New direction for Western Storm and Prospect Hawks

The presidents of Western Storm (TSL), Prospect Senior Hawks (NTFA) and Prospect Junior Hawks (NTJFA) have today announced they will work together to establish a new governance model.

The three separate entities will work together towards a model that creates a clear player pathway and cements the clubs long term future in both the Tasmanian State League and community football in the Northern region.

Western Storm President Michelle Strickland has advised AFL Tasmania that the club’s board has been working with the owners of Western Storm – the Prospect Junior and Senior Football Clubs – to reshape the club’s brand and strengthen ties with the Prospect community.

Ms Strickland said the new model will be based on the success of the Kingborough Tigers Football Club, with an emphasis on the Hawks at the forefront of the club’s new identity.

“The Western Storm brand was designed with the best intentions but the reality is for this TSL club to prosper we need to fully embrace our owners and the community that we represent,” Ms Strickland said.

“Just as Kingborough is in the south, Prospect and the surrounding area is a young and growing community which our club must engage in order to be sustainable long in to the future.

“We have watched with great interest at the progress made by the Tigers in the TSL and the Kingborough Tigers Football Club more broadly.

“Kingborough has brand new facilities that are the envy of many other TSL clubs.

“The juniors that enter the club’s system at AFL Auskick level put on a Tigers jumpers from day one and then if they are good enough they can still be wearing the same jumper when they reach TSL level.

“Every TSL club has a bedrock community that they clearly represent and this is also something that our club desperately needs.

“Over the past two years we have struggled to grow our current commercial and operating model and the time is now right for us to work closely with the Prospect Hawks Junior and Senior Football Clubs and with AFL Tasmania to ensure our club has a viable and successful future.”

Chris Ryan, President of the highly successful Prospect Junior Hawks, said the volunteers and parents of the junior arm of the club were committed to supporting a direct pathway to the TSL for their most talented young players.

“Moving towards a one-club model under the Hawks brand is the best way to secure the pathway and to build the Prospect Hawks into one of Tasmania’s premier football clubs,” Mr Ryan said.

Victor Marshall, President of Prospect Senior Hawks who currently participate in division 2 in the NTFA competition said: “The move to a one-club model under the same brand and same club management will enable the open-age elements of the Prospect Hawks to work together to determine the senior football structure that best suits the needs of the club.”


AFL Tasmania – Statement

AFL Tasmania fully supports a move by Tasmanian State League club Western Storm to review its current governance model and work towards a closer alignment with the Prospect Senior Hawks (NTFA) and Prospect Junior Hawks (NTJFA).

Western Storm club officials have remained in constant contact with AFL Tasmania throughout this process and kept the organisation fully informed of its plans as it explores a new governance model.

AFL Tasmania hopes the three separate entities can establish a clear player pathway and cement the club’s long term future in both the Tasmanian State League and community football in the Northern region.

It is important for the Western Storm, like all TSL clubs, to be sustainable in the long term, and AFL Tasmania has confidence that the current club officials and the move to strengthen ties with the local Prospect community will ensure this occurs.

Shaun Young

General Manager, Tasmanian State League

AFL Tasmania