TSL leadership meets

AFL Tasmania management held a meeting with Tasmanian State League (TSL) Presidents today in Campbell Town.

The focus of the meeting was on the season ahead as well as determining key actions to help address present challenges within the competition.

The meeting opened with an update from new CEO Trisha Squires with reference to the review into the Future Directions of Tasmanian Football report.
TSL Manager Carl Saunder worked through TSL competition structure and financials with discussion from all parties.Tasmanian Football Council Manager Jackson Hills presented on league affiliation and competitive balance frameworks and AFL State League and International Manager Simon Laughton also presented to the group.

As part of the meeting, the group reviewed the structure and financial model of other state leagues competitions – including a benchmarking exercise which compared state leagues across Australia with direct AFL contribution. This exercise highlighted similar challenges across state leagues, however, it also revealed minimal AFL funding differences across the competitions.

The key outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

  • AFL, AFL Tasmania and all seven TSL clubs are committed to the TSL.
  • A North-West TSL presence is an urgent priority with immediate consultation needing to place in the region led by AFL Tasmania with the key stakeholders, including North West clubs, leagues and the wider football community.
  • Wide agreement from all parties to discuss and consider the structure and sustainability of clubs and the competition for 2019 and beyond, to inform the broader review of the Future Directions of Tasmanian Football report.
  • Each club will receive an increase to their TSL grant of up to 13%, additional finances of $25,000 also held aside to assist travel demands.

TSL Manager Carl Saunder said it was a passionate and productive meeting with all seven Presidents contributing to the discussion.

“It was fantastic to have a group of people demonstrate strong passion and commitment to the TSL competition.

“We presented on a range of topics and heard the views of all clubs across a productive and informative meeting.

“With the withdrawal of two clubs from the North-West Coast we have immediate and longer-term challenges to face into and this formed a large part of the focus of today’s meeting.

“A TSL presence on the North-West Coast is an urgent priority and AFL Tasmania will begin consultation with the North-West community, working with all the key stakeholders to find a TSL solution and plan for the region.”

Each club will get additional funding support in their TSL grants.

“TSL clubs will get an increased investment into their TSL grant of up to 13% to alleviate existing costs. The TSL will also hold aside additional funding to assist in addressing the North-West solution.

“Of course some clubs wanted more money but this will provide immediate relief to all clubs and we will continue to consider other options to assist clubs with travel demands and other areas of their operations.

“As a competition with our clubs we will look at the structure and sustainability of our clubs and the TSL to help to provide information to the working group reviewing the Future Directions of Tasmanian Football report.”



Burnie Football Club will not participate in the Tasmanian State League (TSL) in 2018. The club has advised AFL Tasmania that their TSL program will go into recess for the upcoming season.

Burnie Dockers have made the decision to go into recess as they couldn’t guarantee they could get through the entire season, fielding one team. In 2018, the club will explore the possibility of fielding teams in the NWFL. The TSL is hopeful of seeing a return of the Dockers into the competition in the future.

“It is not a decision made lightly by the board of the Burnie Football Club. It has been an exhaustive process and the bottom line is – we can’t field two sides and a one team statewide model would have left us extremely vulnerable,” Burnie President Steve Dowling explained.

“We’ve pushed it as hard as we could but it became clear fielding one team wasn’t a viable option, we don’t want to be forfeiting games of footy.

“We will explore options with the NWFL to avoid going into complete recess.

“This is not the end of the road for the club, administratively and financially the club is in a sound position.

“We have 132 years of history and we are going to protect our proud name and work hard to ensure another 132 years of history to come,” Dowling said.

TSL Manager Carl Saunder was disappointed with the news but pointed to learnings from other state leagues, demonstrating that a season out of action can help drive a bounce back.

“There is a comparison to be made between Burnie’s predicament and that of Frankston in the VFL.

“Frankston’s concerns were off-field and Burnie’s are on-field but the club took a year out to stabilise and that is what is hopefully ahead of the Dockers,” Saunder explained.

“The club had numbers for one team but didn’t have confidence they could complete the season without disruption to the competition. The integrity of the TSL competition was at the forefront of their decision making and I think that needs to be applauded.

“It is sad news but what it does show along with Devonport’s exit, is that the TSL is a two-team competition and that having one TSL team isn’t a sustainable model.”

“For now, the TSL is a seven-team competition but we want representation from the north-west coast in the TSL and we will work hard to make that an outcome,” Saunder said.

AFL Tasmania CEO Trisha Squires said Burnie’s exit signalled a wider problem in the region.

“This is not just a Burnie problem it is a north-west region problem.

“The facts can’t be denied that the north-west is under stress.

“The north-west region has lost 3000 men aged between 0-45 in the last five years, 10% of people on the north-west coast play football so that is roughly 300 players and 12 teams that have departed the region.

“The population has shifted and the structure of football on the north-west coast has not adjusted enough to combat the change.”

Despite their departure from the TSL, the club will continue to participate in the Wrest Point TSL Women’s competition.

“It is positive the club will continue in the TSLW and we hope to see them return to the Men’s competition sooner rather than later,” Squires said.

The TSL fixture will be adjusted to reflect the new competition format and will be released in the coming weeks.

Management statement regarding TSL fixture delay

The revised TSL fixture was set for release today and in some instances was in the process of being shared but the release of the fixture has now been delayed.

The following statement is from AFL Tasmania CEO Rob Auld regarding the delay:

“The Tasmanian State League has delayed the release of the revised TSL Fixture due to concerns over Burnie’s ability to field teams in 2018.

“Through multiple conversations with Burnie President Steve Dowling, Burnie have demonstrated strong progress off-field with regards to filling key positions in the club and financial stability. Their challenges at this point in time are isolated to player numbers.

“What is important is the Burnie Football Club have not withdrawn from the state league.

“Burnie President Steve Dowling wanted to alert the TSL to the club’s concerns over player numbers which has led to the delay in the publishing of the fixture.

“We will work closely with Burnie over the next 48-72 hours with a view to finalising their position by the end of this week.

“Regardless of the outcome, we remain committed to the TSL as a competition.”


AFL Tasmania are excited to welcome Cameron Lee to the Tasmanian State League (TSL) team as State Umpires Coach.

Lee has over 25 years of umpiring experience including coaching VFL Umpires and brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the role.

He will oversee the TSL umpire panel and will have a strong focus on developing the high-performance environment for TSL umpires. He will also be charged with driving the standard of umpire coaching across the state with a greater focus on the use of technology.

Lee says the challenge of further developing umpiring in the State was very appealing.

“I was enticed by the opportunity to identify and develop further umpires for the AFL, to develop our existing umpires so they can be the best umpires they possibly can and to provide young umpires with the opportunity to experience TSL football.

“I am really excited about being able to work part-time in an area I love and to be able to play a role in shaping the careers of our field, boundary and goal umpires.”

TSL Manager Carl Saunder is pleased to welcome Lee to the role and is already impressed by the incoming Umpires boss.

“He has already hit the ground running and I think TSL umpires and TSL umpire coaches can be excited about what Cameron (Lee) will bring to the role.

“Umpiring is of vital importance, you can’t have a game without umpires.

“Cameron will inject a focus on driving a high-performance culture at TSL level and improving umpiring through technology for umpires and our network of umpire coaches across all three umpiring disciplines of field, boundary and goals.”

“Just like the TSL for players, we want young boys and girls who want to pursue umpiring to aspire to be the best they can be and our role is helping them achieve their goals and performance.”

Lee has already commenced in the role ahead of TSL season 2018.

Cameron Lee – Short Bio

  • Commenced umpiring in 1990
  • Umpiring highlights include TFL Grand Finals, State Games and AFL in Hobart
  • Coaching highlights include AFL Umpires Coach at Under 16 Championships, VFL Umpires Game Day Coach and TSL UmpiresCoach
  • State representative in athletics
  • Cricket Tasmania first grade umpire
  • Senior Crown Counsel at Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and head of Child Safety Unit


Devonport Football Club statement on TSL departure


The below statement is from Devonport Football Club President Gerard Enniss.

Devonport Football Club will not be participating in the TSL in 2018.

This decision has not been made lightly, it is a decision made with the future sustainability of the football club at the forefront.

As a club, we are not able to field competitive teams across both the TSL and NWFL competitions in 2018. At this time, the best course of action for our club is to compete in the NWFL and withdraw from the TSL, as we stabilise our proud football club. We need to focus our energies on strengthening our club and to do that we need to withdraw from the TSL to regenerate our playing stocks.

We didn’t want it to come to this and we worked long and hard to avoid this situation. We concede we could have been more forthcoming in providing updates on our situation to TSL management. We apologise and acknowledge we could have handled our departure from the TSL better, however, this has been an incredibly challenging and tough decision but we could not delay it any longer.

We remain committed to our region and our talent and we will continue to work hard and invest in Devonport people. 

Our ambition is to become a leader on and off the field and we have an unwavering belief in players striving to play at the highest level they wish. We acknowledge the TSL concept and the key role it plays in Tasmanian football.
We are hopeful Devonport FC will return to a position of strength to compete and commit to all competitions in which we participate. Regarding a return to the Tasmanian State League, when our club is strong again let me say nothing is ruled out, never say never is a cliché that fits this situation.
We thank the NWFL and particularly the TSL for their support and understanding and wish the clubs well for the upcoming season.
We will remain in on-going discussion with the NWFL, the TSL and AFL Tasmania on our future and the progress of our club.
After training on Monday there will be a club BBQ and an opportunity for players, families and supporters to hear and discuss our future plans.
Gerard Enniss
Devonport Football Club


The Devonport Football Club have withdrawn from the Tasmanian State League (TSL) for season 2018.

This is a decision that comes as a complete shock to AFL Tasmania, despite a number of opportunities to do so, Devonport Football Club gave no indication of their withdrawal from the TSL prior to last night (14/12/2017).

“Clubs are well within their rights to make choices, the choice not to play in the TSL is Devonport’s right but it is the lack of communication in recent months that has blindsided us,” TSL Manager Carl Saunder said.

“We held a TSL meeting on the 28th of November to finalise our fixture and at no stage did Devonport FC give any indication of withdrawing from the TSL.

“We released our fixture this week… we have been blindsided by the club’s withdrawal.”

Devonport FC’s decision to withdraw from the competition is due to insufficient playing numbers to field competitive teams across all grades and competitions.

AFL Tasmania acknowledges the difficulties Devonport FC’s withdrawal creates for the competition but the state’s governing body reaffirms its commitment to the TSL.

“It is disappointing Devonport FC aren’t in a position to participate in the TSL but our commitment to the competition remains.”

The TSL will be an eight-team competition in 2018 and will be mirrored in the Mercury Cup, with a new fixture to be developed and released in the new year.

“Our vision and commitment to our clubs and the state league continues, we need to readjust and make necessary changes.”

The TSL plays an important role in the football landscape for Tasmanian talent, the competition will continue to showcase Tasmania’s finest talent from across the state, with players in each region competing at the top level.

AFL Tasmania’s Talent Academy and TSL management will work with all relevant players and clubs to ensure players from the Devonport zone have the opportunity to play in the TSL.

“We are dedicated to ensuring the pathway for Devonport talent to play TSL remains despite the club’s withdrawal.”

Devonport FC have communicated their intentions to field teams in the NWFL in season 2018. TSL management will remain in dialogue with Devonport on how the club is progressing and discussion on football seasons, beyond 2018.

“Devonport still holds a licence in the TSL but they won’t be competing in 2018.

“It is too early to comment on the makeup of the competition or Devonport’s involvement for future seasons beyond next year.”



Please find below the list of squads for the six teams in the inaugural Wrest Point TSLW Under 18 Development Series.

Burnie TSLW U18 Development Series Squad

Squads are predominately made up of players born in the years 2000-2002 that are eligible for the AFLW U18 National Championships in 2018.

First Name Family Name Club/School
Lilly Badcock Burnie YG
Lily Blackaby Latrobe
Piper Bramich East Devonport
Kaitlin Briggs Latrobe
Ebony Collins East Devonport
Hannah Conway Devonport
Chloe Currie Devonport
Samantha Denby Devonport
Alyssa Edmunds Ulverstone HS
Hope Everett Burnie YG
Chloe Haines Burnie Football Club
Libby Haines Burnie Football Club
Toni Hall Ulverstone
Kaytlyn Johnson Burnie Football Club
Elise Kenny Latrobe
Samantha Langmaid Burnie Football Club
Alssya Miller Penguin HS
Denvah Mills Ulverstone HS
Alarna Patterson Burnie YG
Shelby Rayner Ulverstone HS
Joherty Revell Penguin HS
Ashya Rodman Ulverstone
Shaeli Rodman Burnie Football Club
Breona Roetz Devonport
Mya Slatter Ulverstone
Georgia Smith Latrobe
Kasey Woods Sheffield DHS

Players are requested to contact the 
club to confirm their acceptance into the Program by COB Wednesday 20th December.

Burnie Squad Contact:

Sophie Edwards

Email:sophie.edwards0@gmail.com  Mobile: 0448 128 609


Clarence TSLW U18 Development Series Squad

Squads are predominately made up of players born in the years 2000-2002 that are eligible for the AFLW U18 National Championships in 2018.

First Name Family Name Club/School
Marahn Aitken Lindisfarne
Georgia Alomes Clarence Junior
Macy Anderton Clarence Junior
Tahlia Bortignon Mt Carmel
Makayla Bruce Sorell/South East Suns
Ava Charlesworth Mt Carmel
Netty Garlo Clarence Junior
Bella Goward Clarence Junior
Luca Gwynne Clarence Football Club
Phoebe Hanek Lindisfarne/Mt Carmel
Saasha Hinks Clarence Football Club
Liv Hudson Sorell/South East Suns
Charlotte Kenny Clarence Football Club
Chantelle McPherson Sorell/South East Suns
Jessica Minifie Clarence Football Club
Joni Ransley Sorell/South East Suns
Iptohal Sissay Fahan
Zoey Walker Mt Carmel
Chloe Wells Lindisfarne/Clarence
Demi Williams Clarence Junior
Melanie Wise Clarence Football Club

Players are requested to contact the club to confirm their acceptance into the Program by COB Wednesday 20th December.

Clarence Squad Contact:

Andy Smith

Email:Andrew.Smith@skretting.com or atsmith5@bigpond.com Mobile: 0419 502 702


Glenorchy TSLW U18 Development Series Squad

Squads are predominately made up of players born in the years 2000-2002 that are eligible for the AFLW U18 National Championships in 2018.

First Name Family Name Club/School
Brieanna Barwick Glenorchy Football Club
Lucy Clapham Collegiate
Abbie Cowen Mt Carmel
Hannah Cowen Mt Carmel
Sophie Flack Glenorchy Football Club
Jemma Foley New Norfolk
Stephanie Griffiths New Norfolk
Perri King New Norfolk
Kiarna Lewis Claremont
Emily Lillehagen Lindisfarne
Charlie Lovell New Norfolk
Amy Prokopiec Lindisfarne
Holly Ryan Glenorchy Football Club
Madison Shaw New Norfolk
Hannah Smith Claremont
Eve Stevens North Hobart
Tahlia Strong Claremont
Jasmine Tate-Turvey Glenorchy Football Club
Jemma Webster Claremont
Jade Williams Claremont

Players are requested to contact the club to confirm their acceptance into the Program by COB Wednesday 20th December.

Glenorchy Squad Contact:

Craig Grace

Email:cgrace024@iinet.net.au  Mobile: 0481 381 472


Launceston TSLW U18 Development Series Squad

Squads are predominately made up of players born in the years 2000-2002 that are eligible for the AFLW U18 National Championships in 2018.

First Name Family Name Club/School
Josie Adkins Launceston Church
Claudia Agostini Launceston Football Club
Annmaree Baylis Evandale
Sian Beeton Tamar Valley
Grace Bilich Launceston Football Club
Ellen Brickhill Tamar Valley
Lucy Cooper Tamar Valley
Paige Crooks Launceston Football Club
Grace Elliot Launceston Church
Matilda Ford Launceston Church
Amy Halaby East Launceston
Kelsie Hill Evandale
Mia King East Launceston
Emma Manix-geeves Launceston Football Club
Libby McGrath Prospect
Georgie Nicholson Prospect
Stacey Norton-Smith Prospect
Elyse Page Riverside HS
Meg Radford Tamar Valley
Amber Richards Allen Evandale
Anna Roberts Launceston
Micah Simpson Riverside HS
Camilla Taylor East Launceston
Makayla White Tamar Valley
Indiah White-Brunskill Launceston Football Club
Tynelle Wright St Pats

Players are requested to contact the 
club to confirm their acceptance into the Program by COB Wednesday 20th December.

Launceston Squad Contact:

Angela Dickson

Email:angeladickson34@gmail.com Mobile: 0427 744 623


North Launceston TSLW U18 Development Series Squad

Squads are predominately made up of players born in the years 2000-2002 that are eligible for the AFLW U18 National Championships in 2018.

First Name Family Name Club
Alexandra Anderson East Launceston
Isabelle Banks East Launceston
Josie Brain North Launceston
Hayley Breward South Launceston
Hayley Brimfield South Launceston
Emma Broadhurst South Launceston
Shaleah Burrows Scottsdale
Michaela Carins Scottsdale
Mikaela Cocker South Launceston
Hannah Coleman Evandale
Isabella Crack North Launceston
Bonnie Farrell Scottsdale
Carly Farrow South Launceston
Sophie Farrow South Launceston
Hannah Grima South Launceston
Grace Grove East Launceston
Jazzmin Higgs South Launceston
Savannah Higgs South Launceston
Teigan Hill Scottsdale
Briana Hinkley George Town
Ella Jones North Launceston
Raigan Kettle Scottsdale
Alessia Kirk St Pats
Georgia Knight Scottsdale
Ally Marshall Scottsdale
Ella Mckenzie North Launceston
Ruby Slater Scottsdale
Lucy Sulzberger North Launceston
Bianca White East Launceston
Talisha Woolley Scottsdale
Hannah Youl East Launceston

Players are requested to contact the club to confirm their acceptance into the Program by COB Wednesday 20th December.

North Launceston Squad Contact:

Dean Smith

Email:dsmith@timberlinkaustralia.com.au  Mobile: 0409 927 123


Tigers TSLW U18 Development Series Squad

Squads are predominately made up of players born in the years 2000-2002 that are eligible for the AFLW U18 National Championships in 2018.

First Name Family Name Club/School
Chloe Abel Fahan
Savannah Andresen-Tuivasa Kingborough
Hailee Baldwin Kingborough
Ella Brereton Southern Storm
Georgia Burgess Fahan
Emily Burrows Kingborough
Tayla Clifford Southern Storm
Renee Di Benedetto Fahan
Taylah Dillon Southern Storm
Iris Dobson Collegiate
Ellie Doyle Kingborough
Bella Farid Fahan
Stacey Fox Southern Storm
Caitlin Hogan-Jones Collegiate
Kate Hughes Collegiate
Georgia Kelly Kingborough
Scanlon Mia Mt Carmel
Mimosa Middleton Miller Kingborough
Priscilla Odwogo Kingborough
Maci Polley Sandy Bay
Liarna Reid Kingborough
Helena Robin Sandy Bay
Hayley Triffett Kingborough

Players are requested to contact the club to confirm their acceptance into the Program by COB Wednesday 20th December 2017.

Tigers Squad Contact:

Marcus Davies

Email:highperformance@tigersfc.net.au Mobile: 0427 708 414

North opens TSL doors

North Melbourne and AFL Tasmania have announced a new partnership that will enable Tasmanian State League (TSL) players to be eligible for selection in North’s VFL side.

North VFL Manager Andrew Carson said the partnership, which extends to VFLW and the Melbourne University Women’s Football Club (MUWFC), is designed to help retain the TSL talent pool in both the men’s and women’s competitions and reduce the number of players leaving to pursue football careers interstate.

“We’re committed to developing the game and players in Tasmania and jumped at this opportunity to further enhance the prospects of TSL players,” Carson said.

“These players will have the opportunity to come and train and play with us and be exposed to the AFL standards and requirements we set for our VFL players.”

Carson said the agreement would be mutually beneficial.

“There is an added bonus for these players who will now have exposure across two State League competitions. The VFL produced another five players through the National and Rookie Drafts this year, and we hope to help create more draft prospects out of Tasmania.

“We hope the players will be able to take their learnings and experiences back to their TSL clubs and help with the development of club programs.”

Tasmanian State League Manager, Carl Saunder, said the partnership was a tremendous outcome for the state.

“We continue to partner with North Melbourne to develop our elite talent pathway and this is an extension of that,” Saunder said.

“As a competition, we are really excited about this partnership with North Melbourne and the opportunities it provides for both male and female players.

“This is an opportunity for TSL players to improve and impress and for our TSL clubs to retain promising talent and remain strong.

“For our TSLW players, it is a fantastic opportunity to impress in the VFLW with the Tassie Roos just around the corner.”

North’s affiliation with Tasmania continues to go from strength to strength, not only with the announcement of the AFLW side, but also at a grassroots level.

Development Series introduced

AFL Tasmania are pleased to announce a new pathway to the AFLW, with the introduction of the Wrest Point TSLW Under 18 Development Series.

The Wrest Point TSLW Under 18 Development Series is a competition and program for TSLW Clubs and the State Academy to select Under 18 players for their respective programs for 2018 and beyond. The competition will be conducted in the pre-season, ahead of the TSLW season proper.

This new competition becomes a key plank in the Female Football pathway in Tasmania and the journey of a player from local football to the big time.

As well as the five clubs that participated in the 2017 TSLW season, North Launceston will also participate in preparation for them entering the TSLW competition in 2019.

The players that will participate will all be Under 18 identified talent by AFL staff and nominated by clubs and schools. The series replaces the existing regional development series that was used for Academy selection and links players from playing youth girls right across the state into their TSLW pathway.

The program will span six weeks, culminating in two round robins and then a final round which will pit the best-matched teams against each other.

Up to 30 players that participate in the Development Series will be selected into the State Youth Girls Academy, that will form the basis of the team that represents Tasmania in the AFLW Under 18 National Championships. The very competition that Daria Bannister and Courtney Webb excelled in prior to being drafted into the AFLW.

Squads for the six teams in the TSLW Under 18 Development Series will be announced in the coming days.


Lauderdale Football Club have pounced on emerging young coach Will Perry, recruiting the 22-year-old from Hobart Football Club as the TSL outfit’s new development coach.

Perry was forced to cut short his playing career with a series of concussions seeing him hang up the boots at the end of season 2015, but with one door closing, another opened.

With his playing days abruptly cut short, in 2017 Perry turned his attention to coaching and despite being inexperienced, took on the job of coaching the Hobart Football Club Under 18s.

He took on a previously winless team (from season 2016) and guided them to a premiership, winning every game along the way in an astonishing turn of fortunes. His coaching heroics attracted the attention of TSL Grand Finalists, Lauderdale. Perry was awarded coach of the year by the SFL for what the modest young coach terms a ‘good year’.

“I always wanted to get into coaching and with my playing days done, I thought why not get a headstart.

“We were pretty lucky to have a good year this year and now getting an opportunity at TSL level I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to learn as much as I can,” Perry explained.

The young ambitious coach was both shocked and excited to be approached to become a Bomber.

“I was pretty shocked to be honest and I didn’t expect anyone to be approaching me from TSL level but it is really exciting.

“Lauderdale are looking to invest in as much local talent they can and looking to get the best out of their coaches and players.”

Despite being young, Perry isn’t daunted by his age and in fact, draws on it to relate and build bonds with players.

“The players will know that I am there to perform a certain role and if they are told something, I’m sure that they will take notice.

“I found this year I could relate to players really easily, I think we had a really good happy medium of getting to work when we needed to and having a joke around when the time was right.”

The role will see Perry work with the emerging talent at Lauderdale throughout the week, as well as assisting on game day in both the Mercury Cup and TSL boxes.

“I’ll be primarily dealing with the first year and under 18s guys pushing to play Mercury Cup and senior footy and working with deficiencies in their game.”

The new Lauderdale development coach is fresh off his first session at his new club, with pre-season commencing last night.