Round 14 – 08/07/2017

1:00PM – KGV


B: J. Arnold, D. Coppleman, J. Arnold
HB: R. Mott, J. Watts, T. Butterworth
C: B.  Quinn, B.  Webb, M.  Dilger
HF: M. Hills, J. Bowden, Z. Webster
F: T. Bowden, B. Reynolds, H. Gunther
R: C. Duffy, J. Geard, B. Kamaric
Int: J. Webb, M. Joseph, L. Smith, H. Pearce
Emg: R. Banks-Smith, A. Brennan, J. Millhouse, D. Grant

In: D. Coppleman, Z. Webster, H. Gunther, B. Reynolds

Out: T. Morgan,  C. Salter,  M. Rainbird, A. Brennan


Burnie Dockers
B: T. Charles, D. Brazendale, B. Keiselis
HB: E. Jackson, N. McKenna, J. O’Donnell
C: E.  Smith, J.  Dowling, B.  Boag
HF: D. Crane, R. Barrett, S. Kalbfell
F: H. Walters, T. Mundy, B. Murray
R: T. Morrison, N. Walters, J. House
Int: F. Poke, B. Rubock, B. Rubock, J. Cox
Emg: C. Proctor, J. Doust, J. Murray, A. Bates

In: T. Mundy, E. Jackson, B. Rubock, B. Boag, S. Kalbfell, J. House

Out: B. Challis, M. Chatwin, W. Purton, C. Proctor, J. Murray, A. Bates


Round 14 – 08/07/2017



B: J. Holmes, K. Wylie, T. Castle
HB: M. Ling, Z. Mastrocola, M. Fisher
C: Z.  Buechner, B.  Jones, J.  Roberts
HF: T. Hanslow, M. Blackburn, G. Chambers
F: T. Standen, L. Murfitt-Cowen, I. Callinan
R: S. Siggins, K. Palmer-Hughes, J. O’Brien
Int: W. Wall, A. Grace, J. Harper, J. Brenner
Emg: K. Howlett, A. Silver, B. Dart, A. Gaul

In: M. Ling, T. Standen

Out: K. Howlett, B. Dart


B: C. Brown, S. Vandervelde, J. Donnellan
HB: S. Williams, J. Aganas, T. Sheppard
C: J.  Blackberry, J.  Gillow, R.  Tyrrell
HF: R. Kelly-Mansell, J. Nunn, J. Smith
F: J. Boyce, N. O’Donoghue, S. Whiting
R: H. Leedham, B. Palfreyman, S. Rundle
Int: C. Savage, C. Sheppard, B. Taylor, C. Smith
Emg: C. Downie, G. Holt, M. Hutchinson, E. Conway

In: N. O’Donoghue, C. Sheppard

Out: S. Lonergan, M. Hutchinson


Round 14 – 08/07/2017



Hobart City Demons

B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, M. Bidgood
HB: H. Williams, K. Richter, N. Hutchinson
C: B.  Grant, J.  Charlton, B.  Norton
HF: S. Caswell, C. Dell, C. Kilpatrick
F: S. Willis, J. Maple, J. Williamson
R: C. White, N. Baker, R. Matthews
Int: H. Johnstone, T. Millhouse, J. Barwick, E. Cole
Emg: K. Wisniewski, J. Doran, J. McCulloch, B. Walker

In: N. Baker

Out: K. Wisniewski


B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, R. Hill
HB: M. McGuinness, B. McGuinness, J. McGuinness
C: R.  Sutton, P.  Bellchambers, R.  McManus
HF: M. Kleverkamp, E. Whish-Wilson, D. Fyfe
F: T. Havea, R. Wiggins, T. Boscott
R: H. Smith, B. Walsh, N. Franklin
Int: C. Hooker, E. Stanley, A. Hevey, C. Laoumtzis
Emg: S. Adams, D. Johns, J. Williams, L. Meagher

In: M. McGuinness, C. Hooker, M. Anderton

Out: J. Roberts, S. Hill, C. Brown


Round 14 – 09/07/2017



North Launceston
B: K. Baker, J. White, J. Pearce
HB: T. Mansell, A. Richter-Salter, J. Foon
C: J.  Avent, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Hollmer
HF: T. Donnelly, T. Bennett, K. Wadley
F: T. Couch, Z. Burt, B. McCulloch
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, J. Ponting
Int: H. Goss, J. Singline, D. Headland, C. Harrison
Emg: C. Lowe, J. Harris, M. Donnelly, B. Denman

In: T. Donnelly, J. Pearce, J. Singline

Out: J. Lockhart, T. Whitford, J. White

B: K. Byard, L. Williams, M. Perry
HB: S. Egger, B. Butler, L. Bissett
C: B.  Hawkes, D.  Riley, H.  Barker
HF: B. Sharman, B. Connelly, G. Millucci
F: C. Castles, M. Thorp, B. Scott
R: P. Davis, B. Symmons, Q. Byard
Int: T. Enniss, C. Burnett, T. Donald, E. Stephenson
Emg: J. Clayden, J. Whelan, T. Highet, B. Chard

In: S. Egger

Out: T. Highet


This week’s Team of the Week has many fresh faces, with plenty bursting onto the scene with eye catching performances.

Clarence are top of the pops with 5 picked, while Lauderdale and Glenorchy are next cabs off the rank with 4 apiece.


Michael Bidgood (Hobart City Demons)

Bidgood provided dash off half back and off a wing and hit the scoreboard and was heavily involved in some of the Demons best patches.

Nick McKenna (Burnie)

As has been the case frequently this season, McKenna spent a bit of time everywhere and was effective in each position. He was strong in defence with his spoiling a real feature.

Zac Mastrocola (Clarence)

Mastrocola is a key mover out of defence for the Roos, a big body that takes the game on. Was strong defensively and was rarely beaten but also kickstarted offensive drive.



James Webb (Glenorchy)

A class act, Webb repeatedly linked play out of defence for the Magpies, and stood up when the contest was close.  Backed himself to push forward to kick a crucial steadying goal just before half time to see Glenorchy hold the lead.  An integral part of the half backline at Glenorchy who plays his role week in, week out.

Ryan Wiggins (Lauderdale)

Was swung back and was terrific. Went for his marks and chopped off some bright Launceston movement, also provided an attacking arm with his drive from D 50.

Oliver Burrows-Cheng (Tigers)

Back in the side after underage state representative and school duties, the developing Tiger was given a lockdown job on the talented Harrison Pearce early and quelled his influence.  As the game progressed, Burrows-Cheng’s influence grew, and he ran hard through the middle of the ground to drive the ball forward a number of times.  He also laid some big tackles that resulted in free kicks, and wasn’t afraid to put his body on the line when it was his turn to go.  The Tiger, who has just turned 16, has a big future.


Kyle Palmer-Hughes (Clarence)

The hyphen has been one of the key movers on the rise for Clarence and a big reason they have made major strides in 2017. Backed up an impressive Stay ChatTY cup with another outstanding outing, is finding his feet and having a say.

Eddie Cole (Hobart City Demons)

Cole was the best midfielder in the game at West Park with an industrious game inside. Went about his work well, finding the footy, applying pressure and feeding team mates.

James Dowling (Burnie Dockers)

Dowling is one of the young Dockers on the rise and was the most impactful midfielder for Burnie in a tough slog at West Park. Has real ability and brought it to the fore to keep Burnie in the arm-wrestle.



Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)

Boscott showed why the Bombers missed him dearly against Clarence, as the firestarter for Lauderdale in an important victory. Boscott was brilliant, flicking the switch in the second term with two goals and plenty of assists on his way to a match winning performance.

Josh Watts (Glenorchy)

The former Brisbane-listed player was electric up forward, and if it wasn’t for his selflessness in setting up team mates, he could have easily finished with half a dozen goals.  Broke the deadlock in the first term with a big contested grab and follow up goal.  Watts is hitting his straps after a late start to the season, and his three goals and ability to contest in the air up forward gave the Tigers trouble all afternoon.

Tim Butterworth (Glenorchy)

The 2016 premiership defender returned to the club  from interstate when the season was already underway, but has worked hard to regain his spot and is now showing why the Pies rate him so highly.  Butterworth worked well with Watts to give the Tigers’ defenders a working over, finishing with two goals and working well up the ground to provide a hit up option for his midfielders.



Michael Blackburn (Clarence)

‘Sticksy’ Blackburn had an average start to the game, to be kept goalless to half time. However, the forward exploded in the second half, taking multiple strong marks, and ending the game with a bag of five goals.

Alex Hill (Lauderdale)

In a move that proved to be a coaching masterstroke, Alex Hill was swung forward as a key target. Hill imposed himself on the game as one of the most dangerous forwards with his amazing hands a major feature on his way to four well finished goals.

Daniel Archer (Tigers)

The former St. Kilda and Clarence forward was a surprise inclusion for the Tigers, having signed for the club at the eleventh hour, and his name was on everyone’s lips after dominating early.  Archer took five marks and had seven kicks for a goal in the first term alone at centre half forward, and while he dropped off as the match wore on, fought hard at ground level and managed a second goal late in the match.  His influence in keeping the Tigers in the contest could not be underestimated, and he was undoubtedly best on ground at half time.


Sam Siggins (Clarence)

Was absolutely dominant in the ruck throughout the match, providing great opportunities for his midfield. Was rarely beaten around the ground, and was also able to move to the forward line and provide a marking target, and to bring the ball to ground.

Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)
Well what can you say about Jaye. When he is not terrising opposition defences he is able to find a heap of the footy and use it well. Was prolific and damaging with over 30 touches and a game swinging influence.

Brady Jones (Clarence)

The Clarence captain had a stunning day for the Roos. Jones was a force through the midfield throughout the entire game, particularly in early stages when both midfields  were scrapping to control the game. Was able to move to provide an option in the forward line in the second half, kicking two goals and setting up another for Blackburn.


Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)

Brodie Palfreyman is an out and out gun. Was comfortably Launceston’s best with a gutsy display in midfield. Fed others well and fought hard with 29 touches.

Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)

The Pocket Rocket’s cleanliness and sharp hands were on fire in fast Lauderdale ball movement. He rarely wastes the ball and is hard in the contest.

Baxter Norton (Hobart City Demons)

Two bench spots in as many weeks for young gun, Baxter Norton. Is a quality player with fine skills and good game awareness. One to watch.

Sam Rundle (Launceston)

Operated off half back and through the middle at times and made good decisions with ball in hand.


Unlucky Omissions…

Young Ben Keiselis was outstanding for Burnie and has been one of the good young performers across the season. He is desperately unlucky not to squeeze in after a fantastic game in defence for the Dockers.

Max Kleverkamp and Phil Bellchambers were both terrific, Kleverkamp in particular is unlucky after not having a goal kicked on him before leaving the ground with an injury from a bit of friendly fire. Ben McGuinness’ second half was sensational, showing really nice signs for future weeks.

Matthew Dilger – the Glenorchy half back worked tirelessly to run the ball out of defence, especially in the first half when the Magpies were under siege.

Mitch Rainbird – The hard-nosed midfielder had plenty of the ball, and wasn’t afraid to get in and under to feed it out to team mates in the clear.  Kicked two goals in the final term, but was reported for striking late also.

Michael Booth – The Tiger defender completely shut down Tyler Bowden, with his work rate and preparedness to put his body on the line in contests admirable, earning the praise of coach Aaron Vince.

Tim Peterson – The big man played a defensive role and must have spoiled the Magpie forward close to a dozen times with timely fists and smart body positioning.  Took it upon himself to leave his man to have an influence on contests, and the margin at full time would arguably have been close to double the 25 points it was without his efforts.

Aiden Grace – Coming into the game carrying an ankle complaint, Grace put in a very strong performance. He ended with three goals two before aggravating his ankle again in the third quarter. Didn’t finish the game after an off the ball incident in the third quarter.

Luke Murfitt-Cowen – Murfitt-Cowen opened the day for Clarence with their first goal. Provided an option up forward in the contested first quarter, and was also an option throughout the second half as Clarence gave its 13 goal second half performance.

Ben Hawkes – Hawkes was a strong performer in a bad day for Devonport. He provided important run out of defence in the first half when the game was still hotly contested, and played a key role in minimising Clarence’s scoring opportunities. Was also able to move forward and boot two of the Magpies five goals for the day.

Lauderdale to appeal Roberts charge

Southern Cross Tasmanian State League

Round 13

Lauderdale Football Club have lodged an appeal of the sanction handed down by the Independent Tribunal, for Jordon Roberts’ rough conduct charge.

The appeal hearing will take place next Monday night (10/07/2017). As Lauderdale pleaded guilty there was flexibility on when the hearing could take place. Jordon Roberts won’t be allowed to play in Round 14 as Lauderdale plead guilty and the appeal hearing will be focused on the determined penalty.


Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale) pleaded guilty to the charge of rough conduct on Stewart Williams (Launceston)

Based on the evidence presented the TSL Independent Tribunal graded the incident as an intentional act, with high contact and high impact.

In determining an appropriate sanction the Tribunal took into account the requirements of the national tribunal guidelines which requires: ‘strong consideration to be given where there is potential to cause injury’.

The Tribunal concluded Roberts’ action failed to provide a reasonable level of duty of care and gave consideration to the potential to cause serious injury.



Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 13

Tasmanian State League

1. Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy) referred for striking Lachlan Clifford (Tigers)

Based on the evidence presented to the TSL Independent TribunaL, the panel determined there was insufficient evidence to sustain a charge.


2. Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale) pleaded guilty to the charge of rough conduct on Stewart Williams (Launceston)

Based on the evidence presented the TSL Independent Tribunal graded the incident as an intentional act, with high contact and high impact.

In determining an appropriate sanction the Tribunal took into account the requirements of the national tribunal guidelines which requires: ‘strong consideration to be given where there is potential to cause injury’.

The Tribunal concluded Roberts’ action failed to provide a reasonable level of duty of care and gave consideration to the potential to cause serious injury.



3. Scott Hill (Lauderdale) pleaded guilty to the charge of rough conduct on Sam Lonergan (Launceston)

Based on the evidence presented the TSL Independent Tribunal assessed the incident as careless, and concluded player Hill failed to provide a reasonable level of duty of care in his actions.





Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 13

Tasmanian State League

1. Logan Bissett (Devonport) referred for making high contact on Aiden Grace (Clarence)

The Match Review Panel found that the action did not constitute a reportable offence and no further action was required.



2. Hamish Leedham (Launceston) referred for striking Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel found that the action did not constitute a reportable offence and no further action was required.



3. Stewart Williams (Launceston) referred for a high bump on Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel found that the free kick paid was the correct decision and no further action was required.



4. Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale) reported for rough conduct on Stewart Williams (Launceston)

The Match Review Panel graded the incident as an intentional act with high contact and high impact.

Strong consideration was given to the impact of the conduct, with the panel deeming the potential to cause injury great enough to be rated high impact. 

This case has been referred directly to the tribunal and will be heard on Tuesday night.


5. Scott Hill (Lauderdale) was reported for rough conduct on Sam Lonergan (Launceston)

The Match Review Panel graded the incident as careless, with high contact made to Lonergan’s head.

Hill has been offered a base sanction of three matches, with a reduction to two matches with an early guilty plea.

Hill has until 9am on Tuesday morning to accept the offer.


6. Tigers & Glenorchy players were referred for engaging in a melee.

The Match Review Panel found that no further action was required.



7. Mitch Rainbird (Glenorchy) reported for striking Tyler Carter (Tigers)

The Match Review Panel found that the strike was intentional, with low impact to the head. Rainbird has been offered a base sanction of two matches, with a reduction to one match with an early guilty plea.

Rainbird has accepted a one match suspension.



8. Connor Salter (Glenorchy) referred for striking Mitchell Walker (Tigers)

The Match Review Panel found that the strike was intentional, with low impact to the head.

Salter has been offered a base sanction of two matches, with a reduction to one match with an early guilty plea.

Salter has accepted a one match suspension.

9. Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy) referred for striking Lachlan Clifford (Tigers)

The Tigers Football Club have referred an incident involving a strike on Clifford (Tigers) by Joseph (Glenorchy).

The case will be heard by the independent tribunal on Tuesday night.


9. Michael O’Donnell (Burnie) was reported for striking Brady Williams (Hobart City Demons)

The Match Review Panel found that the strike was intentional, with low impact to the head. O’Donnell has been offered a base sanction of two matches, with a reduction to one match with an early guilty plea.

O’Donnell has accepted a one match suspension.


Magpies outshine Tigers

Written by Alex FitzGerald

A dominant third term from Glenorchy has seen them overcome a resilient Tigers outfit in sunny conditions to the tune of 25 points on Saturday afternoon at Twin Ovals.

After a fast start, the 2016 Tasmanian State League Premiers went into the main break a mere two points ahead, but a commanding third quarter in which they booted five goals enabled them to break free of the Tigers to hold on for a 14.14 (97) to 10.12 (72) win.

One of the major talking points out of the game was the Tigers’ late recruitment of former St Kilda player Daniel Archer.

The first 10 minutes of the match was goalless, with strong defence from both sides on display, a high number of intercept possessions cut off most forays forward.  Former Brisbane Lions listed player Josh Watts finally broke the drought, taking a big contested grab and converting the subsequent set shot to put Glenorchy on the board.  The Tigers received plenty of drive forward from towering recruit Daniel Archer, who took five marks in the first term alone, and he responded with a major soon after.  From then on it was all the Pies’ way, as they finished the term on an accurate 4.2 (26) to the Tigers’ wasteful 1.5 (11), with the crafty Matt Joseph snaring two goals.

The Tigers came out blazing in the second quarter, with a fast goal to Mitch Walker.  The Magpies returned fire soon afterwards through Tim Butterworth, but a big tackle from Jack Pearce saw him slot a crucial goal for the home side, and when the hard running 16 year old Oliver Burrows-Cheng set up Walker for his second major, the game was evenly poised.  A late steadying goal from James Webb saw the Magpies hold a slim 6.4 (40) to 5.8 (38) lead at the main break.

The third term opened with the familiar sight of spearhead Jaye Bowden slotting a clinical set shot goal from the boundary for Glenorchy.  Second majors respectively to Butterworth and Watts soon followed as the Magpies peppered the goals, and while Walker gave the Tigers some hope late in the term with a banana goal from a tight angle, the visitors slammed on two more six pointers inside the final minute to head into the three quarter time huddle ahead 11.10 (76) to 7.9 (51).

The final quarter saw some of the strangely absent physicality both sides are known for present itself, as the struggle for the football reached its peak.  Mitch Rainbird was in everything, with the tough Glenorchy onballer booting an early goal but also finding himself in the umpire’s book for striking Tyler Carter, an incident which gifted the Tigers a major of their own.  The ever-classy Liam Smith looked to have sealed the game for the Magpies when he sidestepped his opponent to slot the goal of the day from long range, but two hurried majors from the hosts gave the Kingborough supporters a faint hope.  Enter Rainbird, who ran hard up the grandstand wing to kick his second of the stanza as Glenorchy maintained their three quarter time lead of 25 points at the final siren.

Glenorchy coach Aaron Cornelius praised the Tigers for pushing his side, particularly in the opening half, but was happy with how the Magpies responded after the main break.

“To their credit, (the Tigers) really got the ball moving forward and they beat us in the inside 50’s and took some good marks; they were pretty innacurate, which kept us in the game.

“In the first half they brought the heat; they were a different outfit to last week, and credit to them.

“I thought we played really well in the third quarter, and managed to give ourselves an opportunity to win the game, with our ability to get the ball out of the stoppages.”

The Magpies were well served by forward target Josh Watts and the roaming Matt Joseph, who finished with three goals apiece, while Mitch Rainbird and Tim Butterworth kicked two majors.  Defenders Matthew Dilger and Rhys Mott were influential, linking up well with midfield trio Jaye Bowden, James Webb and Ben Kamaric.

Cornelius singled out the performance of usual forward Bowden, who played on the ball.

“We had a bit of variety (in the forward line) which let Jaye get up the ground; he had over 30 disposal and played a very well-rounded game.”

Tigers coach Aaron Vince was happy with how his side, particularly the defenders, bounced back after saying that he had felt let down by the playing group following last week’s big loss to the Hobart City Demons.

“I thought our response (compared) to the effort that we put in last week was tremendous; our backline worked really well, and we had over 40 handball receives back there so that was pleasing.”

With seven changes made to the side that took to the field in Round 12, Vince made his message clear on selection policy for the rest of the season.

“We’ll hopefully get players back (from representative and school duties) and we’ll continue to play players based on form.”

Daniel Archer had a huge influence with his presence across half forward, particularly in the first half, and will play for the Tigers for the rest of the 2017 season.  Michael Booth and Tyler Carter shut down dangerous forwards Tyler Bowden and Mitch Hills to earn the praise of Vince, but he was most impressed with captain Tim Peterson in a defensive role.

Teenage wingers Oliver Burrows-Cheng and Connor Bryant also stood out with their fearless attack on the ball, with both laying big tackles and driving the ball forward against the run of play.

The Tigers have the bye next week before facing Lauderdale, Launceston and North Launceston in what will be a tough July.  Glenorchy will host the hapless Burnie Dockers as they look to cement a finals position, and Cornelius is preparing his charges for a strong run home.

“We want to get ourselves into a routine (of consistent football) with not too many changes, and set ourselves up for the back half of the year.”


Round 13 – 01/07/2017

Glenorchy                               4.2,  6.4,  11.10,  14.13  (97)

Tigers                                  1.5,  5.8,  7.9,  10.12  (72)

GOALS, Glenorchy :
J. Watts 3, M. Joseph 3, M. Rainbird 2, T. Butterworth 2, J. Webb 1, J. Bowden 1,
L. Smith 1, C. Duffy 1

Tigers :
M. Walker 3, D. Archer 2, M. Carter 1, T. Carter 1, S. Rice 1, J. Pearce 1,
B. Livingston 1

BEST, Glenorchy :
J. Bowden, B. Kamaric, T. Butterworth, R. Mott, M. Dilger, J. Webb

Tigers :
T. Peterson, M. Booth, D. Archer, T. Carter, O. Burrows-Cheng, C. Bryant

Dees do enough

Hobart City Demons did enough on the road to claim a 22 point win in a scrappy contest, at West Park.

It wasn’t the prettiest of victories for the Demons but it was an important one to stay in touch with the top five and keep their finals dream alive.

The Dockers got the opener through coach Clint Proctor and the last of the quarter through Tom Charles but in between the opening stanza was largely dictated by the Demons. Both teams played high risk footy which lead to plenty of turnovers, with Burnie in particular being punished for poor exit kicks from defence. A wasteful Demons should have been further than 12 points in front after withstanding some early territorial dominance by Burnie and then delivering some of their own, with Edward Cole, Michael Bidgood and Callan Dell kicking their majors in the first term.

The second quarter was a holding pattern with an arm wrestle ensuing and the innacurate Demons extending their advantage by one straight kick, to see Hobart City 5.8 (38) lead Burnie 3.2 (20). For the young hosts, Nick McKenna and Benjamin Keiselis in defence were two of their better players in the first half, while Darcy Crane kicked their only major of the term.

The Dockers made the running in the third but were unable to trim the margin, controlling the play for the last 10 minutes of the term with goals to Harry Walters and Rudy Barrett getting them back into the game. The Demons looked like they would run away with it after quick goals to Hugh Williams and Jayden Charlton pushed their lead to 30 points, but failed to have any further impact on the scoreboard after that with the Dockers fighting back.
Burnie again impressed everywhere but the scoreboard in the final term as Hobart City walked away with a 22 point win, getting on top early to be never headed. A Nick Walters goal after seven minutes gave the home side hope, but that was the only major they could muster for the final term. Sean Willis kicked Hobart City’s first goal since the early stages of the third term just before the final in a contest where the Demons’ first quarter proved decisive.

Demons Assistant Richard Robinson acknowledged it was not pretty but was happy to collect a win.

“It was scrappy…It is always to come up here and win so a young group to come and take away the four points so that is the positive you have to take out of it.

“We weathered the storm enough and it gets us back to six and six and sets us up for a big game against Lauderdale.”BURNIE DOCKERS v. HOBART CITY DEMONS
Round 13 – 01/07/2017Hobart City Demons                      3.6,  5.8,  7.9,  8.14  (62)Burnie Dockers                          2.0,  3.2,  5.3,  6.4  (40)

GOALS, Hobart City Demons :
J. Williamson 2, S. Willis 1, H. Williams 1, M. Bidgood 1, J. Charlton 1, C. Dell 1,
E. Cole 1

Burnie Dockers :
H. Walters 1, N. Walters 1, T. Charles 1, D. Crane 1, C. Proctor 1, R. Barrett 1

BEST, Hobart City Demons :
E. Cole, M. Bidgood, B. Norton, H. Williams, B. Grant, C. White

Burnie Dockers :
J. Dowling, B. Keiselis, N. Walters, D. Brazendale, N. McKenna, T. Morrison


Written by Andrew Johnston

Clarence further consolidated their premiership credentials with a massive 89 point blowout of Devonport at Blundstone Arena, putting the Roos four points clear atop the ladder.

After some shonky kicking for goal in the first half, the Roos found their groove producing 13 goals in the second half to outclass a young Devonport.

Michael Blackburn lead the way with five second half goals, while captain Brady Jones and the much-improved Kyle Palmer-Hughes continued in formidable form, and the returning Jordan Roberts did well after two and a half years away from the TSL.

The young Devonport side stuck close with the much-fancied Roos in the first term, with a tough midfield battle seeing only six points separating both teams going into the first break. Roberts was dominant early for the Roos, while Ben Hawkes was strong across half back for the Magpies, minimising Clarence’s effectiveness inside the forward arc.

Clarence took control of midfield in the second quarter, with Sam Siggins dominating the ruck, allowing Brady Jones to make a major impact on the game. The Roos could have skipped further away but let themselves down with poor kicking, ending the quarter with four goals and four behinds. For the Magpies, skill errors began to creep in but the team’s willingness to contest saw flashes of great play, with co-captains Beau Sharman and Dylan Riley putting in strong performances in a losing cause.

The third quarter was marred with an off the ball incident, that saw Aiden Grace, who had kicked three goals, being taken from the field and not returning for the remainder of play. Despite this setback, the Roos took control of the game, booting six goals. Michael Blackburn worked his way into the game, kicking the first of five goals and captain Jones chipped in with his first, as well as setting up a number of scoring shots for his teammates.

The final quarter saw the Roos continue their dominance, booting seven goals and a behind to round off a fantastic performance. Blackburn was the force up forward, kicking four last quarter goals, whilst Luke Murfitt-Cowen also contributed three. The Magpies finished off strong and had their best quarter on the scoreboard, kicking three of their own through the co-captains Riley and Sharman, while Hawkes booted his second for the day. It was the Roos day however, running out emphatic winners by 89 points to jump into outright top on the TSL ladder.

The young Devonport team, who fielded nine players at 17 years of age, continued to show their growth from the season, and despite the margin their performance impressed coach Mitch Thorp.

“The commitment to the club, the team, the training, playing is great. They’ve just got to learn.

“I saw some great signs from our kids. Even though the skill execution isn’t there, the desperation of being in the contest is. It’s was just a clear process.”

For Clarence coach Jeromey Webberley, the game showed signs the Roos believe they can improve on in the second half of the season before finals.

“I think our next step of improvement  is for our leaders and the players on the ground to realise what sought of state the game’s in and being able to adjust to that on field. At the moment we tend to go with the momentum of the game and then we come to the break and they take on board what we’re saying. I think the next stage is to react on ground.”

In round 14 Clarence takes on Launceston in a massive matchup at Blundstone Arena as Devonport head to UTAS Stadium to take on the might of North Launceston.

Round 13 – 01/07/2017

Clarence                                2.2,  6.6,  12.10,  19.11  (125)

Devonport                               1.2,  1.4,  2.6,  5.6  (36)

GOALS, Clarence :
M. Blackburn 5, L. Murfitt-Cowen 3, A. Grace 3, I. Callinan 2, B. Jones 2, J. Harper 2,
W. Wall 2

Devonport :
B. Sharman 1, G. Millucci 1, D. Riley 1, M. Thorp 1, T. Highet 1

BEST, Clarence :
K. Palmer-Hughes, Z. Mastrocola, B. Jones, M. Blackburn, L. Murfitt-Cowen, S. Siggins

Devonport :
H. Barker, B. Symmons, B. Butler, T. Enniss, B. Sharman, D. Riley



Written by Anthony Osborn 

An impressive Lauderdale outfit have made it two victories in Launceston from two attempts in 2017, running out convincing 27-point winners over the Blues in an entertaining affair.

The Bombers took another serious step towards premiership legitimacy over the Blues, taking the valuable points back down the midlands in the 16.9 (105) to 12.6 (78) victory.

The opening quarter was a scrappy affair, with Launceston emerging as the side that was able to acclimatise to slippery conditions underfoot and the red-hot nature of the contest, taking a 19-point buffer into the first break.

Rulla Kelly-Mansell looked set for a big day, with his performance in the opening term, which included two magnificent goals, threatening to blow the Bombers out of the water, while a heavy knock on Sam Lonergan prematurely ended the Launceston playing-coach’s day.

The injury to Sam Lonergan undoubtedly influenced the contest, with the playing-coach’s influence sorely missed both on and off the field.

Just as Kelly-Mansell did in the opening term, Thor Boscott roared to life in the second term to emphatically stamp his influence on the match. The fiery Bomber booted two, and set up several others, to put Lauderdale right back in the match.

Lauderdale coach Darren Winter was clearly pleased with how his star returned to the side after serving his suspension.

“He (Boscott) is a really strong young man- he is really important to our team with the way he goes about his footy… at stages he changed the shape of the game,” Winter said.

The Bomber second quarter surge was far from a coincidence, with the prime movers of the Lauderdale midfield, including Dylan Fyfe, working their way on top around the contest as the term progressed. Lauderdale’s defence were also stringent in their efforts, keeping the Blues scoreless in the second term.

The third quarter went much the same way as the visitors piled on seven goals to one to put the result beyond doubt.

Just as Boscott had done in the second, regular defender Alex Hill took the game by the scruff of the neck in the third term, booting three of his five goals in the premiership stanza.

Launceston ran the game out well, outscoring the Bombers six goals to three, kicking six final quarter goals, including multiples from James Gillow and the well-held Sonny Whiting.

Alex Hill’s presence in the forward half emerged as a result of regular key forward Ryan Wiggins playing a role in defence, and this decision from Darren Winter proved to be a masterstroke, with Hill’s ability to take contested marks and finish cleanly in front of goal having a significant influence on the contest.

Winter was pleased with how both players performed, and cited an issue of predictability as the catalyst for the tactical shift.

“The first eight or nine weeks we played good footy, but we have been pretty predictable. To be able to throw the opposition out we need to have some flexibility in our team… We will continue to do different things” Winter said.

Alex Hill and Thor Boscott’s performances were certainly the most eye-catching, but the even performance of the entire Lauderdale outfit made for a seriously impressive display; with the likes of the McGuinness brothers, Dylan Fyfe and Rhys Sutton all playing significant roles in the victory.

Max Kleverkamp similarly did a magnificent job of restricting the output of damaging Launceston forward Sonny Whiting, keeping the goal sneak goalless until being forced off the ground after copping some friendly fire from teammate Phil Bellchambers.

Winter was pleased with the performance, but conceded that his side had much to work on, particularly the free kick count.

“We had 41 free kicks against us… we really need to address that. We can’t keep handing the ball to the opposition,” Winter admitted.

Lauderdale’s victory atoned for their round four loss to the Blues at home earlier this year, and also saw the Bombers take a 2-1 record from the past three games against premiership hopefuls North Launceston, Clarence and Launceston; three sides they lost to at the beginning of the season.

Launceston assistant coach Darrin Geard was pleased with how the Blues ran out the match, but was left to rue the second and third quarters.

“Lauderdale brought a physical contest. We (Launceston) won the first quarter but in the second and third quarters we went away from our structures… the damage really was done in those middle quarters,” Geard said.

Brodie Palfreyman was his usually productive self for the Blues, finding plenty of the football in a prominent display, while Sam Rundle and Joe Boyce also impressed.

Lauderdale face the dangerous Hobart City Demons at North Hobart Oval next Saturday, while Launceston face an imposing road trip down the midlands to face premiership fancy Clarence at Blundstone Arena.

Round 13 – 01/07/2017

Lauderdale                              2.1,  6.5,  13.9,  16.9  (105)

Launceston                              5.2,  5.2,  6.4,  12.6  (78)

GOALS, Lauderdale :
A. Hill 5, T. Boscott 3, A. Hevey 2, C. Laoumtzis 2, R. Hill 2, P. Bellchambers 1,
J. Roberts 1

Launceston :
R. Kelly-Mansell 3, S. Whiting 2, J. Gillow 2, J. Boyce 1, J. Smith 1, C. Smith 1,
B. Palfreyman 1, J. Nunn 1

BEST, Lauderdale :
P. Bellchambers, D. Fyfe, A. Hill, R. Wiggins, N. Franklin, E. Stanley

Launceston :
B. Palfreyman, H. Leedham, S. Rundle, J. Blackberry, J. Boyce, T. Sheppard






Round 13 – 01/07/2017


Burnie Dockers

B: F. Poke, N. McKenna, T. Charles
HB: H. Walters, B. Murray, B. Keiselis
C: E.  Smith, N.  Walters, J.  Murray
HF: A. Bates, R. Barrett, B. Rubock
F: C. Proctor, D. Brazendale, D. Crane
R: T. Morrison, J. Cox, J. Dowling
Int: B. Brown, M. Chatwin, J. O’Donnell, B. Challis
Emg: J. Doust, B. Hayes, W. Purton, L. McKellar

In: A. Bates, B. Brown, M. Chatwin, J. O’Donnell
Out: E. Jackson,  B. Boag,  S. Kalbfell,  J. House 


Hobart City Demons

B: T. Millhouse, L. Azzopardi, M. Bidgood
HB: H. Williams, K. Richter, N. Hutchinson
C: B.  Grant, E.  Cole, B.  Norton
HF: S. Caswell, C. Dell, C. Kilpatrick
F: S. Willis, J. Maple, J. Williamson
R: C. White, R. Matthews, J. Charlton
Int: H. Williams, K. Wisniewski, J. Barwick, R. Cowie
Emg: H. Johnstone, J. Doran, J. McCulloch, C. Ransom

In:  J. Barwick, H. Williams, R. Cowie
Out: N. Baker, J. Guesdon, W. Campbell


Round 13 – 01/07/2017



B: J. Holmes, K. Wylie, T. Castle
HB: M. Fisher, Z. Mastrocola, J. Brenner
C: Z.  Buechner, B.  Jones, J.  Roberts
HF: T. Hanslow, M. Blackburn, J. Harper
F: A. Grace, L. Murfitt-Cowen, I. Callinan
R: S. Siggins, K. Palmer-Hughes, J. O’Brien
Int: K. Howlett, W. Wall, B. Dart, G. Chambers
Emg: J. Havea, A. Silver, A. Gaul, M. Ling

In: J. Roberts, L. Murfitt-Cowen
Out: T. Standen,  J. Bailey 


B: M. Perry, K. Byard, L. Bissett
HB: B. Hawkes, B. Butler, L. Williams
C: C.  Burnett, B.  Sharman, H.  Barker
HF: D. Riley, B. Connelly, E. Stephenson
F: B. Scott, M. Thorp, G. Millucci
R: P. Davis, Q. Byard, B. Symmons
Int: C. Castles, T. Enniss, T. Highet, T. Donald
Emg: J. Clayden, J. Whelan, T. Duggan, B. Chard

In: B. Symmons, B. Connelly
Out: B. van Buuren, S. Egger


Round 13 – 01/07/2017



B: C. Savage, S. Vandervelde, J. Donnellan
HB: C. Brown, J. Aganas, R. Tyrrell
C: C.  Sheppard, J.  Blackberry, T.  Sheppard
HF: R. Kelly-Mansell, J. Nunn, J. Smith
F: B. Taylor, S. Williams, S. Lonergan
R: H. Leedham, S. Rundle, B. Palfreyman
Int: J. Boyce, S. Whiting, M. Hutchinson, C. Smith
Emg: J. Gillow, N. O’Donoghue, B. Killalea, E. Conway

In: C. Brown, C. Smith, 

Out: N. O’Donoghue, B. Killalea


B: M. Kleverkamp, B. McGuinness, S. Hill
HB: J. McGuinness, A. Hill, E. Whish-Wilson
C: R.  Sutton, P.  Bellchambers, R.  McManus
HF: B. Walsh, J. Roberts, T. Boscott
F: T. Havea, R. Wiggins, A. Hevey
R: H. Smith, D. Fyfe, N. Franklin
Int: C. Laoumtzis, R. Hill, E. Stanley, J. Williams
Emg: C. Brown, R. Hooker, J. Bunyan, D. Johns

In: C. Laoumtzis, T. Boscott
Out: L. Meagher, M. Anderton

 Tigers v. Glenorchy

Round 13 – 01/07/2017




B: T. Peterson, T. Carter, B. Graham
HB: M. Carter, M. Booth, T. Gogolin
C: J.  Bilson, M.  Davies, W.  Cleeland
HF: B. Livingston, J. Pearce, T. Cowen
F: C. Bryant, M. Walker, B. Batchelor
R: M. Gardner, L. Watt, S. Rice
Int: C. Nield, O. Burrows-Cheng, L. Clifford, C. Sawdy
Emg: C. Woolley, C. Rawson, J. Huizing, E. Brock,

In: B. Livingston, C. Bryant, J. Pearce, O. Burrows-Cheng, M. Booth, T. Gogolin,
M. Davies

Out: J. Keogh,  B. Rees,  A. Webster,  L. Gadomski, E. Brock



B: J. Arnold, T. Bowden, J. Arnold
HB: R. Mott, J. Watts, B. Quinn
C: J.  Webb, M.  Rainbird, L.  Smith
HF: T. Butterworth, J. Bowden, M. Joseph
F: B. Kamaric, M. Hills, H. Pearce
R: C. Duffy, M. Dilger, J. Geard
Int: C. Salter, A. Brennan, T. Morgan, B. Webb
Emg: H. Parker, C. Goodsell, D. Grant, D. Coppleman



Round 13 – 01/07/2017

10:30AM – Blundstone Arena



To be selected from:
H. Bailey, J. Havea, C. Berry, A. Silver, D. Howlett, P. Howlett,
J. Booth, T. Marshall, T. Birchall, S. Williams, A. Gaul, H. Richmond,
J. Fisher, C. Alcorso, M. Ling, N. Raglione, J. Pulford, T. Hope,
F. Turner, A. Morton, J. Gleeson, B. McGuinness, J. Mazengarb, J. Young

In: M. Ling, J. Booth, C. Alcorso, H. Bailey, J. Gleeson
Out: J. Roberts,  L. Murfitt-Cowen,  S. Green,  B. Dart,  K. Bailey


North Launceston

To be selected from:
H. Rand, T. Donnelly, L. Cronley, H. Goss, M. Cossins, L. Matson-Jones,
D. Clayton, C. Praciak, C. Lowe, W. Loone, J. Singline, J. Harris,
D. Headland, E. Perry, K. Wadley, J. Pearce, C. Harrison, J. McCowan,
J. Rowlands, C. Pearton, S. Hudson, D. Layh, B. Maynard , C. Anderson,
M. Donnelly, K. Curtis, B. Denman

In: K. Wadley, C. Harrison, C. Pearton, J. McCowan, S. Hudson, H. Rand,
D. Headland, H. Goss
Out: B. Wells


Round 13 – 01/07/2017

10:30AM – Windsor Park


To be selected from:
J. Gillow, T. Miller, J. Marsden, T. Cooper, Z. Griffiths, C. Curtis,
N. O’Donoghue, C. Downie, G. Holt, G. Holt, Z. Oldenhof, J. Bangura,
J. Bott, B. Neil, M. Hutchinson, B. Killalea, E. Conway, M. Blazely

In: E. Conway, R. Filgate, S. Bruinewoud, J. Gillow, B. Fulham, J. Marsden,
L. Walsh, N. O’Donoghue, M. Hutchinson, B. Killalea
Out: J. Tyrrell,  M. Dikkenberg,  J. Dakin,  G. Ferguson,  N. McElwee,  O. Cook,
K. McCabe,  D. Sellers 



To be selected from:
C. Best, O. Shaw, L. Fazackerley, S. Clayton, E. Steele, T. Daff,
C. Brown, W. Gergel, C. Hooker, J. Perkins, T. Steele, J. Bunyan,
S. Adams, D. Johns, J. Roberts , C. Burridge, P. Hudson, L. Meagher,
W. Francis, A. Brewster

In: O. Shaw, W. Gergel, P. Hudson, C. Hooker, L. Meagher, C. Burridge,
L. Fazackerley
Out: Z. Berry, T. Martin, C. Laoumtzis, M. McGuinness, J. Lewis, J. Turnbridge,
J. Wells


Round 13 – 01/07/2017

11:30AM – Twin Ovals



To be selected from:
L. Griggs, S. Webb, R. Blakers, M. Cooke, A. Webster, B. McCulloch,
R. Rinaldi, H. Bradburn, J. Cummins, M. Coad, J. Shaw, C. Woolley,
C. Rawson, A. Huizing, H. Crack, J. Wells, J. Keogh, T. Hughes,
E. Brock, H. Graham, C. Sawdy

In: J. Keogh, C. Rawson, A. Webster, C. Sawdy, E. Brock
Out: B. Livingston,  C. Bryant,  J. Pearce,  A. Humphrey,  M. Booth,  L. Knowles, B. Gordon 



To be selected from:
W. Atkin, A. Peach , J. Deegan, B. Rowbottom, C. Goodsell, J. Stevenson,
J. Bearman, B. Patterson, T. Morgan, M. Rainbird, T. Grant, D. Grant,
D. Coppleman, C. Mcknight, J. Davie, S. Deverell, J. Farrow, J. Lincoln,
J. Sharp, L. Rowbottom, S. Berry, R. Oakley

In: T. Morgan, W. Atkin
Out: A. Roberts, R. Banks-Smith


Round 13 – 01/07/2017

12:00PM – West Park


Burnie Dockers

C. Bracken, S. Hamilton, K. Moodie, Z. Cobbing, A. Good, J. Doust,
M. ODonnell, S. Redman, B. Brown, B. Jackson, F. Poke, B. Walker,
S. Saward, J. Odgers, J. Murray, M. Chatwin, B. Colgrave, W. Purton,
T. Woods, L. Evans, J. O’Donnell, H. Betts, A. Bates, J. McCulloch,
O. Fryett, G. Dowling, B. Keiselis, J. Ling


Hobart City Demons
B: J. Denehey, B. Williams, A. Bidgood
HB: N. Lee, J. Doran, Z. Doran
C: C.  Ransom, J.  McCulloch,
HF: T. Clark, T. Harling, W. Cole
F: S. Fros, W. Doyle,
R: H. Johnstone, S. Duigan, J. Cleaver
Int: B. Shepherd, M. Grace, M. Paolini, R. Cowie, J. Guesdon, P. Fisher

In: T. Clark, W. Doyle, B. Shepherd, J. Guesdon, T. Harling, A. Bidgood,
S. Duigan
Out: W. Peppin, T. Willmott, B. Walker, T. Reeves, J. Barwick, A. Keeling,
M. O’Neill