Votes are announced on Southern Cross News every Monday night and will be uploaded here round by round in 2017.

Votes are announced on Southern Cross News every Monday night.


RACT Insurance Player of the Year Leaderboard


15 VOTES. Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)


12 VOTES. Tom Couch (North Launceston)


11VOTES. Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)


10 VOTES. Rulla Kelly-Mansell (Launceston)


10 VOTES. Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)


9 VOTES. Zac Burt (North Launceston)


9 VOTES. Jay Blackberry (Launceston)


9 VOTES. Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)


9 VOTES. Ian Callinan (Clarence)


9 VOTES. Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)


8 VOTES. Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)


8 VOTES. Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons)


8 VOTES. Jason Bailey (Clarence)


8 VOTES. Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)


7 VOTES. Mitch Carter (Tigers)


7 VOTES. Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)


7 VOTES. Brady Jones (Clarence)


7 VOTES. Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)


7 VOTES. Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)


6 VOTES. Jake Cox (Clarence)


6 VOTES. Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)


6 VOTES. Beau Sharman (Devonport)


6 VOTES. Dylan Riley (Devonport)


6 VOTES. Mitch Rainbird (Glenorchy)


5 VOTES. Charlie White (Hobart City Demons)


5 VOTES. Sam Siggins (Clarence)


5 VOTES. Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)


Round 15
Burnie v North Launceston

3 – Jack Avent (North Launceston)

2 – Thomas Mundy (Burnie)

1 – Tyran Mansell (North Launceston)


Devonport v Hobart City Demons

  1. Will Campbell (Hobart City Demons)

2.Sherrin Egger (Devonport)

  1. Josh Williamson (Hobart City Demons)


Clarence v Glenorchy

3 James Webb (Glenorchy)

2 Zac Webster (Glenorchy)
1 Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)


Lauderdale v Tigers

3 Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)

2 Josh McGuinness (Lauderdale)

1 Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)


Round 14


North Launceston v Devonport
3. Alex Lee (North Launceston)
2. Mitch Thorp (Devonport)
1. Tom Bennett (North Launceston)

Hobart City Demons v Lauderdale

  1. Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)
  2. Rhys Sutton (Lauderdale)
  3. Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)

Clarence v Launceston

  1. Ian Callinan (Clarence)
  2. Sam Siggins (Clarence)
  3. Zac Mastrocola (Clarence)

    Glenorchy v Burnie

  4. Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)
  5. Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)
    1. Zac Webster (Glenorchy)


Round 13

Launceston v Lauderdale

  1. Alex Hill (Lauderdale)
    2. Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)
    1. Sam Rundle (Launceston)


Clarence v Devonport

3 Kyle Palmer-Hughes (Clarence)

2 Brady Jones (Clarence)

1 Zac Mastrocola (Clarence)


Burnie v Hobart City Demons

  1. Edward Cole (Hobart City Demons)
  2. Nick McKenna (Burnie)
  3. Michael Bidgood (Hobart City Demons)


Tigers v Glenorchy

3) Tim Butterworth (Glenorchy)

2) Mitch Rainbird (Glenorchy)

1) Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy)

Round 12


North Launceston v Launceston

  1. Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)
  2. Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)
  3. Tyran Mansell(North Launceston)


Devonport v Burnie

  1. Beau Sharman (Devonport)
  2. Dylan Riley (Devonport)
  3. Mitch Thorp (Devonport)


Hobart City Demons v Tigers

3 Charlie White (Hobart City Demons)
2 Hugh Williams (Hobart City Demons)
1 Josh Williamson (Hobart City Demons)


Lauderdale v Clarence

3 Ian Callinan (Clarence)

2 Jordon Roberts (Lauderdale)

1 Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)



Round 11




Hobart City Demons v North Launceston

3 Tom Couch (North Launceston)

2 Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)

1 Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)


Burnie v Launceston

3 Rulla Kelly-Mansell (Launceston)

2 Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)

1 Jay Blackberry (Launceston)


Tigers v Clarence

3 Jason Bailey (Clarence)

2 Brady Jones (Clarence)

1 Zac Buechner (Clarence)


Devonport v Glenorchy

3 Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

2 Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy)

1 Beau Sharman (Devonport)



Round 10


North Launceston v Lauderdale

3 Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

2 Tom Bennett (North Launceston)

1 Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)


Launceston v Devonport

3 Rulla Kelly-Mansell (Launceston)

2 Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)

1 Mitch Thorp (Devonport)


Burnie v Tigers

3 Mitch Walker (Tigers)

2 Nick McKenna (Burnie)

1 Nick Walters (Burnie)


Glenorchy v Hobart City Demons

3 Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

2 Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)

1 Zac Webster (Glenorchy)



Round 9

Tigers v Devonport

3 Mitch Carter (Tigers)

2 Beau Sharman (Devonport)

1 Mitch Walker (Tigers)


Launceston v Glenorchy

3 Jay Blackberry (Launceston)

2 Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)

1 Jake Nunn (Launceston)


Clarence v North Launceston
3 Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)
2 Jarrod Harper (Clarence)
1 Tom Couch (North Launceston)


Lauderdale v Burnie

3 Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)

2 Ray Hill (Lauderdale)

1 Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)



Round 8

Burnie v Clarence

  1. Brady Jones (Clarence)
  2. Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)
  3. Darcy Crane (Burnie)

Hobart City Demons v Launceston

  1. Josh Williamson (Hobart City Demons)
    2. Jay Blackberry (Launceston)
    1. Eddie Cole (Hobart City Demons)

Glenorchy v Lauderdale

  1. Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)
  2. Ryan Wiggins (Lauderdale)
  3. Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)


North Launceston v Tigers

  1. Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)
  2. Marcus Davies (Tigers)
  3. Tom Couch (North Launceston)


Round 7

Clarence v Hobart City Demons

  1. Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons)
    2. Nick Baker (Hobart City Demons)
    1. Jarrod Harper (Clarence)

Devonport v Lauderdale

  1. Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)
  2. Robbie McManus (Lauderdale)
  3. Brodie Connelly (Devonport)


Glenorchy v North Launceston

  1. Tom Couch (North Launceston)
  2. Bart McCulloch (North Launceston)
  3. Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)

Tigers v Launceston

  1. Stewart Williams (Launceston)
  2. Jake Smith (Launceston)
  3. Sonny Whiting (Launceston)

Round 6

North Launceston v Burnie

3 Taylor Whitford (North Launceston)

2 Tom Couch (North Launceston)

1 Connor Pearton (North Launceston)
Glenorchy v Clarence

3 Jason Bailey (Clarence)

2 Trent Standen (Clarence)

1 Jeromey Webberley (Clarence)


Tigers v Lauderdale

3 Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)

2 Nat Franklin (Lauderdale)

1 Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)


Hobart City Demons v Devonport

3 Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons)

2 Charles White (Hobart City Demons)

1 Dylan Riley (Devonport)
Round 5

Lauderdale v Hobart City Demons

  1. Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)
  2. Thor Boscott (Lauderdale)
  3. Bryce Walsh (Lauderdale)


Devonport v North Launceston

  1. Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)
  2. Zach Burt (North Launceston)
  3. Mark Walsh (North Launceston)


Launceston v Clarence

  1. Ian Callinan (Clarence)
  2. Jake Cox (Clarence)
  3. Michael Blackburn (Clarence)


Burnie v Glenorchy

  1. Rhys Mott (Glenorchy)
  2. Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)
  3. Zac Webster (Glenorchy)


Round 4

Hobart City Demons v Burnie
3 VOTES Jayden Charlton (Hobart City Demons)
2 VOTE Nick Walters (Burnie Dockers)
1 VOTE Heath Thompson (Hobart City Demons)

Lauderdale vs Launceston

3 VOTES Brendan Taylor (Launceston)

2 VOTES Brodie Palfreyman (Launceston)

1 VOTE Rulla Kelly-Mansell (Launceston)

Devonport v Clarence

3 VOTES Tyson Hanslow (Clarence)

2 VOTES Jason Bailey (Clarence)

1 VOTE Brayden Butler (Devonport)

Glenorchy v Tigers

3 VOTES Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

2 VOTES Mitch Rainbird (Glenorchy)

1 VOTE Brayden Webb (Glenorchy)

Round 3

North Launceston v Launceston
3 VOTES Brad Cox-Goodyer (North Launceston)

2 VOTES Zach Burt (North Launceston)

1 VOTE Tom Couch (North Launceston)

Burnie v Devonport
3 VOTES  James Dowling (Burnie)
2 VOTES Dylan Riley (Devonport)
1 VOTE Blair Rubock (Burnie)

Tigers v Hobart City Demons
3 VOTES Mitch Carter (Tigers)
2 VOTES Ryan Matthews (Hobart City Demons)
1 VOTE Lachy Watt (Tigers)

Clarence v Lauderdale
3 VOTES Jake Cox (Clarence)
2 VOTES Dylan Fyfe (Lauderdale)
1 VOTE Gabby Chambers (Clarence)

Round 2

Launceston v Burnie

3 VOTES Sonny Whiting (Launceston)

2 VOTES Corey Sheppard (Launceston)

1 VOTE Rulla Kelly-Mansell (Launceston)

Glenorchy v Devonport

3 VOTES Jaye Bowden (Glenorchy)

2 VOTES Mitch Rainbird (Glenorchy)

1 VOTE Liam Smith (Glenorchy)

North Launceston v Hobart City Demons

3 VOTES Jay Lockhart (North Launceston)

2 VOTES Zac Burt (North Launceston)

1 VOTE Mark Walsh (North Launceston)

Clarence v Tigers

3 VOTES Sam Siggins (Clarence)

2 VOTES Jackson O’Brien (Clarence)

1 VOTE Jake Cox (Clarence)

Round 1

Hobart City Demons v Glenorchy

3 VOTES Harrison Gunther (Glenorchy)

2 VOTES Matthew Joseph (Glenorchy)

1 VOTE Cameron Duffy (Glenorchy)

Tigers v Burnie Dockers

3 VOTES Cameron Johns (Tigers)

2 VOTES Brandon Batchelor (Tigers)

1 VOTE Mitchell Carter (Tigers)

Lauderdale v Northern Launceston

3 VOTES Zac Burt (North Launceston)

2 VOTES Tarryn Thomas (North Launceston)

1 VOTE Tom Couch (North Launceston)

Devonport v Launceston

3 VOTES Jay Blackberry (Launceston)

2 VOTES Rulla Kelly-Mansell (Launceston)

1 VOTE Dylan Riley (Devonport)

THE RACT Insurance Player of the Year is awarded to the player with the most votes at the end of the regular season as determined by votes cast by journalists after each game. The RACT Insurance Player of the Year wins a $2,500 cash prize and a $2,500 RACT Travel voucher.