks leading into last week’s bye.

Glenorchy coach Aaron Cornelius was pleased with how his side approached the contest.

“Launceston taught us a lesson (last week) on how tough you need to be in this league… we brought our pressure back (tonight) and are happy to get the four points.”

Much has been made of Glenorchy’s recent losses, and although Cornelius was happy with the win, he didn’t believe it was a dramatic shift in form.

“When we lost those games it wasn’t really our form but our effort. We won’t look to much into it and will just take the effort (from tonight) and replicate it going forward.”

The Demons tended to overuse the ball by hand in the face of the immense Glenorchy pressure, resulting in turnovers that although often didn’t directly hurt them on the scoreboard, did prevent them from getting back into the contest.

Hobart City Demons assistant coach Richard Robinson was disappointed in his side’s performance, with skill errors hindering his side’s ability to move the ball inside 50.

“Glenorchy were much cleaner, especially with their kicking. Our pressure wasn’t great, and Glenorchy put too much heat on us. We were probably lucky they didn’t beat us by more,” Robinson said.

Zac Webster was impressive in his return to the Glenorchy side, with his grunt around the ground (7 tackles) and class with ball in hand indicating just how valuable he will be for the Magpies in the back half of 2017.

Along with Webster, it was the upper echelon of Magpies who shone brightly under the Saturday night lights, with Jaye Bowden, Rhys Mott and Brayden Webb all displaying their class around the ground and the young brigade of Joel Milhouse, Tom Morgan and Connor Salter all impressing.

Although it was a disappointing evening for the Demons, the defensive unit of Liam Azzopardi, Bailey Walker and Nic Hutchinson, who returned from Mariners’ duties, was influential in ensuring the deficit didn’t closer resemble the 98-point loss of round one.

After a tough few weeks the Magpies will relish the bye due to the representative match next week, before travelling to Devonport in round 11 and having another bye in round 12. After coming off the bye last week the Demons will be fired up to atone for a disappointing night at KGV against North Launceston at home in round twelve.


Round 10 – 03/06/2017

Glenorchy                               2.3,  5.5,  6.12,  10.15  (75)

Hobart City Demons                      0.1,  1.1,  2.3,  3.4  (22)

GOALS, Glenorchy :
J. Bowden 3, A. Brennan 3, Z. Webster 1, T. Bowden 1, C. Duffy 1, J. Webb 1

Hobart City Demons :
J. Williamson 2, N. Baker 1

BEST, Glenorchy :
J. Bowden, Z. Webster, R. Mott, J. Arnold, B. Webb, J. Geard

Hobart City Demons :
L. Azzopardi, N. Hutchinson, R. Matthews, W. Campbell, H. Williams

Tigers break Docker hearts

The Tigers claimed their first ever win at West Park yesterday, denying Burnie a brave comeback victory to win by just two points with two late goals in the final moments.

Nick McKenna and Mitch Walker were the stars for either side, both booting a handful in a see-sawing game that went right down to the wire.

The Tigers claimed a two goal lead at the first change with the visitors getting on top late in the opening quarter. Sam Rice, Jack Bilson, Cooper Sawdy and Mitch Walker all hit the scoreboard for the Tigers, while Captain Nick McKenna finished off two for the Dockers in response as he started his day in front of the sticks, on song.

As is often the case at West Park, the momentum swung and Burnie Dockers hard their turn, getting on top in the second stanza to edge closer to the lead, trailing the Tigers by just one point, 4.11 (35) to 5.6 (36) at half time. Nick Walters and Jack Weller booted the goals for the home side while flashy forward pocket Ethan Brock got one on the board for the Tigers to see them hold onto a slender lead.

The Tigers took control in the third term, booting six goals to the Dockers three for the quarter to extend their lead to 11.11 (77) to 7.13 (55) at the completion of the premiership quarter. Mitch Walker was the star forward of centre, hitting the scoreboard heavily in a dominant display.

With just one quarter to run Burnie had a tall task ahead of them and they gave it everything, kicking seven last quarter goals to jump into an unlikely lead with Nick McKenna’s fifth goal putting them up by ten points in the dying embers of the game. Walker hit back with one of his own to cut the margin to single digits before young Tassie Mariner Toby Cowen sunk Burnie hearts with a 28th minute sealer, winning 15.13 (103) to 14.17 (101) at West Park in the Tigers first ever win at the Dockers’ fortress.

Tigers Coach Aaron Vince was happy with his team’s ability to stand up late and claim a victory that keeps the boys from Twin Ovals in touch with the top five.

“To Burnie’s credit they really came hard, they got a big run on andwe found it hard to stop but again as a young group we showed some resilience there, two minutes to go we were ten points behind but to kick those two late goals to get back in front was really pleasing.”

Burnie Assistant Guy Grey was disappointed for his young troops, doing so much work to get in front to then surrender a lead late.

“We didn’t look like it, then we had it and then we lost.

“It was always going to be tight we knew that from the start, it was frustrating at times when we gave away easy possessions and we were missing goals but obviously towards the end we had the momentum and you practice those scenarios on the track but we just didn’t do it well enough and the scoreboard shows that.”

Both teams now take a breath for a league wide bye.

Round 10 – 03/06/2017

Tigers                                  4.3,  5.6,  11.11,  15.13  (103)

Burnie Dockers                          2.3,  4.11,  7.13,  14.17  (101)

GOALS, Tigers :
M. Walker 5, C. Sawdy 2, L. Clifford 1, E. Brock 1, T. Gogolin 1, S. Rice 1,
J. Bilson 1, L. Watt 1, T. Cowen 1, C. Nield 1

Burnie Dockers :
N. McKenna 5, H. Walters 2, B. Rubock 2, N. Walters 1, J. Dowling 1, C. Proctor 1,
R. Barrett 1, J. Weller 1

BEST, Tigers :
M. Walker, M. Davies, L. Gadomski, M. Gardner, L. Clifford

Burnie Dockers :
N. McKenna, N. Walters, B. Keiselis, R. Barrett, S. Kalbfell, H. Walters