Round 8 – 20/05/2017

1:00PM – West Park


Burnie Dockers
B: B. Keiselis, D. Brazendale, B. Boag
HB: H. Walters, B. Murray, J. Dowling
C: E.  Jackson, R.  Barrett, B.  Challis
HF: D. Crane, N. McKenna, F. Poke
F: C. Proctor, J. Cox, B. Rubock
R: T. Morrison, N. Walters, S. Kalbfell
Int: E. Smith, B. Miller, J. Murray, T. Charles
Emg: B. Hayes, J. Weller, A. Bates, G. Dowling

B: J. Holmes, J. Bailey, Z. Mastrocola
HB: M. Ling, K. Wylie, T. Castle
C: G.  Chambers, J.  O’Brien, K.  Palmer-Hughes
HF: A. Grace, M. Blackburn, J. Harper
F: T. Standen, L. Murfitt-Cowen, J. Webberley
R: S. Siggins, B. Jones, J. O’Brien
Int: W. Wall, J. Brenner, S. Bradford, M. Fisher
Emg: K. Howlett, N. Douglas, A. Gaul, C. Leek

In: L. Murfitt-Cowen, J. O’Brien, K. Palmer-Hughes, S. Bradford
Out: I. Callinan, Z. Buechner, T. Hanslow


Round 8 – 20/05/2017

2:00PM – North Hobart Oval

Hobart City Demons
B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, M. Bidgood
HB: R. Cowie, H. Williams, B. Walker
C: T.  Millhouse, W.  Campbell, C.  Kilpatrick
HF: S. Willis, J. Maple, J. Williamson
F: B. Grant, K. Richter, J. Barwick
R: C. White, R. Matthews, E. Cole
Int: H. Johnstone, S. Caswell, K. Wisniewski, J. Charlton
Emg: M. O’Neill, J. McCulloch, C. Ransom, J. Guesdon

In: S. Caswell, C. White
Out: N. Baker,  N. Hutchinson

B: J. Boyce, S. Vandervelde, M. Hutchinson
HB: C. Savage, J. Nunn, S. Williams
C: J.  Smith, S.  Rundle, T.  Sheppard
HF: R. Kelly-Mansell, A. Wright, S. Lonergan
F: S. Whiting, N. O’Donoghue, J. Harris
R: H. Leedham, J. Blackberry, B. Taylor
Int: C. Sheppard, C. Downie, J. Donnellan, B. Palfreyman
Emg: M. Blazely, L. Gee, G. Holt, M. Hodge

In: J. Donnellan, B. Palfreyman, C. Savage, C. Downie,
Out: C. Brown, R. Tyrrell, C. Jones, J. Hinds


Round 8 – 20/05/2017

KGV – 2:00PM

B: W. Atkin, J. Arnold, J. Arnold
HB: B. Quinn, J. Geard, B. Webb
C: T.  Butterworth, R.  Mott, J.  Webb
HF: J. Millhouse, M. Dilger, M. Joseph
F: T. Morgan, J. Bowden, C. Salter
R: C. Duffy, M. Rainbird, L. Smith
Int: D. Grant, B. Kamaric, J. Farrow, C. Mcknight
Emg: C. Goodsell, A. Brennan, D. Coppleman, A. Roberts.

In: T. Butterworth, M. Joseph, M. Dilger
Out: H. Parker,  M. Hills,  H. Pearce,  H. Gunther

B: S. Hill, M. Kleverkamp, E. Stanley
HB: J. Roberts, A. Hill, J. McGuinness
C: R.  Sutton, P.  Bellchambers, R.  McManus
HF: B. Walsh, E. Whish-Wilson, T. Boscott
F: R. Hill, R. Wiggins, D. Fyfe
R: H. Smith, N. Franklin, T. Havea
Int: D. Johns, B. Newell, A. Hevey, L. Meagher
Emg: C. Laoumtzis, C. Brown, C. Hooker, J. Perkins

In: A. Hevey, N. Franklin
Out: J. Williams, R. Hooker


Round 8 – 20/05/2017


North Launceston

B: H. Goss, J. Pearce, C. Young
HB: C. Pearton, A. Richter-Salter, J. Foon
C: K.  Baker, B.  Cox-Goodyer, J.  Lockhart
HF: T. Couch, T. Bennett, K. Wadley
F: J. Avent, B. McCulloch, Z. Burt
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, T. Whitford
Int: K. Thomas, D. Clayton, J. Singline, K. Curtis
Emg: J. Harris, J. Rowlands, M. Donnelly, B. Denman

In: K. Wadley, K. Thomas, D. Clayton, K. Curtis, J. Singline, H. Goss
Out: T. Mansell,  L. Hollmer,  T. Thomas,  J. Ponting,  R. Mansell,  T. Donnelly

B: T. Carter, T. Peterson, B. Graham
HB: M. Carter, C. Johns, M. Davies
C: B.  McCulloch, W.  Cleeland, M.  Booth
HF: J. Bilson, J. Pearce, C. Nield
F: B. Livingston, M. Walker, E. Brock
R: M. Gardner, S. Rice, L. Watt
Int: A. Webster, O. Burrows-Cheng, C. Rawson, T. Hughes
Emg: C. Woolley, J. Keogh, C. Sawdy, L. Griggs

In: T. Hughes, B. McCulloch, A. Webster, L. Watt, O. Burrows-Cheng, E. Brock,
J. Keogh, M. Booth

Out: T. Cowen, L. Clifford, B. Rees, H. Dixon, T. Gogolin, L. Gadomski, L. Griggs



Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 7

Tasmanian State League

1. Bradley Symmons (Devonport) reported for rough conduct against Robbie McManus (Lauderdale).

MRP assessed incident as: action does not constitute a reportable offence.

Sanction: No further action.

2. Bradley Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston) referred for rough conduct against James Webb (Glenorchy).

MRP assessed incident as: action does not constitute a reportable offence.

Sanction: No further action.

3. Taylor Whitford (North Launceston) reported for striking Rhys Mott (Glenorchy).

Due to lack of recorded evidence the MRP referred the incident to independent tribunal, to be heard on Tuesday (16/05/2017) night.

Taylor Whitford pled guilty to the charge of striking. The independent tribunal accepted the evidence of all witnesses and Whitford was given the sanction of a low level reprimand. The strike was that of a jumper punch.

Sanction: Low level reprimand.

4. Rhys Mott (Glenorchy) referred for rough conduct against Taylor Whitford (North Launceston).

Due to lack of recorded evidence the MRP referred the incident to independent tribunal, to be heard on Tuesday (16/05/2017) night.

The independent tribunal dismissed the charge as the contact that was made was not of a high nature and was a part of the contest.

Sanction: No further action.

5. Lachlan Gadomski (Tigers) referred for rough conduct on Chayce Jones (Launceston).

MRP assessed incident as: action does not constitute a reportable offence.

Sanction: No further action.

Bombers defeat improved Magpies

Written by Jakson Peach

Lauderdale made it three straight wins, defeating a defiant Devonport by 44 points at Devonport Oval on Saturday afternoon.

After a difficult start to the season the Bombers have leveled the ledger at three wins and three losses with another strong performance, this time triumphant on the road against a spirited Devonport. Thor Boscott and Ray Hill were on fire in a fantastic second half, kicking a handful each.

It was a major improvement from the Magpies at home, but unfortunately they were not strong enough to hold off a fearsome Lauderdale. The hosts were just three points adrift at the major break but were out runned and out gunned in a strong second half showing from the visiting Bombers.

In the first term it was all Devonport showcasing new found efficiency by foot from an inexperienced side that has had their troubles with ball in hand early in the season.  Devonport kicked away to a three goal advantage at the first change with young Brodie Connelly proving a formidable target in forward 50 while their defensive structures stacking up, restricting Lauderdale to just 50 possessions for the entire quarter. If the opening quarter was a glimpse at where the Magpies are headed, the future is bright, showcasing some impressive fast ball movement.

The second stanza commenced in similar fashion but Lauderdale’s class began to come to the fore after a spirited quarter time address from Coach, Darren Winter. Pocket rocket Dylan Fyfe opened the account in the second quarter, gathering a long hitout before bolting into forward 50 to finish a wonderful running goal. He was collected as he kicked and his team mates rallied around him and it appeared to be a boiling point for Lauderdale seeing them flick the switch and control the middle of the ground, putting together a second quarter response that saw them lead by three points at the half.

In the third term Lauderdale demonstrated their forward firepower piling on 12 scoring shots to Devonport’s two, Thor Boscott and Ray Hill hit the scoreboard on their way to bags of five, while Ryan Wiggins caught the ball well but was unable to maximise his impact, kicking an innacurate 3.5 for the game.

The final quarter became a see-sawing affair as the young Devonport outfit hung around in the contest, ensuring the Bombers wouldn’t blow them away.

Devonport Coach Mitch Thorp was delighted to see further strides forward for his young charges.

“We are seeing better efforts for longer periods of time. Our first quarter today was probably as good as our first quarter against North Launceston, we zinged the ball around pretty quick and our forwards got some separation and we hit the scoreboard pretty well,” he said.

Victorious Coach Darren Winter said his midfield were not finding the footy early and the shift in the game came when the Lauderdale midfield got on top.

“The midfield were particularly pleasing cause they started getting their hands on the footy and when they weren’t they provided good pressure and we weren’t able to do that in the first quarter.

“I think we got some good transition from turn overs and there was a lot of space in our forward line for Boscott, Hill and Wiggins to lead into and sometimes that breaks the opponent.”

Next week Lauderdale face the reigning Premiers, while Devonport take a rest with the bye.

Round 7 – 13/05/2017

Lauderdale                              2.2,  8.5,  13.12,  18.18  (126)

Devonport                               5.2,  8.2,  9.3,  13.4  (82)

GOALS, Lauderdale :
T. Boscott 5, R. Hill 5, R. Wiggins 3, R. McManus 1, P. Bellchambers 1, J. Roberts 1,
E. Whish-Wilson 1, D. Fyfe 1

Devonport :
B. Connelly 4, D. Schnoor 2, H. Barker 1, G. Millucci 1, D. Riley 1, B. Sharman 1,
S. Egger 1, Q. Byard 1, B. Symmons 1

BEST, Lauderdale :
R. McManus, B. Walsh, R. Hill, T. Boscott, R. Wiggins, T. Havea

Devonport :
B. Connelly, D. Riley, Q. Byard, S. Egger, M. Thorp, L. Creedon


Launceston outclass Tigers

Written by Alex FitzGerald

Launceston reminded the rest of the competition that they’re very much a contender this season, putting together a big second half against the Tigers in wet conditions at Twin Ovals on their way to a resounding 81 point victory.

Despite outplaying the Tigers in the first half, the Blues led by only 16 points at the main break, before slamming on ten unanswered goals to control the remainder of the game, running out 15.14 (104) to 3.5(23) winners.

Launceston spent most of the first quarter in attack, but found it hard to break free from the clutches of Tiger tackles to hit the scoreboard.  Enter Sonny Whiting, who outmarked his opponent twice to goal, the second coming from a spectacular grab above the pack.  The Blues had their third when they goaled from an advantage free kick after a sloppy tackle on Chayce Jones, but any celebrations were quickly put aside as the Mariner was stretchered from the field with an apparent ankle injury sustained during the incident.  The Tigers kicked their first major late in the term through Braden Livingston, and went into the break behind 1.2 (8) to 3.2 (20).

The second term was an arm-wrestle, with many stoppages through the middle of the ground as both sides found it hard to break free and generate run.  Young Tigers forwards Hugh Dixon and Mitch Walker both calmly converted difficult set shots to bring the home side back into the contest, but a huge term from Nathan O’Donohue across half forward saw two quick Launceston replies as the Blues went into the rooms at half time ahead 5.8 (38) to 3.4 (22).

Launceston hit the ground running after the main break, with forwards Rulla Kelly-Mansell and Whiting proving to be a handful up forward.  Whiting booted another two goals for the term as the Blues slotted four, and at three quarter time they led 9.11 (65) to 3.5 (23).

Launceston stamped their authority on the match in the final quarter, with their fast ball movement from one end of the ground to the other providing consistent highlights.  Every Blue seemed to be playing well, and they dominated the term to boot 6 goals and keep the luckless Tigers scoreless, walking off Twin Ovals overwhelming 15.14 (104) to 3.5 (23) winners.

Tigers’ coach Aaron Vince was gutted after the match, and was as candid as they come.

“We’re utterly disappointed.  Our effort today was insipid, and won’t be accepted.

“Our stoppage work was deplorable; we got smashed.”

Despite the result, Vince praised his defenders’ battle against the consistent barrage of Launceston forward entries, particularly the efforts of versatile backman Tyler Carter and debutant Ben Graham.

“Our backline were under the pump today.  They had 66 inside 50’s, and every time you put your defence under that much pressure, you’re not going to win that much footy.

“Tyler Carter was probably our only one on one winner today; Graham was probably cleaner with his skills than most of our senior players.”

Carter was clearly the Tigers’ best player, repelling many forward entries with intercept marks and tackles.  Mitch Carter also played well in defence, with debutants Graham and Toby Cowen trying hard across the middle, along with Mariners captain Lachlan Clifford.

Launceston playing coach Sam Lonergan was pleased with his charges post-match.

“To get the result that we did today was fantastic; it’s a good result for our playing group and a reward for the hard work they’ve been doing.”

He praised the whole playing group for their second half, not singling out any specific playing line.

“Our backs set up really well, they started to intercept and rebound the footy from defensive 50, and when it’s coming out of the backline (and through the midfield) like that, it gives your forwards every opportunity to take marks and kick goals.”

Launceston was well-served by defenders Stuart Williams, Jake Smith and Mariner squad member Casey Brown, with Lonergan describing the latter’s third quarter as ‘unbelievable.’  Lonergan had a lot of the ball in the midfield, aided by another huge performance from ruckman Hamish Leedham.  Nathan O’Donohue imposed himself on the game at half-forward, with five kicks inside the Blues’ attacking 50 in the second term alone, with Rulla Kelly-Mansell also providing plenty of drive forward.  The forward standout of the day was Sonny Whiting, with his six goals and strong marking the stark difference between the two forward lines.

When asked about the strong form of  Kelly-Mansell and Whiting, and in particular the fact that neither were named in the initial state squad to face the NEAFL, Lonergan pulled no punches.

“We’re sitting fourth on the ladder and we have three (players selected).

“There are multiple sides underneath us with higher numbers of players in the squad.  Rulla is definitely one player that I thought should have definitely been in the squad, and his form from an outside point of view puts him in the top ten in the comp at the moment.  But it (the non-selection) will drive them to work harder.”
Launceston face the Hobart City Demons at North Hobart Oval next week in what should be a huge match, with the Demons fresh off an upset one point win over Clarence and looking to claim a spot inside the five.  Things don’t get any easier for the Tigers, as they’ll travel to UTAS Stadium to face an undefeated and firing North Launceston, in what will be a big challenge for the out of sorts southern club.


Demons hold on for Blundstone boilover

Written by Richard Bannon

Hobart City Demons have caused a boil over for the ages, defeating Clarence by a solitary point in what was without doubt the match of the TSL season so far.

In cold and wet conditions at Blundstone Arena, the Demons, ran out 12.8-80 to 11.13-79 winners against a previously undefeated Roos outfit.

Spurred on by a confidence-boosting victory over Devonport last week, Hobart City flourished on the wide expanses of Blundstone Arena, where their superior leg speed proved advantageous.

The Demons kicked the first of the match through Sean Willis, who finished with four for the game.

Another Demons goal was then matched with three consecutive majors for Clarence, including a superb set shot from the pocket from Zac Buechner, as the Roos threatened to take the game away from Hobart City.

The Demons responded through Blake Grant, and another goal for Willis, as Hobart City led Clarence 4.3-27 to 3.3-21 at the first change

The game went up a gear in the second term, as Hobart City put an immense amount of pressure on Clarence.

Despite this, the Demons were unable to convert their dominance of the play onto the scoreboard.

Although the Demons were in control, a quick turnover resulted in Clarence getting the ball moving over the back, as Roos skipper Brady Jones kicked a fine goal on the run against the tide.

Jones’s goal was then bettered as the Demons got on a role to kick four of the next five, and take a handy 26-point buffer into the main break, leading 9.6-60 to 5.4-34.

The Demons stalled in the crucial third term, kicking a solitary goal as conditions became gloomy.

Meanwhile, Clarence began to replicate the free-flowing brand of footy that saw them defeat reigning premier Glenorchy last week.

Alas, wasteful kicking for goal denied the Roos any opportunity to take the game away from the Demons, kicking 3.5.

Hobart City took a slim 10.6-66 to 8.9-57 lead into the final term, where the heavens opened to turn the match into a scrappy affair

It was goal for goal up until the 15 minute mark, where Clarence locked it into their attacking half of the ground.

The Roos registered 30 inside-50’s for the quarter, but were again wasteful in front of the big sticks.

Each defensive clearance from Hobart City was regularly landing in the breadbasket of a Clarence player.

As the rain tumbled down, Clarence edged their way to overcoming the Demons’ lead by kciking behind after behind, but ultimately fell just short.

Clarence playing-coach Jeromey Webberley, who hobbled off late in the final term with a hamstring issue, lamented his side’s slow start to the match.

“In the first half, we didn’t come to play. When we did have the ball in our hands, we used it quite poorly, and we kicked it to their numbers a lot… our endeavour and want in the first half was off the pace.”

Hobart City assistant Richard Robinson was thrilled

to take the four points back across the Derwent, despite his side ‘falling over the line’.

“We were wrapped with the outcome. After we played last Saturday night, we had a really good feeling and we were looking forward to coming over and getting on the bigger spaces of Bellerive.”



Written by Anthony Osborn


North Launceston continued their unbeaten start to 2017 with a hard-fought 18-point victory over an undermanned Glenorchy, handing the Magpies their second straight loss at KGV.

Faced with the late omissions of Zac Webster (back) and Matthew Dilger (virus), an undermanned Glenorchy kept in touch all day in a tough, physical rematch of last season’s grand final, but were unable to run over the top of a tough Bombers outfit, with North Launceston running out to a 13.13 (91) to 11.7 (73) victory.

The Bombers jumped out of the blocks early, kicking the first three goals while keeping the reigning premiers scoreless for the first 24 minutes. Some missed opportunities and two late Glenorchy goals, however, restricted the visitors’ lead to 17 points at the first break.

Glenorchy were in control of general play in a low-scoring start to the second term, but a flurry of late quarter goals from North Launceston, including a clutch Tarryn Thomas set shot, provided the Bombers with a 23-point lead at the main break.

North Launcetson exploded in the first two minutes of the second half, with goals to Bart McCulloch and Tom Bennett extending the lead to 35 points, but the third term went in favour of Glenorchy as they kicked five of the next six goals to trail by just 11 points at three-quarter time.

The final stanza was a genuine arm wrestle as the rain rolled in, and after early Bomber goals through McCulloch and Zac Burt, Glenorchy faced a race against the clock to steal an unlikely victory.

Two late goals from Jaye Bowden gave the Magpies a sniff, but Jack Avent kicked a terrific running goal in the final minutes to secure North Launceston their sixth win from six attempts in season 2017.

Glenorchy coach Aaron Cornelius found plenty of positives in the loss, especially after a disappointing showing against Clarence last week.

“I’m the happiest you can be after a loss. I was really impressed by how the boys played today- we took the game on. This was the best we have played across four quarters all year.”

North Launceston dominated the clearances throughout the match, with the performance of ruckman Alex Lee a standout to his teammate and coach, Tom Couch, who believes Lee should be the ruckman of the State side, which faces the NEAFL representative side in June.

Couch was instrumental in his side’s victory himself, providing plenty of drive and class through the middle of the ground.

Bart McCulloch kicked five majors in a dominant display and was wonderfully assisted by the lively Jack Avent, who kicked three, including the sealer, while wingman Jay Lockhart and defenders Connor Young and Jake Pearce also impressed.

Tom Morgan and James Farrow, who played a half in the Mercury Cup match earlier in the day, were mightily impressive in their Glenorchy debuts, while James Webb, Connor Salter and Josh Arnold in his 150th match had good games.

Harrison Pearce kicked three goals and Harrison Gunther provided plenty of contests in impressive returns to the side.

Couch was pleased with the Bombers’ four-quarter performance, but stopped short of declaring his side as the team to beat.

“(Glenorchy) are the best side we have played so far this year- we learned more today than across our first five games. We will probably have to wait until we have played everyone. By late June we should have a better feel for where we are.”

Cornelius was bullish about where his side is going, especially with the likes of Sam Hall, Matthew Joseph, Tyler Bowden, Tim Butterworth, and the two late omissions from the match, Zac Webster and Matthew Dilger, all sitting on the sidelines.

“We know where we are at. We took it up to the best side in the state and we look forward to playing them again.”

Glenorchy will be desperate to get back on the winners list against the southern Bombers of Lauderdale next Saturday at home, while North Launceston will play host to the Tigers.


Round 7 – 13/05/2017

North Launceston                        4.5,  7.9,  10.10,  13.13  (91)

Glenorchy                               2.0,  4.5,  9.5,  11.7  (73)

GOALS, North Launceston :
B. McCulloch 5, J. Avent 3, Z. Burt 2, T. Thomas 1, M. Walsh 1, T. Bennett 1

Glenorchy :
H. Pearce 3, J. Bowden 2, L. Smith 2, J. Webb 1, R. Mott 1, J. Arnold 1,
H. Gunther 1

BEST, North Launceston :
T. Couch, J. Avent, B. McCulloch, A. Lee, J. Pearce, J. Ponting

Glenorchy :
T. Morgan, C. Salter, B. Webb, H. Gunther, H. Pearce, J. Arnold




Your Round 7 Preview with Alex FitzGerald

Saturday 13th May

Devonport vs Lauderdale (Devonport Oval) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met: Lauderdale 14.23.107 def Devonport 7.4.46 (Elimination Final, 2016, at Blundstone Arena)

Devonport are coming off a 53 point loss to Hobart City Demons, but showed a lift in effort and creating pressure compared to recent weeks.  Lauderdale head into this week fresh off their second straight win, putting the Tigers away at Twin Ovals by 32 points after controlling the contest all night.  Last time they met, Lauderdale sent the Magpies packing from the finals in a strong team effort.

Devonport are just six games into Mitch Thorp’s 60 Game Plan and small improvements are starting to show.  Assistant coach Simon Dent was pleased with the young side’s lift in intensity last week, and with a long season ahead, the Magpies will focus on getting games into young players and learning from the more experienced sides.  The hard-working Dylan Riley and Mitch Thorp were shining lights last week, with Thorp finishing with three goals and Riley two majors from midfield.  Youngsters Mitchell Perry and Sherrin Egger again impressed, with the teenagers’ attack on the football, impressive.  Quade Byard and Brayden Butler also continued their consistent early season form with good all-round performances.

Lauderdale have played consistent football for over a month now, and are starting to be rewarded for hard work, with their second win in a row over the Tigers coming in convincing fashion.  Dylan Fyfe and Nat Franklin again dominated the midfield with over 30 disposals apiece, with Fyfe laying eight tackles and Franklin winning a game-high eight clearances.  Rhys Sutton, Max Kleverkamp and Mitch Anderton mopped up across half back, while a new look forward combination of Ray Hill, Dylan Johns and Blake Newell combined for seven goals.  The Bombers will welcome back captain Bryce Walsh, who missed last week through a thigh injury, and key forward Ryan Wiggins, who got some run into the legs dominating their Mercury Cup game last week in a midfield role. Wiggins will play game 100 when he runs out on Saturday and the Bombers will be hoping to mark it in style as they eye off fourth spot.

While the match up may have looked juicy for Devonport at the start of the season, Lauderdale head into this week in enviable form, and the additions of Walsh and Wiggins will only strengthen the Bombers further.  With 54 scoring shots from their last two matches, expect the visitors to down the Magpies to extend their winning run to three and level the ledger at 3-3 but not without some physicality, accountability and fight from the coastal side.

Clarence vs Hobart City Demons (Blundstone Arena) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met: Clarence 16.15.111 def Hobart City Demons 11.10.76 (Round 11, 2016, at North Hobart Oval)

Clarence announced themselves as a genuine contender last week with a fantastic comeback win over the reigning premiers Glenorchy at KGV, highlighted by Trent Standen’s seven goal haul.  Hobart City Demons recorded their best win of the season, defeating Devonport at North Hobart Oval in a strong four quarter performance.  Last time they played, Clarence ran out winners after an 11 goal first half blew the Hobart City Demons away.

In a physical clash last week at KGV, Clarence booted seven unanswered goals in the final term to defeat Glenorchy by 36 points in what was a fiery clash, full of spite.  Trent Standen showed he is still one of the competition’s most dangerous small forwards, finishing off seven majors, while at the other end Jason Bailey held the dangerous Jaye Bowden to just two goals.  He was well supported down back by Tim Castle, Keegan Wylie and James Holmes, all who were on the receiving end of some physical attention from their Magpie counterparts.  Playing coach Jeromey Webberley was tremendous through the midfield, along with workhorse Gabby Chambers and big man Wade Wall.  The Roos will head into this week’s match without the suspended and injured Jake Cox, who is expected to miss up but are expected to welcome back midfielders Jackson O’Brien, Tyson Hanslow and electric young forward Zac Buechner who has been in dynamite form for the Mariners.

Hobart City Demons put together four strong quarters of the football we had previously seen glimpses of, to dispose of a resilient Devonport at North Hobart Oval last week.  Midfielder Ryan Matthews gathered 40 touches and booted two goals in a best-afield display, with ball-winners Jayden Charlton and Eddie Cole also impressing.  Blake Grant and Jesse Maple provided targets up forward, kicking two goals apiece, while captain Hugh Williams held down the defensive line in his second game back from injury, freeing up playing coach Kane Richter to run forward.

Both sides head into this clash coming off the best matches of their respective seasons so far.  While Clarence have proven themselves to look like a top three side without question, Hobart City Demons should head into this match with the belief that they are able to match top sides early on in games.  If they are able to maintain the effort and pressure on the ball carriers we have seen in patches this year, they could find themselves in the contest at half time.  From there onwards, the key will be stifling Clarence’s quick ball movement from one end of the ground to the other.


Glenorchy vs North Launceston (KGV Oval) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met: Glenorchy 9.6.60 def North Launceston 5.10.40 (Grand Final, 2016, at UTAS Stadium)

It is Grand Final Rematch time! This one is set to be an absolute blockbuster, with North Launceston in outstanding form and Glenorchy looking to quickly bounce back from their first loss at KGV in 20 outings.

Glenorchy had the edge over rivals Clarence for three quarters last week, before a scoreless last term saw them overrun by the Roos for their first loss of season 2017.  North Launceston started slowly against Burnie on the weekend past, before putting on the jets to record their first triple figure win of the year.  Last time these sides met, Glenorchy booted five goals in the third term to grind out a win to become premiers in 2016, with now-Apsley player Clinton French kicking four majors in a best afield display.

Glenorchy had blown away all sides it had faced up until last week, where an energetic Clarence ran hard to kick seven straight goals in the final term to hand the Magpies their first defeat of the season.  The Pies had played three games without many rest days, and looked to have run out of legs late in the contest, but still dominated the clearances, led by midfielder Mitch Rainbird.  Jordon Arnold and Brayden Webb tried hard all day in defence, with Anzac Medallist Joel Millhouse and the underrated Matthew Dilger also putting in strong efforts.  The Pies head into this week’s Grand Final rematch without suspended duo Tyler Bowden and Matthew Joesph. Half forward Zac Webster has got up for the game despite having back and hamstring issues trouble him and see him out of the majoirty of last week’s match. 2016 premiership defender Tim Butterworth returned home from Queensland during the week but has not been rushed into the seniors, instead lining up in the Mercury Cup.

North Launceston ran riot again last week, with captain Taylor Whitford and playing coach Tom Couch again dominant in the midfield, capping off their matches with three and two goals respectively.  Primary forward target and current RACT Player of the Year leader Zac Burt was well held, leaving Bart McCulloch to play his best game of the season, finishing with three majors.  Big man Alex Lee continued his strong form in the ruck, while Jay Foon and Jay Lockhart repelled any rare Burnie foray forward.  Brad Cox-Goodyer again dominated the middle to kick two goals, as did Connor Pearton, capping off another strong team performance by the premiership favourites.

The grand final replay has all the makings of one of the games of the home and away season.  North Launceston have the upper hand with a full list to choose from, including Tarryn Thomas, who is an injection of class to an already strong outfit. For Glenorchy it is two in and two out, they welcome back  their Hs, in Mariners duo Harry Pearce and Harrison Gunther, covering the loss of their suspended players and injecting some silk to the forward half. The key for the Magpies will be maintaining their run late in the match against the fittest side in the competition.  If Jaye Bowden can bounce back from a quiet week, and Cameron Duffy can give his midfield first use of the ball it will go a long way for the Maggies. North possess weapons across the park and have a much different team to the grand final, with Tom Couch’s inclusion making them a different beast. This game could go either way.


Tigers vs Launceston (Twin Ovals) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met: Launceston 14.10.94 def Tigers 14.8.92 (Round 17, 2016, at Windsor Park)

The Tigers started too slowly against Lauderdale last Saturday night, and while they clawed their way back with good second and third quarters, it was too little too late as a 32 point margin flattered them in the finish.  Launceston are fresh off the bye, and will be looking to recapture the form they showed in their first three matches of the year.  Last time they played, Launceston sunk the Tigers late in the match despite four Brandon Batchelor goals, with Jay Blackberry and young Jake Hinds impressive for the Blues.

The Tigers were disappointed with their effort last week, and rightly so.  They were unable to play the brand of fast-moving football they pride themselves on, and will be looking to bounce back and take the game on at every opportunity this week.  Mitchell Carter stood up in defence as he has all year, and young Lachy Watt battled hard, having now pieced together a series of impressive games.  Chris Nield was lively up forward with three goals, but unfortunately had inadequate support against Lauderdale.  With key forward Brandon Batchelor out with a foot injury, the onus will be on Mitchell Walker and returning Mariner Hugh Dixon to put some goals on the board.  Both are capable when firing, and will need to return to early season form on Saturday.  Mariners Lachie Clifford and Toby Cowen return to the fold with debutant Ben Donnelly out with a knee injury, as is fifteen year old Oliver Burrows-Cheng, whohas impressed with his attack.  The Tigers’ midfielders in Will Cleeland and Marcus Davies, and well as captain Tim Peterson, will need to lift against the bigger Blues’ bodies this week.

Launceston will be looking to return to the winners’ list this week, following a disappointing showing against Clarence in Round 5.  Hamish Leedham has been outstanding in the ruck, with his work benefitting midfielders Sam Lonergan and Jay Blackberry.  After quiet games against the Roos prior to the bye, Sonny Whiting and Rulla Kelly-Mansell will be keen to remind state selectors why they are regarded by many as one of the most dangerous forward line combination in the TSL.  Jake Hinds will return from Mariners’ duties to support Nunn and Vandervelde down back, while Jack Donnellan will return from suspension via Mercury Cup footy. The explosive Chayce Jones also comes back from Mariners and AFL Academy stints to add another weapon to an already strong midfield mix for the visitors.

The Tigers were filthy on their performance last week, and should hit the ground running in the first term at Twin Ovals.  Both sides have proven to play physical and fast-paced football, and the early advantage will go to the side able to move the ball quickly to score early goals, as the wind at Twin Ovals often blows hard in the late afternoon, which can affect shots on goal.  Launceston will head into the clash favourites, but the Tigers have shown they are capable of matching top sides for short periods of time.  If the home side can dictate the style of game on their terms, they definitely stand a chance at upsetting the more seasoned Blues.  Having said that, negating Sonny Whiting up forward is a must.




Round 7 – 13/05/2017

Devonport Oval – 2:00PM



B: K. Byard, P. Davis, M. Perry

HB: B. Hawkes, L. Williams, S. Egger

C: B.  Scott, D.  Riley, G.  Millucci

HF: B. Symmons, B. Butler, B. Sharman

F: H. Barker, M. Thorp, E. Stephenson

R: L. Creedon, Q. Byard, D. Schnoor

Int: C. Castles, T. Enniss, C. Burnett, L. Bissett

Emg: J. Clayden, J. Forster, B. Connelly, B. Chard

In: G. Millucci

Out: B. Connelly




B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, S. Hill

HB: M. Kleverkamp, E. Whish-Wilson, J. McGuinness

C: R.  Sutton, N.  Franklin, R.  McManus

HF: B. Walsh, L. Meagher, T. Boscott

F: T. Havea, R. Wiggins, J. Roberts

R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, D. Fyfe

Int: R. Hill, D. Johns, E. Stanley, A. Hevey

Emg: R. Hooker, B. Newell, J. Williams, C. Laoumtzis

In: B. Walsh, R. Wiggins, L. Meagher


Round 7 – 13/05/2017

Blundstone Arena – 2:00PM



B: J. Holmes, J. Bailey, Z. Mastrocola

HB: J. Webberley, K. Wylie, B. Jones

C: M.  Ling, J.  O’Brien, T.  Castle

HF: A. Grace, Z. Buechner, M. Blackburn

F: T. Standen, W. Wall, T. Hanslow

R: S. Siggins, I. Callinan, M. Fisher

Int: A. Gaul, G. Chambers, J. Harper, J. Brenner

Emg: L. Murfitt-Cowen, J. O’Brien, K. Palmer-Hughes, S. Bradford

In: J. O’Brien, Z. Buechner, T. Hanslow

Out: B. Dart,  J. Cox, S. Bradford

Hobart City Demons

B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, N. Hutchinson

HB: R. Cowie, H. Williams, B. Walker

C: T.  Millhouse, W.  Campbell, C.  Kilpatrick

HF: S. Willis, J. Maple, J. Williamson

F: B. Grant, K. Richter, E. Cole

R: C. White, R. Matthews, J. Charlton

Int: N. Baker, H. Johnstone, J. Barwick, M. Bidgood

Emg: M. O’Neill, S. Caswell, K. Wisniewski, C. Ransom

In: N. Baker, H. Johnstone, N. Hutchinson

Out: H. Thompson, K. Wisniewski, S. Caswell


Round 7 – 13/05/2017

KGV – 2:00PM


B: J. Arnold, M. Dilger, J. Arnold

HB: B. Quinn, H. Parker, B. Webb

C: Z.  Webster, R.  Mott, J.  Webb

HF: J. Millhouse, M. Hills, H. Pearce

F: C. Salter, J. Bowden, H. Gunther

R: C. Duffy, M. Rainbird, L. Smith

Int: J. Geard, D. Grant, B. Kamaric, S. Hall

Emg: W. Atkin, T. Morgan, C. Mcknight, J. Farrow

In: H. Pearce, H. Gunther

Out: M. Joseph,  T. Bowden

North Launceston

B: C. Young, J. Pearce, R. Mansell

HB: C. Pearton, T. Mansell, J. Foon

C: J.  Ponting, B.  Cox-Goodyer, J.  Lockhart

HF: T. Thomas, T. Bennett, L. Hollmer

F: T. Couch, B. McCulloch, Z. Burt

R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, T. Whitford

Int: A. Richter-Salter, K. Baker, J. Avent, J. White

Emg: T. Donnelly, K. Thomas, D. Clayton, C. Harrison

In: T. Mansell, T. Thomas, J. Avent, R. Mansell

Out: H. Goss, N. Jackson, K. Thomas, C. Harrison


Round 7 – 13/05/2017

Twin Ovals – 2:00PM


B: T. Cowen, M. Gardner, L. Clifford

HB: W. Cleeland, C. Johns, M. Davies

C: T.  Gogolin, L.  Gadomski, L.  Griggs

HF: M. Walker, C. Nield, L. Watt

F: B. Rees, J. Pearce, H. Dixon

R: T. Carter, J. Bilson, M. Carter

Int: S. Rice, C. Rawson, B. Livingston, T. Peterson

Emg: A. Webster, B. McCulloch, M. Booth, B. Graham

In: T. Cowen, L. Clifford, C. Rawson, H. Dixon, L. Gadomski

Out: B. Batchelor, A. Humphrey, J. Lister,  B. Donnelly, B. McCulloch


B: C. Brown, S. Vandervelde, A. Wright

HB: S. Williams, J. Nunn, R. Tyrrell

C: T.  Sheppard, J.  Smith, J.  Blackberry

HF: C. Sheppard, N. O’Donoghue, S. Lonergan

F: R. Kelly-Mansell, S. Whiting, C. Jones

R: H. Leedham, S. Rundle, J. Boyce

Int: J. Harris, B. Taylor, M. Hutchinson, J. Hinds

Emg: J. Gillow, C. Savage, B. Palfreyman, M. Spohn


Mercury Cup – Round 7


 Round 7 – 13/05/2017

Blundstone Arena – 11:30AM


To be selected from:
J. Mazengarb, J. Havea, C. Berry, K. Howlett, A. Silver, D. Howlett,
L. Murfitt-Cowen, K. Bailey, P. Howlett, J. O’Brien, T. Marshall, T. Birchall,
S. Williams, N. Douglas, J. Fisher, A. Jones, N. Raglione, J. Pulford,
C. Leek, T. Hope, F. Turner, K. Palmer-Hughes, A. Morton, S. Bradford,
B. McGuinness, B. Fewkes

In: A. Jones, D. Howlett, S. Bradford

Hobart City Demons
B: J. Denehey, W. Doyle, A. Bidgood
HB: Z. Doran, , C. Ransom
C: T.  Clark, M.  Bidgood, S.  Fros
HF: W. Peppin, T. Harling, H. Jubb
F: J. Barwick, B. Williams, P. Fisher
R: , M. O’Neill, J. McCulloch
Int: N. Lee, J. Cleaver, T. Reeves, J. Clements, C. Ingram, S. Caswell, M. Grace, K. Wisniewski, M. Paolini, J. Doran, S. Duigan, J. Guesdon, P. Kearney

In: S. Caswell, J. Doran, P. Kearney, J. Guesdon, N. Lee, K. Wisniewski,
S. Duigan

Out: H. Johnstone, P. Barrett


Round 7 – 13/05/2017

KGV – 11:30AM

To be selected from:
W. Atkin, I. Memory, N. Newman, A. Peach , J. Douglas, B. Rowbottom,
T. Butterworth, C. Goodsell, J. Bearman, A. Brennan, B. Patterson, T. Morgan,
T. Grant, D. Grant, D. Coppleman, H. Thomas, C. Mcknight, J. Davie,
S. Deverell, A. Roberts, B. Quinn, J. Farrow, J. Lincoln, J. Sharp,
J. Ling, J. Clark, L. Barwick, S. Berry, R. Oakley, R. Gunther
In: T. Butterworth, B. Rowbottom, J. Lincoln, J. Ling, L. Barwick, W. Atkin,
B. Quinn, D. Grant
North Launceston

To be selected from:
B. Denman, T. Donnelly, L. Cronley, H. Goss, M. Cossins, K. Thomas,
L. Matson-Jones, K. Baker, D. Clayton, J. Avent, C. Praciak, C. Haines,
A. Jefferies, C. Lowe, J. Singline, J. Harris, E. Perry, B. Holmes,
B. Simpson, K. Wadley, N. Jackson, C. Harrison, J. Rowlands, S. Hudson,
B. Maynard , M. Donnelly, J. Lanham, K. CurtisIn: J. Lanham, K. Thomas, K. Baker, J. Avent, C. Haines, S. Hudson,
T. Donnelly, H. Goss, N. Jackson, C. Harrison, K. Wadley, C. Praciak,
B. Simpson, A. Jefferies

Out: J. Russell, B. Wells, T. Foon, T. Radford, C. Anderson, W. Crooks,
J. Miller, J. Kerr


Round 7 – 13/05/2017

Twin Ovals – 11:30AM

To be selected from:
C. Sawdy, S. Webb, R. Blakers, M. Cooke, A. Webster, B. McCulloch,
R. Rinaldi, J. Cummins, J. Shaw, C. Woolley, A. Huizing, J. Huizing,
H. Crack, J. Wells, M. Booth, A. Humphrey, J. Keogh, T. Hughes,
L. Knowles, M. Brouwer, E. Brock, B. Gordon, H. Graham, B. Graham

In: B. McCulloch, J. Huizing, J. Wells, A. Humphrey
Out: E. Burrows-Cheng,  Z. Fleming 

B: T. Miller, Z. Oldenhof, B. Neil
HB: J. Donnellan, J. Aganas, M. Blazely
C: J.  Dakin, C.  Downie, J.  Gillow
HF: J. Boyd, M. Spohn, G. Holt
F: O. Cook, J. Rice, G. Holt
R: C. Curtis, T. Cooper, Z. Griffiths
Int: G. Ferguson, S. Bruinewoud, L. Walsh, J. Bott, E. Conway, A. Dickenson


It is a sea of red in this week’s Team of the Week! With red featuring in all of the winning teams of North Launceston, Clarence, Lauderdale and Hobart City Demons, who are all heavily represented in the all star team.

North Launceston were scary good against Burnie seeing them have six players picked, Lauderdale and Hobart City both have five players a piece with comfortable wins earning them their best representation to date.

Clarence’s big upset win over the premiers sees them with four in the team, while Devonport and Glenorchy have one a piece as the only players represented from the four vanquished sides.


James Holmes (Clarence)

Threw himself at everything and like Bailey was instrumental in nullifying Glenorchy’s attacking game in the first half to keep Clarence in the contest. Took contested grabs, laid tackles and used the ball well under pressure.

Jason Bailey (Clarence)

You would be hard-pressed to find a Tasmanian State League defender that is in better form than Jason Bailey at the moment, with this his fourth consecutive week in the team of the week. Tasked with the daunting task of manning Jaye Bowden, Bailey stood up to the challenge and handled it with aplomb. While restricting one of the competition’s best forwards to two goals, Bailey was also able to generate creativity and influence through his own game, with several of his first-half contested marks in the back-half instrumental in keeping Clarence in the contest.

Max Kleverkamp (Lauderdale)

A smart game in the last line of defence, curbing the influence of the tiger forwards and often being the first possession in a chain that led to Bomber goals. Not a high possession game, but his ball use was damaging, and laid 4 key tackles in the defensive 50.


Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)

A tremendous game off half back, Lockhart accumulated the ball with ease and rebounded well to ignite forays forward. Generated tremendous offensive drive from the back half with his supreme ball use.

Rhys Sutton (Lauderdale)

In his best game for the year, Sutton mopped up time and again across half back and on the wing to have 31 classy touches, also kicking a goal to cap off a good night.

Hugh Williams (Hobart City Demons)

Williams was essential in minimising Devonport’s scoring throughout the night. Was rarely beaten in the contest and provided immense pressure when the ball was brought inside forward 50.


Jeromey Webberley (Clarence)

You need leaders to step up in the big moments of big games and that is exactly what Webberley did against the Magpies on Saturday evening. The playing-coach was instrumental all night for Clarence, but he took his game to another level in his side’s rampant final term. Webberley seemed to be involved in everything late in the match with his clutch goal around the body and some inspirational tackling pressure vital reasons as to why his Roos were able to skip away to a monumental victory.

Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)

The Bombers skipper had leather poisoning. Injury hindered the start of his season but he was back to his explosive, creative, destructive best. Used the ball well and carried it with pace into dangerous areas. Also kicked three well taken goals, was the best man on the field.

Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

We’re seeing why the former Mariners captain is so highly rated by Lauderdale insiders this season. He had 33 touches, 4 tackles and 8 clearances, to be one of the most damaging players on the field. He had a dozen touches in the first and third quarters. Franklin ran hard to receive and dish out the ball all over the ground.


Tom Couch (North Launceston)

If Taylor Whitford was best on ground, then Tom Couch wasn’t far behind. Floating through midfield and up forward, Couch was a menace that the Dockers could not contain. Kicked another two goals and on a dry, still day could have had double that and some. When on ball showed classy run and carry and his game breaking ability.

Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)

Another unpredictable and electric performance rotating between the forward line and midfield, Boscott laid a number of big tackles and sent the ball inside attacking 50 a number of times.

Blake Grant (Hobart City Demons)

Grant was a strong contributor in the Demons forward line, ending with two goals and a number of score involvements. Grant was consistently involved in contests inside forward 50, and played a big role in Hobart City’s dominance in the forward half with elite pressure, having 17 pressure acts for the game.


Trent Standen (Clarence)

‘Speedy’ was unbelievable against the Magpies. No one had a bigger influence on the result of this blockbuster clash than the Clarence stalwart, with his seven goals, multiple goal assists and ability to provide defensive pressure making for a spectacular performance. Four final-term goals had the red and white fans in raptures as he guided his side to a memorable victory.

Bart McCulloch (North Launceston)

Was a formidable tall target for the Northern Bombers. Conditions saw wayward kicking for McCulloch but he presented well and Burnie did not have a match up for big Bart.

Connor Pearton (North Launceston)

Pearton was dynamite around the forward half kicking two goals and bringing others into the game with an energetic game, cutting the oppositon apart with some crisp foot use.


Charlie White (Hobart City Demons)

Was a force in the middle of the ground, rarely beaten when he was in the ruck with 39 hitouts. He also provided an extra option inside 50 when required to do so, playing a large part in City’s large score, accumulating 19 touches and having 6 inside 50s.

Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons)

Matthews had the ball on a string for Hobart City. With two goals, 40 touches and 14 clearances. Matthews was absolutely dominant both through the middle of the ground and up forward. Had a number of score involvements with 6 inside 50s and 2.3 in a best on ground performance.

Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)

Another huge game, undoubtedly one of the form players of the competition. Fyfe went up another level in the absence of Walsh to collect 35 touches and lay 8 tackles in an in and under performance in the midfield. He is now second in the player of the year award after 3 big games in a row with over 30 disposals.


Alex Lee (North Launceston)

Lee dominated ruck giving the Bombers midfield brigade first look, palming it down to perfection, making it very very difficult for Burnie to get a sniff.

Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)

Brayden Webb was fantastic all afternoon for Glenorchy in their disappointing loss to Clarence. Webb used the ball efficiently to generate plenty of drive out of the back half while also impressing with his defensive pressure.

Jayden Charlton (Hobart City Demons)

Jayden Charlton continued his good form from the start of the year. Was a presence all over the ground, racking up 30 possessions and playing a pivotal role in moving the ball for the Demons. The workhorse midfielder had 10 clearances and 7 tackles to go with 2.1, in a good night out.

Dylan Riley (Devonport)

One of Devonport’s co-captains, Riley played multiple roles in a really sound individual game. He proved a strong lead up forward, kicking multiple goals. Riley mainly moved through the middle of the ground and found plenty of it and was able to put an influence on the game to provide a spark in a losing effort.


Unlucky omissions

Mitch Thorp kicked a bag of three goals and was a great target for Devonport in a loss, made the most of very limited supply.

Glenorchy back Jordon Arnold did some nice things but was on Speedy Standen and saw a last quarter stampede go against him so can’t crack the team.

Tom Bennett and Josh Ponting were among the unlucky Northern Bombers not to sneak into the side despite brilliant games. Bennett in particular was effective front of centre.

Rudy Barrett and Blair Rubock were some of Burnie’s best, in their fleeting moments in the forward half.

Robbie McManus, Jordon Roberts, and Ray Hill were all a bit unlucky not to get the nod. McManus continuing his strong form off a wing, Roberts was lively and performed against his old mob, while Hill kicked three.

Lachie Watt continued his strong work in the guts for the Tigers and Chris Nield proved a focal point, kicking 3.



Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 6

Tasmanian State League

1. Jake Cox (Clarence) referred for striking Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy).

MRP assessed incident as: Intentional, low impact to the body.

Sanction: Base sanction of TWO matches reduced to ONE match with an early guilty plea. Clarence Football Club have ACCEPTED offer.

2. Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy) referred for striking Jake Cox (Clarence).

MRP assessed incident as: Intentional, low impact to the body.

Sanction: Base sanction of TWO matches reduced to ONE match with an early guilty plea. Glenorchy District Football Club have ACCEPTED offer.

3. Tyler Bowden (Glenorchy) referred for rough conduct against Zac Mastrocola (Clarence).

MRP assessed incident as: Action does not warrant a report.

Sanction: No further action.

4. Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy) referred for rough conduct against Keegan Wylie (Clarence).

MRP assessed incident as: Action does not warrant a report.

Sanction: No further action.

5. Mitch Hills (Glenorchy) reported for rough conduct against Jason Bailey (Clarence).

MRP assessed incident as: Incidental contact as part of the contest.

Sanction: No further action.

6. Tyler Bowden (Glenorchy) reported for rough conduct against Zac Mastrocola (Clarence).

MRP assessed incident as: A dangerous tackle and in considering the potential to cause injury, assessed as medium impact to the body and intentional.

Sanction: Base sanction of TWO matches increased to THREE due to poor record but can be reduced to TWO matches, with an early guilty plea.

Glenorchy District Football Club have ACCEPTED offer.

7. Alex Gaul (Clarence) referred for instigating a melee

MRP assessed incident as: Low level offence.

Sanction: Low level reprimand

8. John Geard (Glenorchy) referred for instigating a melee

MRP assessed incident as: Low level offence.

Sanction: Low level reprimand