Round 16 – 22/07/2017


North Launceston

B: T. Mansell, Z. Burt, J. Avent
HB: A. Richter-Salter, C. Young, J. Foon
C: K.  Baker, B.  Cox-Goodyer, T.  Whitford
HF: T. Couch, T. Bennett, T. Thomas
F: L. Hollmer, B. McCulloch, J. White
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, J. Ponting
Int: T. Donnelly, K. Wadley, J. Pearce, C. Harrison
Emg: H. Goss, J. Singline, F. Bennett, R. Mansell

In: T. Whitford, K. Wadley, T. Thomas, J. Foon, T. Couch

Out: D. Clayton, D. Headland,  M. Donnelly, H. Goss, J. Singline

B: J. Arnold, J. Arnold, L. Smith
HB: R. Mott, J. Watts, T. Butterworth
C: B.  Quinn, B.  Webb, M.  Dilger
HF: M. Hills, J. Bowden, Z. Webster
F: H. Pearce, B. Reynolds, H. Gunther
R: C. Duffy, J. Geard, B. Kamaric
Int: J. Webb, R. Banks-Smith, M. Rainbird, C. Salter
Emg: J. Millhouse, D. Grant, C. Daly, T. Bowden

In: J. Bowden

Out: M. Joseph


Round 16 – 22/07/2017



Hobart City Demons
B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, M. Bidgood
HB: H. Williams, W. Hay, N. Hutchinson
C: J.  Charlton, W.  Campbell, B.  Norton
HF: B. Grant, C. Kilpatrick, S. Caswell
F: S. Willis, T. Millhouse, J. Williamson
R: C. White, N. Baker, R. Matthews
Int: J. Barwick, E. Cole, C. Ransom, B. Walker
Emg: K. Wisniewski, J. Doran, R. Cowie, S. Fros

In: C. Kilpatrick

Out: C. Dell 


B: J. Holmes, J. Bailey, T. Castle
HB: Z. Mastrocola, K. Wylie, M. Fisher
C: M.  Ling, J.  Cox, K.  Palmer-Hughes
HF: I. Callinan, M. Blackburn, B. Jones
F: T. Standen, W. Wall, G. Chambers
R: S. Siggins, J. Gleeson, J. O’Brien
Int: A. Grace, J. Harper, Z. Buechner, J. Roberts
Emg: K. Howlett, N. Douglas, A. Gaul, T. Hanslow

In: W. Wall, J. Bailey, J. Cox

Out: L. Murfitt-Cowen, T. Hanslow, K. Howlett


Round 16 – 22/07/2017



B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, E. Stanley
HB: M. Kleverkamp, R. Wiggins, J. McGuinness
C: R.  Sutton, T.  Havea, A.  Hevey
HF: B. Walsh, E. Whish-Wilson, R. McManus
F: C. Hooker, T. Boscott, D. Fyfe
R: H. Smith, P. Bellchambers, N. Franklin
Int: M. McGuinness, R. Hill, J. Williams, C. Laoumtzis
Emg: C. Brown, J. Perkins, D. Johns, L. Meagher

In: J. Williams

Out: B. McGuinness 


B: B. Hawkes, L. Bissett, M. Perry
HB: L. Williams, B. Butler, D. Riley
C: B.  Sharman, B.  Symmons, H.  Barker
HF: S. Egger, M. Thorp, G. Millucci
F: Q. Byard, B. Scott, E. Stephenson
R: P. Davis, C. Castles, T. Enniss
Int: K. Byard, C. Burnett, T. Donald, B. Chard
Emg: J. Clayden, J. Chaplin, J. Whelan, T. Highet

In: B. Chard

Out: J. Whelan


Round 16 – 22/07/2017



B: C. Savage, S. Vandervelde, J. Donnellan
HB: C. Brown, J. Aganas, S. Williams
C: T.  Sheppard, J.  Blackberry, S.  Lonergan
HF: C. Sheppard, J. Nunn, R. Kelly-Mansell
F: J. Gillow, N. O’Donoghue, S. Whiting
R: H. Leedham, J. Hinds, S. Rundle
Int: B. Palfreyman, B. Taylor, R. Tyrrell, C. Smith
Emg: C. Downie, M. Hutchinson, E. Conway, T. Auckland

In: R. Kelly-Mansell, S. Lonergan

Out: M. Hutchinson, J. Boyce

B: L. Gadomski, T. Peterson, O. Burrows-Cheng
HB: M. Carter, T. Carter, L. Griggs
C: J.  Bilson, M.  Davies, W.  Cleeland
HF: C. Nield, M. Walker, B. Livingston
F: C. Bryant, H. Dixon, L. Clifford
R: M. Gardner, L. Watt, B. Batchelor
Int: B. Rees, C. Woolley, T. Cowen, C. Sawdy
Emg: B. McCulloch, C. Rawson, E. Brock, B. Graham

In: B. Livingston, L. Griggs, C. Woolley, C. Sawdy, O. Burrows-Cheng

Out: J. Pearce, J. Huizing, S. Rice, M. Booth, T. Gogolin



Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 15


1. Bailey Boag (Burnie) referred for a dangerous tackle against Arion Richter-Salter (North Launceston)

The Match Review Panel found that the action did not constitute a reportable offence and the match day free kick was the correct decision. No further action required.


2. Josh Ponting (North Launceston) referred for making contact against Jaidyn Cox (Burnie)

The Match Review Panel found that the contact was incidental and as a part of the contest. No further action required.


3. Alex Lee (North Launceston) referred for making high contact against Darcy Crane (Burnie)

The Match Review Panel found that the action was a part of the play and player Lee was entitled to block/shepherd his opponent as the ball was within 5 metres.  There was no evidence to suggest the contact was to the head.  No further action required.


4. Chris Nield (Tigers) referred for making late contact to Ray Hill (Lauderdale)

The Match Review Panel found that the contact between player Nield and player Hill did not constitute a reportable offence and the match day free kick was the correct decision. No further action required.


5. Clarence & Glenorchy players were involved in a melee at three quarter time

The Match Review Panel found that no further action required.


6. Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy) referred for making high contact against Keegan Wylie (Clarence)

The Match Review Panel found that player Joseph’s shin made contact to the face of Wylie. The Panel deemed that the act was unnecessary in the circumstances and was charged with rough conduct.  The panel assessed the incident as careless conduct, high contact and low impact.

Joseph’s previous record requires the base sanction to be increased to 2 matches. This can be reduced to ONE match with an early guilty plea.

Joseph has accepted a one match suspension.



7. Darcy Layh (North Launceston) reported for striking Liam Bucknell (Burnie)

The Match Review Panel found that Layh’s strike was intentional with low impact to the head. Layh has been offered a base sanction of 2 matches reduced to 1 match with an early guilty plea.

Layh has accepted a ONE match suspension.


8. Liam Bucknell (Burnie) reported for striking Darcy Layh (North Launceston)

The Match Review Panel found that Bucknell’s strike was intentional with low impact to the head. Bucknell has been offered a base sanction of 2 matches reduced to 1 match with an early guilty plea.

Bucknell has accepted a ONE match suspension.




Written by Anthony Osborn

A Jaye Bowden-less Glenorchy have registered their first victory over a top-five side in season 2017 in an impressive 23-point victory over archrival Clarence at Blundstone Arena, earning the reigning premiers the Bingley Linton Cup.

The 16.13 (109) to 12.14 (86) victory was built off the back of an exceptional opening term, where Glenorchy’s cleanliness with ball in the hand shone through, despite the late withdrawal of star Jaye Bowden.

In a finals-like contest, Glenorchy’s ability to hit the scoreboard early proved invaluable as the Magpies held off several Clarence charges to secure what could be a season-defining victory.

The opening term was a relatively even affair around the ground as both sides applied the heat. However, poor Clarence disposal efficiency and alternatively cleanliness from the Magpies saw Glenorchy kick five unanswered goals before the first break.

The ‘Roos skill execution improved after the first term as the pressure continued to grow, with Clarence still well and truly in the hunt at the main break, particularly after a Jordan Roberts goal late in the half cut the deficit to just 16 points.

Glenorchy responded well to this challenge in the third term, finishing with five third-quarter majors to take a 29-point lead into the last change.

A final quarter Clarence surge saw the Roos cut the deficit back to just 18 points and brought the home crowd to their feet as the slight brewing of an upset began to emerge, but a late Zac Webster goal snuffed out any chance of a remarkable turnaround, handing Clarence their second loss for season 2017.

Glenorchy coach Aaron Cornelius was pleased to get the victory, but also by how his side started the match and responded in the third term.

“They (Clarence) are a hard team to beat – it was good to get the four points. The way we bought into that first quarter was outstanding through our pressure and ability to score.

“It was pretty even with scoring shots at half-time. We understood where we were and needed to respond in the third quarter,” Cornelius said.

Clarence coach Jeromey Webberley shared a similar view on the match and was left to rue some poor skill errors and decision-making in the opening term.

“Both sides had enough of the ball in the first term, Glenorchy were just more polished… It was a really good, red-hot game of TSL footy (and) was pretty even after quarter time.

“Full credit to Glenorchy, they really hunted us. They closed down our transition footy which we have been able to get sides with – this game will really help us,” Webberley said.

The likes of Brayden Webb and Rhys Mott found plenty of the football for the Magpies, while Zac Webster proved to be a handful all afternoon.

Liam Smith, Jordon Arnold and Josh Watts were all similarly impressive, while James Webb finished with five majors, including two in the opening stanza, in an eye-catching display.

For the ‘Roos, Jackson O’Brien was prolific around the contest with his clearance work, while Tim Castle also impressed in nullifying the impact of Glenorchy gun Harrison Gunther. Trent Standen was also impressive, finishing with three majors.

Despite the win against such a high quality opponent, Cornelius insisted that his side are not getting too far ahead of themselves, particularly with matches against premiership hopefuls North Launceston and Lauderdale across the next fortnight.

“I know it is a cliché, but it is week in, week out for us at the moment. North Launceston are a very good side- they won’t take us lightly and we certainly won’t be taking them lightly. It’s been a great rivalry over the last couple of year’s and both teams will be going to battle next Saturday.”

Glenorchy escaped from the match with a clean bill of health, besides the hamstring injury to Jaye Bowden that ruled him out as a late withdrawal.

“Yeah, Jaye was a late player to pull out. It is all about managing him and making sure it is not a four to five week injury,” Cornelius said.

Clarence will be forced to manage the rolled ankles of both Keegan Wylie and Zac Mastrocola throughout the week, while Jake Cox was again a late omission from the named side, but all three are expected to be fully fit to play next week.

While Glenorchy face the imposing trip to UTAS Stadium to face North Launceston next Saturday, Clarence will be looking to get back on the winners list against the Hobart City Demons at North Hobart Oval, the only other team Clarence have lost to in season 2017 thus far.


Round 15 – 15/07/2017

Glenorchy                               5.3,  6.7,  11.10,  16.13  (109)

Clarence                                0.5,  3.9,  6.11,  12.14  (86)

GOALS, Glenorchy :
J. Webb 5, B. Reynolds 3, Z. Webster 2, H. Pearce 2, M. Rainbird 2, M. Hills 1,
R. Banks-Smith 1

Clarence :
I. Callinan 3, J. Roberts 2, T. Standen 2, G. Chambers 2, M. Blackburn 1, L. Murfitt-Cowen 1,
T. Hanslow 1

BEST, Glenorchy :
J. Webb, B. Webb, L. Smith, Z. Webster, J. Arnold, J. Watts

Clarence :
J. O’Brien, T. Standen, M. Ling, T. Castle, S. Siggins, K. Palmer-Hughes


Boscott bag buries Tigers

Written by Richard Bannon


A divine nine goal masterclass from Thor Boscott has led Lauderdale to a percentage-boosting 92-point victory over Tigers FC at Lauderdale Oval.

Boscott’s bag singlehandedly outscored the visiting side, who were demolished by a hungrier Bombers outfit, 20.22-142 to 7.8-50.

Boscott kicked the first and third goals of the game to get the Bombers off to a dream start, and kicked another in the second term to enter the main change with three majors.

The enigmatic midfielder/forward then exploded in the second half, kicking three in the third term and three more in the final to cap off a dominant display, leaving just one goal shy of the magical ten-goal milestone.

Lauderdale assistant coach Clint Brown praised Boscott’s versatility.

“He’s got so many strings to his bow. He can play half back, he can go on ball, he can go forward, and he’s really hard to match up on, as he’s powerful, he’s explosive, and he can do the miraculous things more often than not.”

Already facing the daunting road trip across the Derwent to face Lauderdale, the Tigers were dealt with a massive blow following the late withdrawal of key forward and former AFL player Daniel Archer to a knee injury.

Despite this, the Tigers remained in touch with Lauderdale at quarter time, trailing the home side 4.3-27 to 2.4-14 as the Bombers appeared to look sluggish.

Lauderdale’s lacklustre approach continued into the second term, evident in the home side kicking an inaccurate 3.8 to the Tigers’ 2.2.

This kept the Tigers in the hunt, trailing by just 23 points at the main break, 7.11-53 to 4.6-30.

Lauderdale then kicked into gear in the second half, kicking 13 goals to three throughout the final two terms to run out convincing winners.

Tigers FC senior coach Aaron Vince praised his side’s effort in the first half, but was left to lament the drop off in intensity from his troops for the remainder of the game.

“It just goes to show that you’ve got to play four quarters of footy, and conceding 70 points in the second half won’t win you many games of footy.

“Our foot use today was pretty poor to be honest.

“We got beaten quite comprehensively throughout the midfield, just mainly through their run and their willingness to run from contest to contest.”

Playing in his 50th senior match for Tigers FC, Lachlan Watt received praise from Vince.

“Lachie Watt has probably had his breakout year this year, and has become one of the senior members of our side.”

Lauderdale next host a Devonport side which is improving each week, whilst Tigers FC will make the drive up the Midlands Highway to play Launceston at Windsor Park.


Fitz’s Friday Forecast – Round 15


Saturday 16th July

Devonport vs Hobart City Demons (Devonport Oval) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met:

Hobart City Demons 14.22.106 def Devonport 7.11.53 (Round 6, 2017, at North Hobart Oval)

Devonport were unable to overcome a five goal deficit at quarter time, with Hobart City Demons’ midfielders Jayden Charlton and Ryan Matthews racking up the disposals.

Form Guide:

Devonport (WLL) – Form Temperature Gauge – MILD:

The young coastal side took down Burnie in Round 12, before a 94 point loss to Clarence knocked the wind out of their sails.  Bounced back to nearly defeat North Launceston last week, which should set them up for a big game.

Hobart City Demons (WWL) – Form Temperature Gauge – COLD:

Hobart City Demons convincingly beat the Tigers at home, before limping over the line at West Park against the last-placed Dockers.  Despite upsetting Clarence and Launceston earlier in the year, they were brought back to Earth with a thump last week after Lauderdale handed them an 89 point flogging.

Key Matchups:

The in-form  Hugh Williams is likely to get the job on dangerous Devonport playing coach Mitch Thorp, who booted 5.5 last week.  The midfield battle between Magpie co-captains Dylan Riley and Beau Sharman on Ryan Matthews, the returning Will Campbell and Eddie Cole should also be a ripper.

Fire Starters:

Beau Sharman and Dylan Riley have been in sensational form for Devonport, and their physicality and ability to win key possessions early will be crucial in igniting the Magpies.

Josh Williamson was targeted by the Lauderdale defenders last week for good reason.  When he gets going, he’s capable of kicking a bag and leading the Hobart City Demons to victory.



Hobart City Demons
In: W. Hay, C. Ransom, W. Campbell
Out: K. Richter, C. Kilpatrick, H. Johnstone

Fitz’s Tip: This will be a close game if last week’s respective form is anything to go by.  With the way the Magpies stood up against quality opposition, they’re every shot here.  Devonport by 6.


Clarence vs Glenorchy – BINGLEY LINTON CUP (Blundstone Arena) 2:00pm 

Last Time They Met:

Clarence 14.7.91 def Glenorchy 8.7.55 (Round 6, 2017, at KGV Oval)

A seven goal to no score final term saw Clarence stun southern rivals Glenorchy at their KGV fortress, with Trent Standen booting seven for the victors in a game-breaking effort.

Form Guide:

Clarence (WWW) – Form Temperature Gauge – HOT:

The Roos have dispatched of finals sureties Lauderdale and Launceston in the past three weeks, as well as smashing an improving Devonport.  With only one loss to their name, ladder leaders Clarence are in blistering form.

Glenorchy (WWW) – Form Temperature Gauge – HOT:

Glenorchy have won their last three matchups, and while they have all been against the current bottom three sides, the Magpies’ 144 point obliteration of Burnie last week sees them in impressive nick heading into this huge clash.

Key Matchups:

The ruck battle between two in-form big men of the competition, Sam Siggins and Cameron Duffy, should be an enthralling one.  Containing Jaye Bowden is a must for the Roos, and proven run-with specialist Gabby Chambers may be given first crack at the RACT Player of the Year award leader if he is in midfield but if forward, expect returning backman Jason Bailey to play a part.

Fire Starters:

Zac Mastrocola has been in sensational form for Clarence, and the big-bodied defender/midfielder’s disposal out of the back half could set Clarence up for fast forays forward.  Dangerous small forwards Trent Standen and Ian Callinan are also capable of turning a game in short periods of time.

If Jake Cox returns that in itself may light a fire under Clarence, as well as the return of last year’s Best and Fairest winner Jack Gleeson and the competition’s form full back, Jason Bailey. All are game changers in their own right.

The aerial capabilities and versatility of Josh Watts has caused teams trouble in recent weeks, with his ability to play as a leading forward or intercepting defender making him hard to contain.  Half forward Zac Webster is only just hitting his peak form, and when given any room he can cut a defence to shreds.


In: J. Bailey, J. Gleeson, J. Cox
Out: L. Murfitt-Cowen, T. Hanslow, J. Brenner

In: R. Banks-Smith
Out: D. Coppleman

Fitz’s Tip: While Clarence head into the match favourites, Glenorchy have shown they still possess the skills required to completely dismantle sides, and head into this game with a deeper squad to choose from, with the return of Watts, Reynolds and Butterworth since these sides last faced off.  Expect fireworks and a shootout between these bitter rivals.  Clarence by 12.

Lauderdale vs Tigers (Lauderdale Oval) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met:

Lauderdale 12.18.90 def Tigers 9.4.58 (Round 6, 2017, at Twin Ovals)

An inaccurate Lauderdale failed to bury the Tigers under lights at Kingston, but were hardly challenged as Ray Hill booted three goals and Dylan Fyfe collected close to 40 disposals.

Form Guide:

Lauderdale (LWW) – Form Temperature Gauge – HOT:

Lauderdale come into the match hot off a big win over Hobart City Demons, having defeated Launceston and fallen just short of first placed Clarence in the fortnight previous.  At their best, Lauderdale is an exciting and unstoppable force with enviable depth in its squad.

Tigers (LLL) – Form Temperature Gauge – COLD:

The Tigers lost three straight games before last week’s bye, but showed some much-needed fight against Glenorchy in Round 13 after a very disappointing showing against the Hobart City Demons in Round 12, where they managed a miserable three goals.

Key Matchups:

Bomber tall Josh McGuinness could get the job on former St.Kilda listed key forward Daniel Archer, who dominated his first match of the season against Glenorchy. The inclusion of Hugh Dixon coupled with the return of Archer could prove a powerful one-two punch for the Tigs. Young Tiger Oliver Burrows-Cheng played a superb shutdown role on Harrison Pearce in Round 13, and may be a surprise match up on explosive midfielder/forward Thor Boscott or do we see Marcus Davies deployed in defence?

Fire Starters:

Thor Boscott is in incredible form, and as he has shown across the past fortnight, is capable of breaking open a game inside a quarter, with damaging runs forward towards goal.

Mitchell Carter is arguably the best kick out of defence in the league, but has been quiet of late compared to his impressive start to the season. If he can intercept the Bombers’ kicks forward across half back and contain a key forward in the process, he’ll be able to have a huge say on how the match pans out with his pinpoint disposal.


In: H. Dixon, T.Cowen, L. Gadomski
Out: M. Booth, B. Graham, J. Pearce

Fitz’s Tip: Beyond Round 3, Lauderdale have been near-impossible to stop this season, and their run and class should again see them comfortably prevail, especially in front of the vocal crowd at Lauderdale Oval.  Lauderdale by 60.

Sunday 17th July

Burnie vs North Launceston (West Park) 2:00pm

Last Time They Met:

North Launceston 20.31.151 def Burnie 3.6.24 (Round 6, 2017, at UTAS Stadium)

North Launceston dismantled the young Dockers with a nine goal third term doing most of the damage to the scoreboard.  Captain Taylor Whitford dominated, as the Bombers had a dozen individual goal scorers.

Form Guide:

North Launceston (WWW) – Form Temperature Gauge – HOT:

While they haven’t smashed teams in recent weeks, the Bombers are going about their business confidently, and would be pleased that the attention has been on Clarence and Lauderdale.  The Bombers should get some younger players back this week, and get some practice moving the ball quickly to hit the scoreboard harder than the last fortnight.

Burnie (LLL) – Form Temperature Gauge – COLD:

The Dockers played arguably their worst match of the season last week, and were handed a 144 point thumping by Glenorchy.  They had a sniff in the 22 point loss to the Hobart City Demons the week prior after losing to fellow coastal youngsters Devonport in Round 12.

Key Matchups:

Docker giant Nick McKenna is likely to be given a role on one of the big Bombers in Tom Bennett or Zac Burt, in what should be an enthralling side duel. The ruck battle could also be interesting with last year’s best against potentially this year’s best. Alex Lee has taken many scalps this year but he will have his work cut out for him against last year’s premier ruck.

Fire Starters:

Bomber playing coach Tom Couch is out along with Captain Taylor Whitford and gun half back Jay Lockhart. Brad Cox-Goodyer has had a fine season and often ignites the Northern Bombers with his ability to find the footy and send long bombs sailing through the sticks.

Nick Walters is one of the Dockers’ leaders capable of influencing contests.  A big-bodied midfielder with a booming shoe, Walters loves a goal from outside the 50, and is a player Burnie can count on to give his all every week. Tom Mundy is a big in for Burnie and he is capable of influencing right across the ground.


In: T. Mundy, B. Challis, D. Crane
Out: C. Proctor, F. Poke, B. Rubock

North Launceston
In: T. Mansell, C. Young
Out: T. Couch, K. Wadley

Fitz’s Tip: North Launceston should win this match by close to triple digits if they choose to put the jets on.  However, the Bombers may use the match as a chance to rest sore bodies with the skipper Taylor Whitford and gun half back Jay Lockhart both unlikely they may trial players in different positions or utilise different structures, which could result in a lesser margin.  North Launceston by 85.

TEAMS: Southern Cross TSL Round 15



Round 15 – 15/07/2017

2:00PM – Devonport Oval


B: B. Hawkes, L. Bissett, M. Perry
HB: B. Sharman, L. Williams, S. Egger
C: C.  Castles, B.  Symmons, D.  Riley
HF: G. Millucci, M. Thorp, E. Stephenson
F: B. Butler, B. Scott, H. Barker
R: P. Davis, T. Enniss, Q. Byard
Int: J. Whelan, K. Byard, C. Burnett, T. Donald
Emg: J. Clayden, T. Duggan, T. Highet, B. Chard



Hobart City Demons

B: H. Williams, L. Azzopardi, M. Bidgood
HB: H. Williams, W. Hay, N. Hutchinson
C: B.  Norton, W.  Campbell, J.  Charlton
HF: B. Grant, C. Dell, S. Caswell
F: S. Willis, J. Barwick, J. Williamson
R: C. White, N. Baker, R. Matthews
Int: T. Millhouse, E. Cole, C. Ransom, B. Walker
Emg: H. Johnstone, K. Wisniewski, R. Cowie, S. Fros

In: W. Hay, C. Ransom, W. Campbell
Out: K. Richter, C. Kilpatrick, H. Johnstone


Round 15 – 15/07/2017

2:00PM – Blundstone Arena


B: J. Holmes, J. Bailey, T. Castle
HB: M. Ling, K. Wylie, Z. Mastrocola
C: J.  Roberts, G.  Chambers, B.  Jones
HF: Z. Buechner, M. Blackburn, M. Fisher
F: T. Standen, J. Cox, I. Callinan
R: S. Siggins, K. Palmer-Hughes, J. O’Brien
Int: W. Wall, A. Grace, J. Harper, J. Gleeson
Emg: K. Howlett, L. Murfitt-Cowen, T. Hanslow, J. Brenner

In: J. Bailey, J. Gleeson, J. Cox
Out: L. Murfitt-Cowen, T. Hanslow, J. Brenner


B: R. Banks-Smith, J. Arnold, J. Arnold
HB: R. Mott, J. Watts, T. Butterworth
C: B.  Quinn, B.  Webb, M.  Dilger
HF: M. Hills, J. Bowden, Z. Webster
F: H. Pearce, B. Reynolds, H. Gunther
R: C. Duffy, J. Geard, B. Kamaric
Int: J. Webb, J. Millhouse, M. Joseph, L. Smith
Emg: M. Rainbird, T. Bowden, S. Hall, C. Salter

In: R. Banks-Smith
Out: D. Coppleman


Round 15 – 15/07/2017

2:00PM – Lauderdale Oval

B: M. Anderton, A. Hill, R. Hill
HB: M. McGuinness, B. McGuinness, J. McGuinness
C: R.  Sutton, P.  Bellchambers, R.  McManus
HF: M. Kleverkamp, E. Whish-Wilson, D. Fyfe
F: T. Havea, R. Wiggins, T. Boscott
R: H. Smith, B. Walsh, N. Franklin
Int: C. Hooker, E. Stanley, A. Hevey, C. Laoumtzis
Emg: S. Adams, J. Williams, L. Meagher, A. Brewster



B: L. Gadomski, M. Booth, T. Carter
HB: M. Carter, T. Peterson, B. Rees
C: J.  Bilson, M.  Davies, W.  Cleeland
HF: C. Bryant, D. Archer, T. Cowen
F: M. Walker, H. Dixon, B. Batchelor
R: M. Gardner, S. Rice, L. Watt
Int: T. Gogolin, C. Nield, B. Livingston, L. Clifford
Emg: C. Rawson, J. Pearce, J. Huizing, B. Graham

In: H. Dixon, T.Cowen, L. Gadomski
Out: M. Booth, B. Graham, J. Pearce


Round 15 – 16/07/2017

2:00PM – West Park


B: B. Keiselis, D. Brazendale, B. Boag
HB: T. Charles, R. Barrett, E. Jackson
C: E.  Smith, N.  Walters, S.  Kalbfell
HF: D. Crane, N. McKenna, J. Dowling
F: B. Murray, H. Walters, J. House
R: T. Morrison, T. Mundy, J. Cox
Int: J. Doust, J. O’Donnell, B. Challis, B. Rubock
Emg: F. Poke, L. McKellar, A. Bates, B. Rubock

In: T. Mundy, B. Challis, D. Crane
Out: C. Proctor, F. Poke, B. Rubock


North Launceston
B: T. Mansell, J. White, J. Pearce
HB: A. Richter-Salter, C. Young, J. Foon
C: K.  Baker, B.  Cox-Goodyer, L.  Hollmer
HF: T. Donnelly, T. Bennett, J. Avent
F: B. McCulloch, Z. Burt, C. Harrison
R: A. Lee, M. Walsh, J. Ponting
Int: H. Goss, J. Singline, D. Headland, M. Donnelly
Emg: D. Clayton, C. Lowe, N. Jackson, B. Denman

In: T. Mansell, C. Young
Out: T. Couch, K. Wadley


CLARENCE v. GLENORCHY  Round 15 – 15/07/2017

To be selected from:
H. Bailey, J. Havea, K. Howlett, A. Silver, J. Booth, J. O’Brien,
B. Dart, T. Marshall, T. Birchall, S. Williams, N. Douglas, A. Gaul,
H. Richmond, J. Fisher, C. Alcorso, N. Raglione, J. Pulford, C. Leek,
T. Hope, A. Morton, J. Gleeson, B. McGuinness, J. Young

Out: D. Howlett

To be selected from:
W. Atkin, I. Memory, N. Newman, A. Peach , J. Deegan, J. Douglas,
B. Rowbottom, R. Banks-Smith, H. Parker, C. Goodsell, J. Bearman, A. Brennan,
B. Patterson, T. Morgan, T. Grant, D. Grant, D. Coppleman, C. Mcknight,
J. Davie, S. Deverell, A. Roberts, J. Farrow, J. Negri, C. Daly,
J. Lincoln, J. Sharp, J. Ling, L. Rowbottom, S. Berry, R. Oakley

LAUDERDALE v. TIGERS  Round 15 – 15/07/2017

To be selected from:
C. Best, J. Wells, Z. Paget, O. Shaw, L. Fazackerley, N. Grubb,
S. Clayton, E. Steele, T. Daff, C. Brown, R. Hooker, J. Perkins,
T. Steele, J. Bunyan, S. Adams, D. Johns, B. Newell, J. Roberts ,
C. Burridge, J. Williams, S. Perkins, P. Hudson, L. Meagher, W. Francis,
A. Brewster, L. Hitchens

To be selected from:
L. Griggs, S. Webb, R. Blakers, B. McCulloch, R. Rinaldi, H. Bradburn,
J. Cummins, M. Coad, J. Shaw, C. Woolley, C. Rawson, J. Pearce,
A. Huizing, J. Huizing, H. Crack, J. Lister, J. Wells, A. Humphrey,
J. Keogh, T. Hughes, E. Brock, H. Graham, B. Graham, C. Sawdy


Burnie Dockers
To be selected from:
C. Bracken, A. Good, L. Rollins, S. King, S. Redman, B. Brown,
L. Ryan, F. Poke, J. Jones, L. Jaffray, H. Cobbing, B. Hayes,
B. Walker, S. Saward, D. Saward, M. Chatwin, T. Woods, L. Jaffray,
L. Mohell, L. Evans, L. Bucknell, J. Weller, A. Bates, O. Fryett,
B. Keiselis

North Launceston
To be selected from:
B. Denman, L. Cronley, M. Cossins, K. Thomas, D. Clayton, C. Praciak,
C. Lowe, W. Loone, J. Harris, E. Perry, B. Holmes, F. Bennett,
M. Gray, K. Wadley, N. Jackson, J. McCowan, J. Rowlands, S. Hudson,
D. Layh, B. Maynard , C. Anderson, J. Lanham, K. Curtis


Two teams piled on goals for fun in Round 14 in emphatic style. As a result, Glenorchy and Lauderdale combine for half the team.

This is the first week we have three ruckman feature, we also have fresh faces in Mitch Anderton and Josh Ponting.

Jaye Bowden, Thor Boscott, Zac Mastrocola, James Webb, Sam Rundle and Josh Watts all backed up all star selection from Round 13.



Mitch Anderton (Lauderdale)

Whilst the offensive game of Lauderdale was highlighted against Hobart City, the Bombers defence held up exceptionally as a complete unit, with backman Anderton playing a key role in restricting the home side to just four majors to three quarter time, and a total of eight goals for the game. He is a young gutsy player that has a lot of go in his game.

Zac Mastrocola (Clarence)

Mastrocola had a real break out game as one of the Roos very best in a close game at the Pouch. He was defensively sound and kickstarted a lot of counter attack through fast and effective ball movement.

Sherrin Egger (Devonport)

Egger played an outstanding game, drawing strong plaudits from his Coach. The young defender threw his body on the line on numerous occasions and tried his absolute heart out to stop the North forward’s scoring. Playing on some dangerous forwards, Egger held his own and was able to foil many North Launceston attacks. Egger also helped set up Devonport’s play out of the back half in which helped his sides forward movement.


Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)

The Glenorchy captain was unlucky not have finished in the RACT Player votes, as he was everywhere against the hapless Dockers.  Webb was influential all over the ground, winning possessions in the back half, but also pushing forward to capitalise on the Magpies’ quick ball movement.  Webb booted three goals, all in the first half, to see his side into half time with a 12 goal lead.

Josh Watts (Glenorchy)

The former Brisbane-listed utility booted three goals in a dominant role up forward last week, but his switch to centre half back this week paid instant dividends for Glenorchy and suggested they may have unearthed their late-season swingman.  Watts dominated in the air to take a number of key intercept marks in defence, and fought hard to win one on one battles at ground level.  He was a big reason behind Burnie’s inability to score more than three goals.

Rhys Sutton (Lauderdale)

Lining up on a wing, Sutton roamed throughout the course of the afternoon, as his influence on the contest highlighted the lack of midfield depth of Hobart City. Whilst providing continual drive forward for his side, Sutton capped off a terrific display by scoring a goal of his own.


Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)

The underrated midfielder played arguably his best match of the season to date, racking up the disposals through the midfield and on the grandstand wing.  His third term was exceptional, where he sent the ball inside 50 four times and had two rebounds 50’s, as well as kicking two goals.  Combined well with Zac Webster across half forward to ensure there would be no easy rebounds 50’s for the young Burnie defenders.

Sam Rundle (Launceston)

Rundle was one of the prime movers for Launceston in winning the ball from the stoppage. Hunted the footy well with clean hands in traffic. Another strong game from a leader of the Blues.

Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

Franklin was amongst the goals with three majors, as Lauderdale kicked 21 goals spread across 13 players. Against a depleted Hobart City midfield, Franklin was one of a number of Bombers who dominated in the centre of North Hobart Oval. Franklin has really hit his straps in season 2017.



Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)

Boscott proved just why he is among the most damaging players in the TSL, kicking an equal game-high three majors as he ran riot throughout North Hobart Oval against a sluggish Hobart City Demons. When Boscott took the footy from the centre bounce and goaled on the run from 50m in the second term, both sides of the crowd at North Hobart sat back in awe of one of Tasmania’s best.

Tom Bennett (North Launceston)

Bennett was North’s influential key forward booting two goals in a game where he seemed to grab every marking opportunity that came his way. Bennett took numerous marks around the ground and asserted himself upon the game in a physical manner. He worked well across the ground all day and was the man North looked to when going forward.

Zac Webster (Glenorchy)

The former Hawthorn-listed small forward was electric in his return from suspension, running hard on the wing and half forward line to send the ball inside 50 well over half a dozen times.  His pace troubled the Dockers, and they had no match up for Webster, who had a field day to finish with two goals and was influential across all four quarters.



Ian Callinan (Clarence)

The little master was at it again. Four well taken goals and involvement in many others. Something happens every time he gets the footy. Was particularly important when the game was in the balance.

Mitch Thorp (Devonport)

Coach Thorp was the most formidable forward on the ground for the magpies on the weekend in his side’s narrow loss to North Launceston. Thorp was impossible to stop in the first quarter booting four majors which saw a potential upset on the cards at Invermay Park. Anything that come his way he marked or at least provided a strong contest in which caused some nervous times for the North defenders. Whilst kicking five goals for the game, Thorp’s leadership and direction was even more impressive in inspiring his young developing side to really challenge their more highly fancied opponents.

Sonny Whiting (Launceston)

Whiting made a lot out of limited looks at the footy. Kicked five goals and was deadly when presented a chance. Despite the defence doing their best, they could not contain Sonny.




Alex Lee (North Launceston)

It was another outstanding performance from Lee who won a large amount of the ruck contests to give his midfielders first usage around the ground. When his side needed to win key clearances, Lee directed his hit-outs sensationally to his team’s advantage. From his recent performances, it would be fair to say Lee is currently the form ruckman in the competition.

Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

Bowden was again dominant, and Glenorchy are reaping the rewards of his move higher up the ground, with Bowden’s ability to win the ball in the midfield and hit forward targets, elite.  He took an astonishing 20 marks, and while he finished with four goals it was his hand in many others that stood out on the day.  One of the Magpies’ best, and a deserved leader in the RACT Player of the Year award.

Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

Walsh was assigned a tagging role against Hobart City star Ryan Matthews, and nullified the influence of the Demons most influential player, whilst finding plenty of the football himself. Walsh slammed home a commanding goal in the opening term, as he swooped upon a loose footy and converted on the run from 52m.



Hamish Leedham (Launceston)

His ruck work was sublime and he dominated stoppage and hit outs, the element of the game that saw Launceston in with a chance.

Sam Siggins (Clarence)

It is perhaps bizarre to see opposing rucks feature but Siggins was extremely good around the ground, particularly when resting forward. Had some key touches that had a say in setting up the result.

Josh Ponting (North Launceston)

Ponting was important in North’s rebounding game out of defence. He had a lot of effective disposals assisting to set up multiple scoring opportunities for the Northern Bombers.

James Webb (Glenorchy)

The usual defender played more of a floating role, spending time all over the ground to be part of key possession chains.  Webb used his pace to burn off opponents and was particularly ruthless in the final term, when he slotted three of his four majors for the afternoon.  Capped off a strong few weeks with a well-deserved place in the Team of the Week, this round.


Unlucky Omissions…

Harrison Gunther – Earned coach Aaron Cornelius’ praise for his efforts as the main leading forward target, and his presence in the first term set the standard for his team mates up forward.  Gunther booted three of his four majors in a strong second quarter, but it was his repeat efforts when the ball hit the deck that stood out and led to goals for his team mates.  Gunther is part of the Mariners program, and will be looking to string some solid performances together in the coming weeks to keep the Magpies in the hunt for a top 3 spot and do his draft chances no harm.

Phil Bellchambers again was a strong performer for the Bombers and is unfortunate to not sneak into the team. Off half back and in the middle he is an impact player. Hayden Smith battled well in the ruck and did some nice things around the ball to engineer clearances.

Joe Boyce had a strong game for the Blues with two quick goals in the second term decisive in giving his side a sniff. James Holmes also was his reliable self in defence for the Roos, and Gabby Chambers did a good defensive job on Brodie Palfreyman.

As he so often is, Dylan Riley was terrific for the Magpies with clean hands and plenty of dash in a much-improved Devonport display. Zach Burt, Brad Cox-Goodyer and Tom Donnelly were all good contributors in North Launceston’s resurgence beyond quarter time.


APPEAL RESULT: Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale)

The TSL appeals board this evening dismissed Lauderdale FC’s appeal against the severity of suspension to Jordon Roberts.  Roberts was suspended for six matches from a rough conduct charge sustained in round 13 v Launceston.

Lauderdale challenged the grading of the conduct; arguing the tribunal had erred in their decision of classifying the conduct as intentional as opposed to careless.   However in considering the matter; the TSL appeals board found no compelling evidence to suggest that the tribunal had erred in its decision making process.  Therefore dismissed the club’s appeal.

Roberts will be ineligible for the next five Lauderdale matches, as he served week one of his suspension in the weekend’s match versus Hobart City. Roberts will be eligible for selection in round 20.


Southern Cross Tasmanian State League & Mercury Cup

Round 14

Tasmanian State League

1. Clarence and Launceston players were referred for engaging a melee

The Match Review Panel found that Launceston player Connor Smith instigated the melee by being the third player involved, and has been offered a low level reprimand. Launceston’s Ryan Tyrrell was also offered a low level reprimand for re-instigating the melee.

Both Connor Smith and Ryan Tyrrell have accepted low level reprimands


Mercury Cup

2. Alex Gaul (Clarence) reported for striking Ethan Conway (Launceston)

The Match Review panel found that the strike was intentional, with low impact to the body of Conway. Gaul has been offered a base sanction of one match, reduced to a reprimand with an early guilty plea.

Gaul has accepted a reprimand.


3. Dylan Howlett (Clarence) reported for striking Joseph Bangura (Launceston)

The Match Review Panel found the strike was intentional, with low impact to the head of Bangura. Howlett has been offered a base sanction three matches, reduced to two matches with an early guilty plea. An additional match was added to the base sanction due to Howlett having a poor record.

Howlett has accepted a two match suspension.


North hold on against valiant Magpies

Written by Matt Hill

It was the first time the Bombers had played on their traditional home ground Invermay Park in the TSL and it brought out a healthy crowd to see the Bombers edge out a much-improved Devonport by 19 points.

Mitch Thorp was the star for the Magpies with five goals, while Tom Bennett and Alex Lee were both terrific as North Launceston came from behind to win.

With key players Jay Lockhart and Taylor Whitford out for the premiership favourites, the Magpies sensed an opportunity to create an upset and ruin North’s homecoming. Devonport started strong, piling on pressure against their more highly fancied opponents and this reflected on the scoreboard with the visiting side booting the first four goals of the game to cause some headaches for the Bombers coaching staff. Coach Mitch Thorp was a colossal up forward, booting all four of Devonport’s opening goals and causing young key defender Jock White all kinds of problems.

Both co-captains for the Pies in Sharman and Riley rallied their troops and controlled the midfield early on to see the equal bottom side lead by a healthy 18 points at quarter time. A late first quarter goal from star player Brad Cox-Goodyear gave the Bombers a much-needed boost before heading into the break.

Despite controlling the first quarter, coach Mitch Thorp demanded more from his team as he knew North would charge back and that is exactly what transpired.

In the second stanza, if you had have arrived late to the game you would have assumed North owned the contest, as they piled on six goals to one to take the lead going into the main break. Goal to Couch, Walsh, Harrison, Bennet and two to McCulloch put the home side back on top and erased Devonport’s early first quarter dominance. Brad Cox-Goodyer again dominated through the middle and got a lot of the ball in which helped set up numerous opportunities for his team mates. At the main break, the Bombers lead was 14 points.

The third quarter was evenly balanced with both sides trading goals to set up an interesting final stand. Thorp added his fifth for the game before Walsh and Couch slotted goals to see the Bombers out to a five goal lead. The Magpies would not die though, striking two goals within a minute  late in the third giving them belief that they were still a fighting chance going into the decisive quarter.

It was not to be, with the Bombers holding on to claim a win against a very competitive Devonport. McCulloch and Bennett slotted last quarter goals in which saw the Bombers got home. Late goals to dominant Devonport players Sharman and Symmons on the siren saw the margin reduced to 19 points, giving a fair reflection on a strong game from the visitors.

With that victory, the Bombers retained second spot with Devonport left to think only what could have been. Despite the loss, Magpies Coach Mitch Thorp was wrapt with the effort.

“Proud of the boys, North are organised and fit and in Launceston to go down by 19 points was a good result. Yep, we are disappointed with the loss by you have got to crawl before you can walk.

“There is a lot of belief in the group. There is some character and there is substance to what goes out on the park each week. The desire to compete was very impressive today.”

North Launceston coach Tom Couch wasn’t happy that they were bettered for effort early but was happy to get out with the win.

“We got the win and we move on…We are pleased with a few of the boys that stepped but full credit to Thorpy and Devonport.”

Next week North take on bottom side Burnie at West Park who are coming off a massive 144-point thumping at the hands of Glenorchy. North should also regain captain Taylor Whitford for the clash who is recovering from a niggling ankle injury.

For the Magpies, they will host the Hobart City Demons who are also coming off a tremendous loss. The Demons lost by 89 points to Lauderdale and more importantly missed an opportunity to be equal third with Launceston and Glenorchy on seven wins. Now they sit in sixth position on six wins, one game behind a finals spot. This match should be a tight contest with the Demons in desperate need of the four points to remain in reach of a finals, whilst Devonport will have high hopes after a good confidence boosting performance against North.


  1. Devonport will be a promising side in the future.

With the leadership and role of key players such as Symmons, Thorp, Riley and Sharman the Magpies are going through a period similar to of which Launceston went through a couple of seasons ago. They have promising young players who are gaining valuable experience this year in which will suit them up well for the future.

  1. Inaccuracy will hurt the Bombers one day.

The Bombers kicked 11.17 and have had numerous games this year in which they have almost cost themselves victories. With the finals close approaching the Bombers can’t afford to waste their scoring opportunities as it will inevitably cost them a victory.

  1. Dylan Riley has some of the best hands in the competition.

The co-captain has an excellent vertical leap and is extremely strong overhead. The skipper is tremendously hard over the ball and has been one of the best players not only for Devonport this season but also in the league.
Round 14 – 09/07/2017

North Launceston                        1.1,  7.3,  9.11,  11.17  (83)

Devonport                               4.1,  5.1,  8.1,  10.4  (64)

GOALS, North Launceston :
B. McCulloch 3, T. Couch 2, M. Walsh 2, T. Bennett 2, C. Harrison 1, B. Cox-Goodyer 1

Devonport :
M. Thorp 5, B. Sharman 1, L. Bissett 1, D. Riley 1, C. Burnett 1

BEST, North Launceston :
T. Bennett, Z. Burt, B. Cox-Goodyer, A. Lee, T. Donnelly, J. Ponting

Devonport :
M. Thorp, D. Riley, B. Symmons, S. Egger, Q. Byard, B. Butler