Round 18 – 05/08/2017



Burnie Dockers
B: B. Hayes, N. McKenna, S. Kalbfell
HB: H. Walters, D. Brazendale, B. Keiselis
C: E.  Smith, J.  Cox, E.  Jackson
HF: D. Crane, J. House, B. Boag
F: T. Morrison, R. Barrett, B. Rubock
R: T. Charles, N. Walters, J. Dowling
Int: F. Poke, B. Murray, J. O’Donnell, B. Challis
Emg: B.Jackson, S. Redman, B. Brown, A. Bates

In: B. Challis, J. O’Donnell
Out: T. Mundy,  B. Rubock 

B: M. Anderton, E. Whish-Wilson, S. Hill
HB: M. Kleverkamp, J. McGuinness, E. Stanley
C: R.  Sutton, T. Boscott, R.  McManus
HF: R. Hill, A. Hill, A. Hevey
F: T.Havea, R. Wiggins, B. Walsh
R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, D. Fyfe
Int: R. Hooker, C. Hooker, J. Williams, C. Laoumtzis
Emg: M. McGuinness, S. Adams, D. Johns, C. Best

In: R. Hooker
Out: P. Bellchambers


Round 18 – 05/08/2017



B: K. Byard, L. Williams, M. Perry
HB: S. Egger, B. Butler, L. Bissett
C: T. Enniss, D.  Riley, H.  Barker
HF: B. Symmons, M. Thorp, B. Sharman
F: C. Castles, J. Chaplin, G. Millucci
R: P. Davis, Q. Byard, D. Schnoor
Int: B. Hawkes, C. Burnett, B. Scott, T. Donald
Emg: E. Stephenson, J. Whelan, B. Connelly, T. Highet

B: O. Burrows-Cheng, T. Peterson, L. Griggs
HB: M. Carter, M. Walker, L. Gadomski
C: J.  Bilson, M.  Davies, W. Cleeland
HF: C. Nield, C. Sawdy, B. Livingston
F: C. Bryant, H. Dixon, B. Batchelor
R: M. Gardner, L. Watt, S. Rice
Int: C. Woolley, T. Cowen, B. Graham, L. Clifford
Emg: M. Cooke, M. Coad, J. Lister, E. Brock

In: B. Graham
Out: B. Rees


Round 18 – 05/08/2017

2:00PM – KGV


B: J. Arnold, T. Bowden, M. Dilger
HB: J. Arnold, J. Watts, C. Daly
C: R.  Mott, J.  Webb, B.  Webb
HF: H. Pearce, T. Butterworth, J. Bowden
F: B. Reynolds, M. Hills, M. Rainbird
R: C. Duffy, J.Geard, L. Smith
Int: B. Rowbottom, R. Banks-Smith, A. Brennan, M. Joseph
Emg: W. Atkin, T. Morgan, D. Coppleman, C. Salter

In: B. Rowbottom, A. Brennan, B. Webb, R. Banks-Smith
Out: B. Kamaric, Z. Webster,  D. Grant, C. Salter


B: C. Brown, S. Vandervelde, R. Tyrrell
HB: J. Boyce, J. Aganas, C. Savage
C: J.  Smith, J.  Blackberry, T.  Sheppard
HF: C. Sheppard, J. Nunn, R. Kelly-Mansell
F: C. Smith, T. Auckland, S. Lonergan
R: H. Leedham, J. Hinds, B. Palfreyman
Int: S. Williams, S. Whiting, S. Rundle, B. Taylor
Emg: C. Downie, J. Donnellan, M. Hutchinson, M. Hodge

In: S. Vandervelde, T. Auckland
Out: N. O’Donoghue, J. Donnellan


Round 18 – 05/08/2017



North Launceston
B: T. Mansell, C. Young, J. Foon
HB: T. Thomas, T. Donnelly, J. Pearce
C: K.  Baker, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Hollmer
HF: J. Avent, B. McCulloch, R. Mansell
F: M. Walsh, Z. Burt, T. Bennett
R: A. Lee, T. Couch, J. Ponting
Int: H. Goss, B. Simpson, F. Bennett, M. Donnelly
Emg: C. Lowe, D. Headland, J. Lanham, K. Curtis

In: T. Bennett, F. Bennett
Out: A. Richter-Salter, C. Lowe

B: J. Holmes, W. Wall, T. Castle
HB: K. Wylie, J. Bailey, Z. Mastrocola
C: K.  Palmer-Hughes, J.  O’Brien, J.  Roberts
HF: I. Callinan, M. Blackburn, M. Fisher
F: T. Standen, J. Cox, N. Douglas
R: S. Siggins, B. Jones, M. Ling
Int: T. Hanslow, G. Chambers, J. Harper, Z. Buechner
Emg: L. Murfitt-Cowen, J. O’Brien, A. Grace, J. Webberley

In: S. Siggins
Out: A. Grace



Round 11 – 06/08/2017



Launceston Football Club
B: M. Gardner, N. Ristrom, H. Whyte
HB: M. Smith, G. Hill, C. Thuringer
C: , K.  Child,
HF: M. Clark, M. Cuthbertson, M. Sinclair
F: M. Binns, K. McLaughlin, C. Webb
R: A. Green, D. Bannister, D. Corcoran
Int: N. Celebre, S. Brown, A. Dickson, A. Bowen
Emg: E. Barrenger  


Clarence Football Club
B: R. Archer, T. Nichols,
HB: T. Ford, J. Farrow, S. Bale
C: S.  Harris, N.  Bresnehan, C.  Kenny
HF: J. Minifie, J. Limbrick, N. Pearce
F: G. Mitchell, M. Wise,
R: H. Bromfield, G. Pennicott, S. Pennicott
Int: L. Baker, L. Gwynne, S. Hinks, Z. Crawford
Emg: N. Taylor


Round 11 – 06/08/2017



Burnie Football Club
B: S. Rodman, L. Stevenson,
HB: K. Sheehan, L. Haines,
C: C.  Loring, J.  Brown, E.  Humphries
HF: C. Chandler, S. Skinner, K. Loring
F: S. Loring, S. Edwards,
R: M. Wright, K. Goodson, C. Haines
Int: S. Ferguson-Stevens, K. Johnson, S. Overall, M. Boscoe
Emg: K. Vos

Glenorchy Football Club
B: T. Wiggins, R. Siely,
HB: G. Allan, H. Ryan,
C: G.  Terry, T.  Corrie, S.  Davis
HF: J. Tate Turvey, N. Lynch, M. Jacobs
F: E. Barwick, N. Daniels, K. Rattenbury
R: E. Fornells Vernet, B. Barwick, S. Eaton
Int: E. Loveless, S. Flack, T. Hudson 


For further information, please contact Damian Gill on 0400 714 353


Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Two matters were heard at last night’s tribunal hearing, please see below for the results.

Tasmanian State League

Arion Richter-Salter (North Launceston) referred for making contact with an umpire 

The Match Review Panel offered Richter-Salter a low-level reprimand. Since Richter-Salter has received a low-level reprimand already in season 2017, his base sanction is increased to two matches. The base sanction of two matches can be reduced to one match with an early guilty plea. 

Richter-Salter rejected the offer with the case heard by the Independent Tribunal on Tuesday Night (01/08/2017).

Richter-Salter pleaded not guilty to the charge but was found guilty so therefore was unable to have the early guilty plea benefit and was sentenced to a TWO match suspension.

Mercury Cup

Joshua Wells (Lauderdale) referred for an off the ball incident on Mason Chatwin (Burnie)

Due to a lack of evidence, this case was heard by the Independent Tribunal on Tuesday night (01/08/2017).

A charge of striking was laid against Wells to which he pleaded not guilty.

After a hearing lasting almost three hours, the tribunal found that player Wells was guilty of striking and considered the act was careless with high contact and severe impact and sentenced him to an EIGHT match suspension.




Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 17


Tasmanian State League

1. Josh Watts (Glenorchy) was reported for umpire abuse

The Match Review Panel offered Watts a low-level reprimand.

Watts has accepted a low-level reprimand.

SANCTION: Reprimand

2. John Geard (Glenorchy) was referred for making high contact against Phil Bellchambers (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel found that the contact was incidental as a part of the contest. No further action is required.


3. Mitch Rainbird (Glenorchy) referred for tripping Mitch Anderton (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel found that the contact was incidental as a part of the contest. No further action is required.


4. Tyrone Morrison (Burnie) referred for making high contact against Jake Cox (Clarence)

The Match Review Panel found that the contact was incidental and the force did not constitute a reportable offence. No further action is required.


5. Arion Richter-Salter (North Launceston) referred for making contact with an umpire

The Match Review Panel offered Richter-Salter a low-level reprimand. Since Richter-Salter has received a low-level reprimand already in season 2017, his base sanction is increased to two matches. The base sanction of two matches can be reduced to one match with an early guilty plea.

Richter-Salter has rejected the offer. This case will now be heard by the Independent Tribunal on Tuesday Night.


6. Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston) & Samael Rice (Tigers) were referred for making contact with an umpire

The Match Review Panel found that both players were engaged in contesting the stoppage and could not avoid contact. No further action.

All clubs will be placed on notice for any contact of similar nature to this incident.
7. Corey Sheppard (Launceston) referred for making high contact against Ed Cole (Hobart City Demons)

The Match Review Panel found that a free kick paid was the correct decision and that the action did not constitute a reportable offence. No further action.


8. Brendan Taylor (Launceston) reported for striking Blake Grant (Hobart City Demons)

The Match Review Panel found the strike to be intentional, with low impact to the body. Taylor has been offered a base sanction of one match, which can be reduced to a reprimand with an early guilty plea.

Taylor has accepted a reprimand.

SANCTION: Reprimand


Lauderdale prevail over winged Magpies

Written by Alex FitzGerald

Lauderdale has all but locked down third spot on the ladder after defeating Glenorchy by 13 points in a tight affair at a blustery Lauderdale Oval on Sunday.

Glenorchy led the see-sawing match between the two powerhouses by two points at the final change after Jaye Bowden kicked three majors in the third term before the home side ran over the top late to walk off 13.16 (82) to 10.9 (69) winners.

Liam Meagher was a late withdrawal from the Lauderdale side after freakishly being knocked out by a football in the pre-game warm up, with teenager Corey Laoumzis replacing him minutes before the first bounce.  Jaye Bowden was cleared to pull on the boots for the Magpies despite being under an injury cloud, with anticipation high among the strong crowd.

The first quarter saw Glenorchy draw first blood through a Zac Webster goal from the boundary, with Mitch Hills kicking the Pies’ second just seconds later.  The two sides traded goals from then on in fast-moving fashion, with the visiting side holding a slim 4.2 (26) to 3.4 (22) lead at the first break.

It was Bowden who got the ball rolling in the second term, with the Magpie booting the opening goal and having a major influence with ball in hand early on.  From then on the home side lifted their effort and intensity, with Thor Boscott’s midfield influence resulting in three straight Lauderdale goals via the boots of Alex Hevey, Josh McGuinness and Toutai Havea.  Hills kicked his second major for Glenorchy to temporarily halt the Bombers’ charge, but late goals to swingman Ryan Wiggins and midfielder Dylan Fyfe saw the Bombers head into the rooms after a jostle at half time with a handy 8.9 (57) to 6.5 (41) lead.

Both sides started the half a player down, with a poke in the eye sidelining Lauderdale wingman Phil Bellchambers while Magpie defender Dylan Grant was unable to recover from a collision with Boscott just a minute into the third term.  With the wind picking up and light rain falling, Glenorchy did all the attacking early, and the quarter well and truly belonged to the classy Bowden.  Playing forward, he kicked three crucial goals to be the difference between the sides, and with Lauderdale failing to seize their opportunities at the other end and managing just five behinds for the term, Glenorchy went into the final stanza ahead 9.9 (63) to 8.13 (61).

The fourth quarter began in dramatic fashion, with a 100 metre penalty against Glenorchy’s Josh Watts seeing Josh McGuinness slot his second goal from 30 out after originally being paid a free kick at half back.  Alex Hevey followed with a second major of his own after a brilliant Ed Stanley tackle on Mitch Rainbird at half forward, and when Mitch Anderton kicked the Bomber’s third for the term on the run, the home side were out to a 17 point lead.  Magpie midfielder Rhys Mott found Bowden with a pinpoint kick late in the term, and when Bowden sold the man on the mark the dummy to kick his fifth goal from long range, the margin was cut to 13 points.  A number of forced stoppages on the wing followed, and the Magpies were unable to apply further scoreboard pressure, as Lauderdale recorded a hard-fought 13 point victory at the final siren.

Lauderdale assistant coach Clint Brown was pleased with the win.

“It was a scrappy affair, but to get the four points against Glenorchy, who are in really good form at the moment, was a great result,”

He admitted that there was concern among the Bomber camp at three quarter time, but praised several versatile players’ efforts in the decisive final term.

“We probably could have pushed away with the breeze (in the last) but didn’t use it that smartly if you look at how many points we kicked.

“We pushed Max Kleverkamp forward in the last quarter and he created a lot of scoring opportunities.  I think Josh McGuinness was one of our best players for the day; he controlled the back, went into the midfield, and even went forward at times and created scoring opportunities as well.”

Lauderdale was served well by McGuinness and Kleverkamp, with midfield quartet Nat Franklin, Alex Hevey, Dylan Fyfe and Bryce Walsh all complementing solid performances with big final terms respectively.  Thor Boscott was damaging every time he touched the ball, with Ryan Wiggins also solid in a mainly defensive role.

Glenorchy coach Aaron Cornelius was proud of his wounded charges and impressed with the Lauderdale outfit.

“It’s obviously disappointing not to get the win, but I’m very proud of the boys and how they went about it again; we’ve had an interesting year with injuries and things aren’t going our way, but you have to deal with it.

“Lauderdale played the ground really well; they hunted in packs they tackled well, they moved the ball on.  They’re a classy side with a good midfield.”

Cornelius was pleased with the efforts of utility Mitch Hills, who finished with two goals, and how Rhys Mott broke free of his close-checking opponents to move the ball effectively, but it was the game of five goal hero Bowden that had him smiling the most.

“He’s very patient with the footy and understands the game; he reads it quite well.  He’s a classy player and if you get the ball in his hands he makes a difference.”

The Magpies will be counting the cost of Sunday’s match, with pacy wingman Zac Webster re-injuring his hamstring compiling knocks sustained by defenders Dylan Grant and Jordon Arnold.  Cornelius’ side faces Launceston next week, a club he rates as one of the better sides in the competition, with the coach expecting a four quarter effort of his likely-to-be depleted 22.

Lauderdale will travel to West Park to meet last-placed Burnie, with the Bombers not having won at the ground in some time and determined to build on their strong form by returning with the four points.


Round 17 – 30/07/2017

Lauderdale                              3.4,  8.9,  8.13,  11.16  (82)

Glenorchy                               4.2,  6.5,  9.9,  10.9  (69)

GOALS, Lauderdale :
J. Williams 2, A. Hevey 2, T. Havea 1, T. Boscott 1, A. Hill 1, E. Stanley 1,
R. Wiggins 1, M. Anderton 1, D. Fyfe 1

Glenorchy :
J. Bowden 5, M. Hills 2, Z. Webster 1, M. Rainbird 1, B. Reynolds 1

BEST, Lauderdale :
J. McGuinness, N. Franklin, A. Hevey, R. Wiggins, D. Fyfe, M. Kleverkamp

Glenorchy :
R. Mott, J. Bowden, M. Hills, J. Arnold, T. Butterworth, J. Arnold

Roos kick away

Written by Andrew Johnston

A classy Clarence held off a much improved Burnie Dockers to claim a 43 point win at Blundstone Arena, further tightening their grip on a home final.

The Roos had a whopping 34 scoring shots but inaccurate kicking minimised the damage for the Dockers, who made the most of their opportunities to kick 11 goals for the day.

Clarence opened the game with a dominant first quarter, starting with a frenzy kicking the first six goals to a wind assisted Boon Stand end.

Jake Cox was a force for the home side in the first quarter, kicking three individual goals and dominating the middle of the ground. The Dockers made a number of skill errors throughout the first quarter but their effort at the contest meant they remained in touch at the first change.

With the second quarter came a massive lift from Burnie, finding their groove with an impressive term of footy to see them within striking distance of a lead. The back six of the Dockers worked hard to keep the Roos goalless, while Jamieson House kicked two of the Dockers five goals to head into the major break down by just one point to open the door for an upset for the ages.

The Roos responded strongly to the mounting Dockers challenge, kicking eight goals in the third quarter to get on top. Captain Brady Jones began to dominate in the midfield, while Ian Callinan kicked three. But the Dockers bucked the trend, kicking three goals against the wind, sending the Roos in with a 30 point lead at the final change.

In the final quarter, Clarence’s class held the Dockers at bay, managing to score three goals against the wind, while holding Burnie to just two. The Roos continued their dominance in the middle, with Wade Wall providing his midfielders with good service and  Jackson O’Brien played one of his best games of the year as the Roos increased the margin for a 43 point win.

Clarence assistant coach Mitch Swan spoke highly of his team’s resolve after half time.

“I just thought our good players got their hands on the ball at important times of the game.

“It was good to get the lead in that third quarter but full credit to Burnie, I thought they were pretty good.”

Burnie coach Clint Proctor was happy his team remained competitive in games late in a difficult season.

“When you’re in the position we are it is easy to fall away, so it’s great that the effort and intensity was there throughout the day.

“I thought we really adapted and put in a great effort, and we’re really looking forward to building on that.”

The Dockers host Lauderdale next week at West Park, whilst Clarence head north to UTAS Stadium to take on top placed North Launceston, in what shapes as one of the games of the year.


Round 17 – 30/07/2017

Clarence                                6.4,  6.8,  14.11,  17.17  (119)

Burnie Dockers                          1.2,  6.7,  9.10,  11.10  (76)

GOALS, Clarence :
T. Standen 4, I. Callinan 3, J. Cox 3, G. Chambers 2, M. Blackburn 2, J. O’Brien 1,
J. Harper 1, A. Grace 1

Burnie Dockers :
B. Rubock 3, R. Barrett 2, J. House 2, T. Charles 2, T. Mundy 1, B. Boag 1

BEST, Clarence :
M. Fisher, T. Castle, J. O’Brien, W. Wall, T. Standen, B. Jones

Burnie Dockers :
R. Barrett, T. Mundy, T. Morrison, J. House, N. Walters, E. Smith


Demons keep finals hopes alive

Written by Richard Bannon

Hobart City’s hopes of making the Southern Cross Tasmanian State League’s top five have received a massive boost, following their stirring nine-point victory over Launceston at Windsor Park yesterday afternoon.

The Demons remain in sixth place on the ladder but have now drawn level on points with the Blues following the 8.8-56 to 5.17-47 win.

Launceston, who have played one less game than Hobart City, boast a significantly higher percentage than the Demons.

Essentially, Hobart City needs to win their remaining two games of the season against Lauderdale (away) and Tigers FC (home) by massive margins to make up for percentage, whilst relying on Launceston to drop at least two of their remaining three matches against Glenorchy (away), Devonport (away), and North Launceston (home).

Hobart City’s victory came on the back of a four-goal haul from star forward Josh Williamson, with two of his goals coming in the opening term to give the Demons an ideal start.

Launceston’s Jake Nunn also kicked two majors in the first term, but it was the Demons who led at the first change, 3.4-22 to 2.2-14.

Inaccuracy cruelled Launceston in the second, kicking a wasteful 1.6 to the Demon’s 1.2 to trail the away side by four points at half time.

With its season on the line, Hobart City came out firing in the third term, kicking three goals to skip ahead of the Blues

Launceston coach Sam Lonergan converted a major to keep his side in the contest, but still trailed Hobart City by 15-points at the last change.

The goal kicking yips then crept back into the game of the Blues, as they kicked a wayward 1.6 to 1.1 in the final term to let Hobart City off the hook despite dominating the general play.

Round 17 – 29/07/2017

Hobart City Demons                      3.4,  4.6,  7.7,  8.8  (56)

Launceston                              2.2,  3.8,  4.10,  5.17  (47)

GOALS, Hobart City Demons :
J. Williamson 4, S. Willis 1, J. Charlton 1, B. Grant 1, N. Baker 1

Launceston :
S. Lonergan 2, J. Nunn 2, R. Kelly-Mansell 1

BEST, Hobart City Demons :
N. Baker, B. Norton, C. White, H. Williams, B. Grant, J. Williamson

Launceston :
J. Boyce, J. Hinds, C. Brown, J. Nunn, S. Rundle, J. Blackberry



Written by Anthony Osborn

The North Launceston Bombers have done their premiership and minor premiership credentials no harm with a 72-point dismantling of the Tigers at the Twin Ovals.

The 17.16 (118) to 6.10 (46) victory largely came off the back of impressive performances from North Launceston stars Tom Couch, Brad Cox-Goodyer and Zach Burt- however, an injury scare to Tarryn Thomas threatened to sour an otherwise enjoyable afternoon for Bomber fans.

With Daniel Archer taken out of the team as a late withdrawal due to his knee concerns, the Tigers’ forward line struggled to hit the scoreboard, with the hosts finishing with just six majors for the afternoon, even after a promising start to the contest.

The Tigers looked to be the better side in the first term, with a Zach Burt goal deep in the quarter handing the Bombers a four-point advantage at the first change.

The Bombers began to flex their muscle in the second term; however, slamming home five goals to one in a stanza that saw the likes of Couch, Cox-Goodyer and Josh Ponting begin to stamp their authority on the match.

The Tigers stemmed some of the Bomber momenta in the third term, but when the visitors took a seven-goal lead into the final break, the damage had been done and the platform was set for a final term that handed last season’s grand finalists a healthy percentage boost.

A knee injury to young superstar Tarryn Thomas caused some concern in the final term, especially when the Bomber required assistance leaving the field.

Bomber playing-coach Tom Couch was keen to downplay the concern post match, declaring that the injury doesn’t look to be too extensive.

“He (Thomas) is going to be okay- he is already talking about playing next week. Fingers crossed it’s a bit of a twist- I’m not a physio that he will check it out on Monday” Couch said.

Tom Couch’s individual performance was sensational, as was Brad Cox-Goodyer, with their ability to not only win the ball at the coalface and use it cleanly, but to also hit the scoreboard with four and three goals respectively, made for match-winning performances.

Zach Burt also impressed with four goals, while big Ben McCulloch also chipped in with two goals.

Ben Simpson, on debut, also showed plenty of promise, with his efforts particularly pleasing Tom Couch.

“Playing his first game for the club, he (Simpson) just did a couple of things that make you think he is going to be a good player… clean hands, composed and making right decisions. He has come out of nowhere and he is now a good shot of playing finals footy”.

Couch was pleased with the victory, particularly after a close encounter between the sides earlier this year.

“It was good to get the win and a good four quarter performance. It was pretty consistent and built on from last week. This time of year you want the boys to be improving and building momentum… We took another step forward today.

“They (the Tigers) are a physical side and can be tight one-on-one. Last time was a real education for us and we did our homework (for today) and thought it went pretty well” Couch said.

Tigers coach Aaron Vince was disappointed with the match after quarter time.

“After quarter time their bigger bodies got on top of us and we didn’t have anyone prepared to run with them”.

“We probably didn’t capitalise on opportunities in the first quarter, but we certainly matched them for effort and were really good around the contested ball- but that just fell away as the game went on”

Lachlan Gadomski impressed in the back half for the Tigers, particularly with his willingness to take the game on and break lines with his run and carry. Lochie Griggs also worked well in defence and Lachlan Watt around the ground.

With the likes of Jay Lockhart and Taylor Whitford to come back into the side in the coming weeks, the Bombers look poised to make a serious assault on September action, but will first face the task of hosting fellow premiership fancy Clarence at UTAS Stadium next week.

Meanwhile, the Tigers will be travelling further north to Devonport, with Vince believing that consistency will be his side’s focus for the remainder of 2017.

“We continue to ride the wave of inconsistency. We were up last week and probably could have won. We will review what Couch and Cox-Goodyer did to break us open… they were prepared to work a little harder than us and we will give our midfield some work to do during the week to try and rectify their efforts today”.

Round 17 – 29/07/2017

North Launceston                        3.2,  8.5,  11.7,  17.16  (118)

Tigers                                  2.4,  3.4,  4.7,  6.10  (46)

GOALS, North Launceston :
Z. Burt 4, T. Couch 4, B. Cox-Goodyer 3, C. Lowe 2, B. McCulloch 2, T. Thomas 1,
M. Walsh 1

Tigers :
B. Batchelor 2, C. Nield 2, M. Walker 1, M. Davies 1

BEST, North Launceston :
B. Cox-Goodyer, T. Couch, J. Ponting, Z. Burt, J. Pearce, B. Simpson

Tigers :
L. Gadomski, M. Gardner, M. Carter, M. Davies, L. Watt, L. Griggs

Fitz’s Friday Forecast – Round 17

Written by Alex FitzGerald


Saturday 29th July

Tigers vs North Launceston (Twin Ovals) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met:

North Launceston 7.22.69 def Tigers 7.6.48 (Round 8, 2017, at UTAS Stadium)

The Tigers led an inaccurate North Launceston by a goal at half time, but the Bombers overran them in the second half, led by silky defensive duo Jay Foon and Jay Lockhart.

Form Guide:

North Launceston (WWW) – HOT:

The Bombers are just motoring along at the moment without blowing teams away, with back to back four-goal wins over coastal sides Devonport and Burnie coinciding with a run of injuries to key players.  A hard-fought four point victory over Glenorchy last week made it clear that North Launceston is on top of the ladder for good reason, and they should return to full fitness for the run towards finals following this Saturday’s game.

Tigers (LLL) – MILD:

The Tigers have shown a bit of fight in the games either side of their dismal performance against Lauderdale in Round 15, with a slim loss to Glenorchy at home one of their more impressive efforts this season.  They almost upset a depleted Launceston last week, but the Tigers have struggled to string together performances all season, a cause not helped by a run of injuries and the unavailability of key players throughout the year.

Key Matchups:

Tarryn Thomas displayed glimpses of the form that saw him selected for the Allies side in the Under 18 Championships last week against Glenorchy, and expect the explosive Bomber to be minded by a fellow Mariner in Toby Cowen or Lachy Watt.

Bart McCulloch’s stature and one-grab marking abilities have caused plenty of headaches this season; Mitchell Carter is the obvious defensive matchup here, but Tigers’ captain Tim Peterson could take it upon himself to keep the former Brisbane-listed tall quiet. Particularly with Tom Bennett out of the lineup, McCulloch proves key.

Fire Starters:

Brad Cox-Goodyer’s strength and goal sense have made him as a dangerous inside forward 50 as any other player in the competition this season when up and about, to the point where he’s considered a chance for the Alastair Lynch Medal.

Hugh Dixon has had an interrupted season but for good reasons.  The Mariner key forward has played a number of matches interstate and will take part in the AFL Draft Combine in October.  The tall left footer has a strong overhead mark and has shown his ability to influence games, having booted five goals across the past fortnight at TSL level.


Tigers – In: S. Rice, D. Archer
Out: T. Carter, C. Woolley

North Launceston –In: C. Lowe, R. Mansell, B. Simpson
Out: C. Harrison, J. White, T. Bennett

Fitz’s Tip: North Launceston should win this match comfortably, providing that they don’t get complacent against a Tigers outfit with nothing to lose and relish playing at home.  Expect a decent match early, with the visitors to kick away in the second half. North Launceston by 58.


Launceston vs Hobart City Demons (Windsor Park) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met:

Hobart City Demons 14.8.92 def Launceston 9.11.65 (Round 8, 2017, at North Hobart Oval)

A spirited Hobart City Demons upset the more-fancied Blues, with Josh Williamson and Sean Willis combining for eight goals.  Jay Blackberry impressed to clearly be Launceston’s best on the day.

Form Guide:

Launceston (LLW) – MILD:

The injury-hit Blues have come out of a tough month of football where they pushed sides above them on the ladder to no avail, before downing the Tigers last week to hold onto fifth position on the ladder.  Sam Lonergan and Rulla Kelly-Mansell should return to strengthen the side for this big clash. The Demons regain some experienced key position players that will add a different dynamic to the team that took the field last week.

Hobart City Demons (LWL) – COLD:

Despite losing convincingly to Lauderdale and Clarence in recent weeks, the boys from North Hobart Oval remain in touch with fifth position, sitting a game and health percentage behind Launceston at present.  A ‘confidence’ team with some upset wins to their name, one can never be sure what to expect from the Hobart City Demons from one week to the next.

Key Matchups:

Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons) and Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston) have been in great form for their respective sides, and if they play on each other expect plenty of exciting contests as the game wears on. Both are stars with the ability to punish both inside at the contest and outside.

Hobart City Demons’ pair of Hugh Williams both played super roles last time these two teams met. The younger Williams should get the first crack on imposing Blues’ forward Sonny Whiting, who he held to just the two goals last time they squared off. While the Skipper may be sent to Rulla Kelly-Mansell.

Fire Starters:

Rulla Kelly-Mansell has missed two for the Blues, and their forward line has lacked firepower as a result.  The high-leaping excitement machine often starts games with a bang but can go missing after half-time.  If he has an influence across four quarters, watch out – RKM kicked 7.7 against Burnie, and is hard to contain when full of confidence.

Ryan Matthews has the ability to hurt teams with his disposal, with the ball-magnet unstoppable once he gets going.  Mariner-listed teenager Baxter Norton is one of the rising stars of the TSL at the moment, with an influential month of football under his belt as he learns his craft through the midfield. Key Fire Starters for the Demons are ‘The Ws” – Williamson and Willis, both are quick with strong outside games but haven’t consistently influenced results. They did last time they met Launceston, can they again?


Launceston – In: J. Boyce, R. Kelly-Mansell, J. Smith, S. Lonergan
Out: J. Gillow, S. Vandervelde, M. Hutchinson, C. Downie

Hobart City Demons – In: C. Dell, K. Richter, R. Cowie
Out: S. Caswell, W. Hay, B. Walker

Fitz’s Tip: This game is do or die for the Hobart City Demons, with a loss to see the final five sides locked away.  Launcesis are likely to bring everything they’ve got and with some key players returning and a home ground advantage, they should be too good on the day for the southern visitors.  Launceston by 23.


Sunday 30th July

Clarence vs Burnie (Blundstone Arena) 12:00pm

Last Time They Met:

Clarence 9.13.67 def Burnie 5.7.37 (Round 8, 2017, at West Park)

Burnie led Clarence at three quarte time in difficult conditions at West Park, before the class of Roos’ midfielders Jackson O’ Brien and Brady Jones saw the favourites home.  The unheralded Darcy Crane kicked three goals to be named the Dockers’ best.

Form Guide:

Clarence (WLW) – HOT:

The Round 15 loss to Glenorchy has been the only recent stumble in the Roos’ quest for a minor premiership, with the club registering big wins over Devonport and the Hobart City Demons either side of that contest.  Clarence are second on the ladder for a reason, and their form adequately reflects that position.

Burnie  (LLL) – COLD:

Burnie may have lost their last three matches prior to last week’s bye, but they fought hard against Hobart City Demons and an undermanned North Launceston side in that time.  The 144 point loss to Glenorchy hurt, but a side as young as the Dockers will struggle against the powerhouses of the competition every now and again.

Key Matchups:

Zac Buechner has been in damaging form across half forward for Clarence in recent weeks, and Burnie coach Clint Proctor could give determined young defender Darcy Brazendale the job on him as a learning experience.  Rudi Barrett is a fierce competitor for the Dockers, and should line up on Clarence midfielder Jackson O’Brien in a shutdown role, with the two possessing similar qualities and both in strong form for their respective sides.

Fire Starters:

Trent Standen has been electric in kicking 32 of Clarence’s goals this season, with half a dozen hauls of three goals or more to his name, including a bag of seven against Glenorchy.  The 150 gamer only requires a half chance to hit the scoreboard and must be guarded closely.

Burnie brothers Nick and Harry Walters head an inexperienced Burnie midfield, with the leadership group duo giving their all every week.  Both well-built, the Walters’ possess  impressive shoes, with the majority of their combined 24 goals this season converted from long range bombs.

Clarence enters unchanged and Burnie enter off the back of a bye to freshen up.

Fitz’s Tip: Clarence will look at this match as an opportunity to close the percentage gap that currently separates them from first-placed North Launceston.  The young Dockers will go down in stoic fashion, but the margin will be a big one.  Clarence by 88.


Lauderdale vs Glenorchy (Lauderdale Oval) 1:00pm

Last Time They Met:

Lauderdale 13.15.93 def Glenorchy 7.9.51 (Round 8, 2017, at KGV Oval)

A seven goal to two second half saw the Bryce Walsh-led Lauderdale outfit take down the Magpies at their home fortress, with forward target Ryan Wiggins and midfielder Dylan Fyfe combining for eight majors.

Form Guide:

Lauderdale (WWW) – HOT:

The third-placed Bombers have won their last three games by an average of 80 points, although they have all been against teams who sit outside of the five at the present time.  Lauderdale’s ability to find goals through a range of different players has seen them kick the most points in the competition to Round 16.

Glenorchy (WWL) – HOT:

The Magpies beat Burnie by 144 points and upset Clarence in the fortnight prior to falling agonisingly short of North Launceston on the road by four points in Round 16.  Despite being hit hard by injuries to key players in the past fortnight, Glenorchy’s ability to match the top two sides for most of their respective contests has proven that they remain a flag hope in season 2017.

Key Matchups:

Zac Webster has been important in recent weeks off half forward with his foot use a key weapon for the Pies. Expect Max Kleverkamp to get the job on curtailing the speedster.

Thor Boscott has booted 13 goal in the past fortnight to announce himself as one of the most dangerous and exciting players in the TSL.  Jordon Arnold will be given the job on him, with his fearless worth ethic down back earning him the role.

Fire Starters:

Toutai Havea has been a constant target up forward for Lauderdale after making the switch from defence, and the big-bodied Tongan-born Havea was rewarded for a fantastic season so far with a six goal haul last week.  Havea is quick at ground level and through the air and should provide the Magpies with a headache on Sunday.

Rhys Mott is one Magpie not under an injury cloud who is likely to get his side going.  the former North West Coaster possesses an elite left foot, often hitting team mates with pinpoint passes through traffic.  Mott can hurt a side running both ways, with the ability to rebounds from half back and also hit the scoreboard making him near-impossible to contain.

Fitz’s Tip: Undisputedly the game of the round, this third vs fourth battle could go either way.  Both sides move the ball well, embrace the physicality of the contest, and are capable of kicking big scores.  With the Pies likely to miss a number of key players through injury and Lauderdale hosting, the Bombers should get home in a heated match to sew up third and set up a tilt at the premiership.  Lauderdale by 16.



Round 16 sees some new names come to the fold with Wade Wall, Casey Brown, Jimmy Aganas, Toutai Havea, Conor Smith all getting their first call up after two nail biting results in a fascinating round of footy. Jake Hinds and Tarryn Thomas slotted straight into the all star team out of Allies duties.

All but one team is represented and Lauderdale top selection with five picked, while Clarence, Launceston and North Launceston are next best with four apiece. Thor Boscott’s selection streak continues, while familiar faces Mitch Carter, Jaye Bowden and Jackson O’Brien return to a 22 they have spent a lot of time in, in season 2017.



Casey Brown (Launceston)

Brown was important for Launceston down back and is proving to be a standout young defender in the Tasmanian State League. The St.Patricks College year 12 student played an exceptionally good game stopping many Tigers opportunities whilst also using the ball well and hitting up teammates.

Jimmy Aganas (Launceston)

Aganas was Launceston’s best defender on the day and intercepted and created many turnovers which created numerous opportunities for the Blues. He has been a recent introduction into the team that has had a major impact, his set up behind the ball was crucial in helping the Blues secure the win. He also took a vital late game saving mark to see the Blues home.

Jack Avent (North Launceston)

Avent was a strong leader for the young Bombers defence. Played his position well throughout, as well as coming across in defence to control the ball. Played a large role in keeping Glenorchy to five goals after quarter time.



Michael Fisher (Clarence)

Michael Fisher performed well as an offensive weapon across halfback for the ‘Roos, with a goal next to his own name and several goal assists making for a very productive afternoon at North Hobart Oval.

Ethan Whish-Wilson (Lauderdale)

The Lauderdale utility did a superb stopping job in following around Mitch Thorp and restricting the gun forward to no goals.

Mitch Carter (Tigers)

Carter was the best player on the ground in a losing side against Launceston and rightfully earned three votes in the RACT player of the year voting. He was hard over the footy all day and was influential throughout the midfield and across the backline setting up many dangerous attacks for the Tigers which almost saw them get over the line.



Jake Hinds (Launceston)

Returning from Allies duty, Hinds was a key player through the midfield for Launceston. He found plenty of the ball and was strong in numerous contests which saw him win the ball or create opportunities for a turnover for his team to bounce on.


Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)

Another week and another team of the week nomination for the Clarence midfield general. O’Brien again impressed in the ‘Roos engine room, combining well with Wade Wall and Brady Jones to give their side the upper hand.


Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)

Mott was best on ground for the Magpies. Read the ball incredibly well through the centre, gathering a lot of the ball even after Glenorchy dropped ascendancy in the ruck. Provided a lot of run and fed the forwards through good foot use, keeping Glenorchy alive as North Launceston threatened to take control.



Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)

Is in powerful form, the enigmatic midfielder/forward booted four goals and had a hand in many others as he continues his imperious touch.


Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

Despite being on one leg, the reigning Lynch medallist was all class. Did not spend as much time in the middle as usual, but provided a target in the forward line, kicking three goals, but also managing to take intercept marks in the backline. Provided a late spark to keep the Magpies alive.


Josh Ponting (North Launceston)

Often over looked, and with members out of the team, Ponting took the opportunity to show how good a player he is. Ponting provided a great support to Cox-Goodyear, helping the Bombers dominate in the centre. Also kicked one of the goals of the year from 50 along the ground.



Trent Standen (Clarence)

Standen continued his impressive 2017 with a four-goal haul against the Demons. ‘Speedy’ utilised his trademark pace and clean finishing to be a real handful for the Demons’ defensive unit.

Toutai Havea (Lauderdale)

Toutai Havea was brilliant with six fantastic goals in a demolition of Devonport. Caught the ball extremely well inside 50 and had a good kicking day with some really neat finishes on tight angles in pockets.

Ray Hill (Lauderdale)

Hill was a strong foil to Havea, taking some strong marks including a  big park mark, rising from deep in the pack to take it. Kicked two goals and was a real presence inside 50.


Wade Wall (Clarence)

With Sam Siggins a late withdrawal from the Clarence side, Wall impressed in his return, with his tap work providing the likes of Jackson O’Brien and Brady Jones with first use of the football.

Bradley Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)

In the absence of some of the Bombers midfield stars, Cox-Goodyer stepped up, even in comparison to his regular form. Was a dominant force through the midfield, gathering a lot of the footy and controlling the centre.

Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

It was a Captain’s game from Bryce Walsh who had the ball on the string and was at his combative best. Won the hard ball and set the tone.



Conor Smith (Launceston)

Smith had an outstanding first game kicking a goal and being influential and dangerous within the Blues forward line and throughout the midfield.

Marcus Davies (Tigers)

Davies was prolific ball winner in the middle for the Tigers winning plenty of clearances and providing every opportunity for his side to sneak home with the four points. Unfortunately, his efforts couldn’t help get his team over the line but played with what seemed to be a rolled ankle, Davies rallied the troops and led by example in what was a good performance from him and the Tigers.

Tarryn Thomas (North Launceston)

Returning from Allies (and St Patricks College Premiership) duties, Thomas was more than handy in the backline in the first three-quarters. In the final quarter, Thomas went forward to provide a bit of spark in the close game, kicking a goal and assisting on another.

Nick Baker (Hobart City Demons)

With his versatility and abundance of talent, Baker has emerged as one of the most exciting young players in the competition – with his performance against the ‘Roos another clear example of this. Baker played primarily on the ball, but chipped in as a backup ruckman for Charlie White as well as hitting the scoreboard with a goal in an impressive display.


Unlucky Omissions…

Tyran Mansell continues his strong form off half back for the Northern Bombers and big Tommy Bennett provided a strong target in forward 50.

Dilger played an important hand for the Magpies, while Liam Smith is building into some better form and Ben Reynolds provided a vital contest. Both Arnold brothers had good games also.

Brady Jones keeps on keeping on and continues to be a weekly contributor, leading from the front. Michael Blackburn is a much-improved footballer and continues to impress.

Devonport youngster Giacomo Millucci scored three goals from very limited supply and was a shining light for the north west Magpies.




Round 17 – 29/07/2017



B: O. Burrows-Cheng, T. Peterson, L. Griggs
HB: M. Carter, C. Sawdy, L. Gadomski
C: J.  Bilson, M.  Davies, W.  Cleeland
HF: B. Livingston, M. Walker, L. Clifford
F: B. Batchelor, H. Dixon, D. Archer
R: M. Gardner, L. Watt, S. Rice
Int: C. Nield, B. Rees, C. Bryant, T. Cowen
Emg: B. McCulloch, C. Woolley, C. Rawson, E. Brock

In: S. Rice, D. Archer
Out: T. Carter, C. Woolley

North Launceston
B: T. Mansell, Z. Burt, J. Foon
HB: T. Thomas, C. Young, A. Richter-Salter
C: T.  Donnelly, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Hollmer
HF: K. Baker, B. McCulloch, J. Avent
F: K. Wadley, T. Couch, R. Mansell
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, J. Ponting
Int: H. Goss, C. Lowe, B. Simpson, J. Pearce
Emg: L. Matson-Jones, F. Bennett, M. Donnelly, J. Lanham

In: C. Lowe, R. Mansell, B. Simpson
Out: C. Harrison, J. White, T. Bennett


Round 17 – 29/07/2017



B: C. Brown, S. Williams, C. Savage
HB: J. Donnellan, J. Aganas, J. Hinds
C: R.  Kelly-Mansell, S.  Rundle, T.  Sheppard
HF: C. Sheppard, J. Nunn, J. Smith
F: S. Whiting, N. O’Donoghue, S. Lonergan
R: H. Leedham, J. Boyce, B. Palfreyman
Int: C. Smith, B. Taylor, J. Blackberry, R. Tyrrell
Emg: C. Downie, M. Hutchinson, S. Vandervelde, M. Hodge

In: J. Boyce, R. Kelly-Mansell, J. Smith, S. Lonergan
Out: J. Gillow, S. Vandervelde, M. Hutchinson, C. Downie


Hobart City Demons
B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, M. Bidgood
HB: T. Millhouse, H. Williams, N. Hutchinson
C: R.  Cowie, W.  Campbell, B.  Norton
HF: S. Willis, N. Baker, J. Williamson
F: B. Grant, C. Dell, J. Barwick
R: C. White, R. Matthews, J. Charlton
Int: K. Richter, E. Cole, C. Ransom, C. Kilpatrick
Emg: W. Peppin, K. Wisniewski, J. Doran, B. Walker

In: C. Dell, K. Richter, R. Cowie
Out: S. Caswell, W. Hay, B. Walker


Round 17 – 30/07/2017



B: J. Holmes, J. Bailey, T. Castle
HB: Z. Mastrocola, K. Wylie, M. Fisher
C: M.  Ling, J.  O’Brien, J.  Roberts
HF: K. Palmer-Hughes, M. Blackburn, I. Callinan
F: T. Standen, Z. Buechner, J. Harper
R: W. Wall, B. Jones, J. Cox
Int: N. Douglas, A. Grace, T. Hanslow, G. Chambers
Emg: L. Murfitt-Cowen, J. O’Brien, A. Gaul, J. Brenner

Burnie Dockers
B: B. Hayes, N. McKenna, S. Kalbfell
HB: E. Jackson, D. Brazendale, B. Boag
C: E.  Smith, N.  Walters, T.  Mundy
HF: D. Crane, R. Barrett, B. Keiselis
F: B. Rubock, J. House, J. Cox
R: T. Morrison, H. Walters, J. Dowling
Int: T. Charles, B. Murray, J. O’Donnell, B. Rubock
Emg: J. Doust, S. Redman, F. Poke, B. Challis


Round 17 – 30/07/2017



B: M. Anderton, E. Whish-Wilson, S. Hill
HB: M. Kleverkamp, R. Wiggins, J. McGuinness
C: R.  Sutton, D.  Fyfe, R.  McManus
HF: B. Walsh, T. Havea, A. Hevey
F: T. Boscott, A. Hill, R. Hill
R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Franklin
Int: C. Hooker, E. Stanley, J. Williams, L. Meagher
Emg: M. McGuinness, D. Johns, W. Francis, C. Laoumtzis

In: A. Hill, S. Hill
Out: M. McGuinness, C. Laoumtzis

B: J. Arnold, C. Salter, M. Dilger
HB: D. Grant, J. Watts, J. Arnold
C: Z.  Webster, R.  Mott, B.  Kamaric
HF: R. Banks-Smith, T. Bowden, H. Pearce
F: B. Reynolds, M. Hills, M. Rainbird
R: C. Duffy, J. Geard, L. Smith
Int: J. Webb, T. Butterworth, M. Joseph, C. Daly
Emg: B. Rowbottom, A. Brennan, J. Millhouse, J. Bowden

In: T. Butterworth, M. Joseph, T. Bowden, D. Grant
Out: B. Webb, H. Gunther, B. Quinn, J Bowden



Round 10 – 29/07/2017

12:00PM – KGV 


Glenorchy Football Club
B: T. Wiggins, R. Siely,
HB: G. Terry, H. Ryan, Z. Manjerovic
C: S.  Davis, T.  Corrie,
HF: J. Tate Turvey, N. Lynch, J. Rattenbury
F: K. Rattenbury, N. Daniels, G. Allan
R: M. Fish, B. Barwick, S. Eaton
Int: E. Fornells Vernet, S. Jenkins, G. Sullivan, M. Jacobs

Launceston Football Club
B: M. Gardner, N. Ristrom, H. Whyte
HB: M. Smith, K. McLaughlin, C. Thuringer
C: , M.  Sinclair,
HF: M. Cuthbertson, G. Hill, E. Manix-geeves
F: M. Clark, A. Bowen, N. Celebre
R: S. Brown, D. Bannister, C. Webb
Int: A. Green, M. Binns, D. Corcoran, A. Dickson

In: C. Thuringer, M. Binns
Out: E. Barrenger, K. Child


Round 10 – 30/07/2017

1:00PM – WEST PARK  


Burnie Football Club
B: S. Rodman, L. Stevenson,
HB: K. Sheehan, L. Haines, J. Whelan
C: C.  Loring, J.  Brown, E.  Humphries
HF: C. Chandler, S. Skinner, K. Loring
F: S. Loring, Z. Knight,
R: M. Wright, K. Goodson, C. Haines
Int: I. Duffie, M. Singleton, S. Edwards, K. Johnson
Emg: S. Ferguson-Stevens

Tigers Football Club
B: E. Johnstone, R. Roberts,
HB: K. Baker, E. Doyle, J. Murphy
C: H.  Flakemore, C.  Brooke, S.  Grimsey
HF: M. Lawler, , J. Wynter
F: O. McKee, M. Absolom, A. Esam
R: G. Millar, H. Squires, M. Neal
Int: I. Willis, M. Smith, H. Upston, J. Noye ,
Emg: L. Reid

In: E. Johnstone, J. Noye , J. Murphy, E. Doyle, I. Willis
Out: I. Coughlan, S. Thomas, S. Atkins-Collins , E. Lucas, L. Ochayi